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JUNE 2021

In Video: ISIS Terrorists Ambush Nigerian Troops In Borno

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On August 26, ISIS terrorists ambushed a convoy of the Nigerian Armed Forces in the northeastern state of Borno, that borders Lake Chad.

The terrorist group’s news agency, Amaq, released a short video of the ambush that took place on a road near the town of Gajiram in the northern part of Borno. The agency didn’t provide any details on the results of the attack.

ISIS in Nigeria, formerly known as “Boko haram,” is once again stepping up its attacks in Borno state, mainly in the area bordering Lake Chad.

Earlier this week, Ali Ndume, a Nigerian senator and chairman of the Senate Committee on the Army, revealed that ISIS terrorists killed 75 elderly people in the town of Gwoza in Borno in a recent attack. The senator warned from the group’s growing threat in the state.

“even as a senator, I still can’t go to Gwoza because it’s not safe,” the Anadolu Agency quoted Nadume as saying.

Nigerian government forces are carrying out operations against ISIS terrorists in Borno on a regular basis. However, the terrorists are still launching attacks.

The lack of sufficient coordination between Nigeria and the remaining countries around Lake Chad has allowed ISIS to turn the region into a safe haven for its terrorists.


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Porc Halal

As long as the root cause is not eliminated there will be always another mujahedeens or “marthyrs” to kill and spread terror in the name of this root cause…

James Adams

This is what happens when you allow Muslims into your country. Nigeria needs a Right-Wing Christian party that will prevent Muslim immigration !!!

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