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In Video: ISIS Cells Shell U.S. Base In Key Eastern Syria Oil Field


ISIS announced on December 27 that its cells had shelled a U.S. base within al-Omar oil fields in the southeastern countryside of Syria’s Deir Ezzor.

A source in the terrorist group told the Amaq news agency that eight Katyusha rockets were launched at the base. The group usually uses the name of the Soviet rocket to refer to variants of 107 mm rockets.

Amaq released a video showing the rocket attack on the base, which contains a helicopters’ landing strip, a housing for U.S. personnel and several military and security headquarters. ISIS also claimed that the base hosts a secret prison run by the U.S. and Kurdish forces.

Following the rocket attack, U.S. attack helicopters carried out a patrol in the outskirt of al-Omar oil fields. A unit of the U.S. military also raided the nearby town of Shheell. However, the attackers were not caught, according to Amaq.

This was the second such attack in the last 48 hours. A day earlier, ISIS cells in the northeastern region shelled a large base of the U.S.-led coalition in the southern al-Hasakah countryside. No casualties were reported as a result of both attacks.

ISIS said that the two attacks were carried out in the framework of the ongoing military campaign to avenge the death of the terrorist group’s leader, Abu Baker al-Baghdadi, and the group’s spokesman, Abu Hassan al-Muhajir.

Last month, the Pentagon announced that its keeping 500 U.S. troops in eastern Syria to “guard” oil fields in northern al-Hasakah and southeast Deir Ezzor. Prior to this move there were almost no attacks by ISIS on the region’s oil fields.

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