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In Video: ISIS Cells Shell U.S. Base In Key Eastern Syria Oil Field

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ISIS announced on December 27 that its cells had shelled a U.S. base within al-Omar oil fields in the southeastern countryside of Syria’s Deir Ezzor.

A source in the terrorist group told the Amaq news agency that eight Katyusha rockets were launched at the base. The group usually uses the name of the Soviet rocket to refer to variants of 107 mm rockets.

Amaq released a video showing the rocket attack on the base, which contains a helicopters’ landing strip, a housing for U.S. personnel and several military and security headquarters. ISIS also claimed that the base hosts a secret prison run by the U.S. and Kurdish forces.

Following the rocket attack, U.S. attack helicopters carried out a patrol in the outskirt of al-Omar oil fields. A unit of the U.S. military also raided the nearby town of Shheell. However, the attackers were not caught, according to Amaq.

This was the second such attack in the last 48 hours. A day earlier, ISIS cells in the northeastern region shelled a large base of the U.S.-led coalition in the southern al-Hasakah countryside. No casualties were reported as a result of both attacks.

ISIS said that the two attacks were carried out in the framework of the ongoing military campaign to avenge the death of the terrorist group’s leader, Abu Baker al-Baghdadi, and the group’s spokesman, Abu Hassan al-Muhajir.

Last month, the Pentagon announced that its keeping 500 U.S. troops in eastern Syria to “guard” oil fields in northern al-Hasakah and southeast Deir Ezzor. Prior to this move there were almost no attacks by ISIS on the region’s oil fields.

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Doctor Attitude's Wrestling

ISIS fighting against the US? This is so staged ?


or probably Syria is behind this…I mean he litteraly threatened them last month. Assad : “I will not boast and say we will send in the army to confront the US, which is a superpower after all… But do we have any other options? I think the issue is clear to us Syrians. Will we proceed in the direction of resistance? If there is resistance, the Americans’ fate will be as it was in Iraq.” Assad: The U.S presence in Syria will generate military resistance that will inflict losses on the Americans and thus cause them to leave… The U.S. cannot expect to sit quietly in every area it occupies. Let us remind them of Iraq and Afghanistan. Syria is no exception in this context.

Azriel Herskowitz

At least you admit that Assad is a terrorist.


Anti-semitic !!!!

Simon Bernstein

No, the Mullah regime and the Assad regime are the true antisemites.


Anti-semitic !!!!


Assad has every right to defend Syria thats not terrorism but US presence & stealing oil certainly is.

Azriel Herskowitz

The oil is for the SDF. America is only defending it. Even the SDF has said the US isn’t taking any oil. America is protecting it so it doesn’t get into the hands of the butcher regime or ISIS.

Simon Bernstein

Exactly, the antisemites here do not understand that because they don’t have high Ashkenazi IQ’s like me and you do! :D


Be careful of inbreeding!!

Toni Liu

Yea their nose are so big that they can smell your money from thousand kilometer away, seems only gas can protect us against their big nose

Azriel Herskowitz

I try to talk some sense into them, but they just don’t understand!


LOL Jacob, are you switching between accounts and talking to yourself again? Flag spam. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/13a2a669997878cbca9df9d1508baafc9382cc62c7bba04c23ef7f1984183643.png

Lonesome Cowboy Burt

President Assad is a licensed eye doctor, so opthalmologist regime is more suiting. What’s the interest and obsession for all things Syria the last several years by Israel and others? They have something you want? Just all around lame and neurotic as usual.


You can’t reason with a troll, if you corner him he will start yelling Anti-semitism

Simon Bernstein

Maybe start wearing normal 21st century clothes instead of robes if you want the world to take you seriously and side with your cause. In the meantime, stop threatening Israel and Israel in turn will stop striking the IRGC proxies in Syria and Iraq. Deal?

Fog of War

” Maybe start wearing normal 21st century clothes instead of robes”

Tell that to your smelly Hasidim brethren.

Concrete Mike

Not.everybody is as shallow as you.

I dont look at what a man wears, i look at his actions and listen to his words.

Your just annidiot thay cant see past his huge honking nose.


Again busy using multiple accounts Jacob Wohl? Everyone knows it’s you anyway.

Kenny Jones ™

I counted 3, maybe it’s more


He has 6 accounts.

1st: Jacob Wohl 2nd: Simon Bernstein 3rd: Avi Schwartz 4th: Larry Rabinowitz Ph.D 5th: Azriel Herskowitz 6th: Sarah Leibowitz

Kenny Jones ™

Funny, they end either with -tz or -stein


Have you already seen the newest ANNA news documentary? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C35z2QrQ5P0&feature=emb_title

Kenny Jones ™

Now I have thanks!


No problem. Btw read this: https://syria.liveuamap.com/en/2019/27-december-saa-pushing-towards-marat-al-numan-again-tonight

Black baathist gypsi accused me of being your 2nd account xD

Simon Bernstein

Darn right. The Butcher Regime has allowed over 100,000 Mullah proxies to entrench themselves on Syria soil. But thanks to the IDF, at least 500 of those proxies are being sent back to Tehran in caskets every single week! Mazel Tov!


Dont be daft Israel isnt killing anywhere near 500 a week lol

Concrete Mike



Merry Christmas PoS-owitz

northerntruthseeker .

I smell Hasbara/JIDF once again here…. Only a sicko Jew would make such a statement.


I’m suprised that most people don’t even know about this. Wtf you thought they are going let them steal their oil and ressources while the syrian people don’t even have gas for the winter, and wait for the UN to do something about it? You made me doubt myself so I went back and listened to it back again and here’s the full answer: President Assad:(Nov,15,2019, President Assad’s Interview with RUSSIA 24 and ROSSIYA SEVODNYA)I have always said that an occupier cannot occupy a piece of land without having agents in that country, because it would be difficult for them to live in a completely hostile environment. Therefore, the immediate and most effective solution is for us to unite as Syrians and as patriots. This would cause the Americans to leave, and they would not be able to stay, neither for oil nor for anything else.However, with time, when the occupier remains – the Iraq experience is still fresh in the minds of Americans and the result, for them, was unexpected; for us however, it was clear and I did say in one of my interviews after the invasion of Iraq in 2003 that occupation will generate military resistance. Similarly, the American presence in Syria will generate a military resistance which will exact losses among the Americans, and consequently force them to leave. Of course, we are not contemplating a Russian-American confrontation, this is self-evident, and it doesn’t serve neither our interests, nor the Russians nor international stability; it is dangerous. However, America cannot believe that it will live comfortably in any area it occupies. We remind them of Iraq and Afghanistan, and Syria will not be an exception… Having said this, I would like to remind you of something more significant than merely describing them as a gang. One of the most important factors, which led to Hitler’s invasion of the Soviet Union in World War II, was oil; some even say that it was the only factor and there was no other reason for him to invade. Today, America is doing the same thing; it is imitating the Nazis. So, we can very simply liken American policy today with Nazi policy: expansion, invasion, undermining the interests of other nations, trampling on international law, international conventions, human principles, and others – all for the sake of oil. What’s the difference between this policy and Nazi policy? Can anybody from the American regime give us an answer to this question? I don’t think so. IMO you don’t have to be a Analyst to understand what he meant. That was the first time Pres. Assad took a firm stance agaisnt the US since the beginning of their invasion of Syria…


maybe their xmas bonus was late?


You see, this is what happens when you send the paychecks of your employee’s out to late. They start protesting in the only way they know. Come on, USA! Your head choppers need to buy their new year’s gifts for their family’s,…. A new machete for little Mustapha, a little AK-47 for Omar and a new burkha for wifey.


Why the fuck they don’t take down the news agency.. No more propaganda resources. …

And who are you Issam? And why do you have the picture of leader of a terrorists organisation on your profile picture???? It gives you inspiration to kill kids and women?? Are you a supporter of jihadists? Are 1 of that scum?? The oanes that betrays humanity,in favour of a religious view???!!!

42 HSabbagh

Picture of sayed Hassan nasrallah bothers you? If anything they are against terrorism also fight against it


If you are going to talk about me at least have the balls to let me know by replying to me directly you pussy…

Azriel Herskowitz

Issam thinks his Shia terrorist friends known as Hezbollah will win if he has nasrallah as his profile pic


If you are lucky enough, you might have the chance to be like this ISIS Scum you rat. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E28OsOSbpbA&list=PLxCWZDxGmVWefTxrAF448EOV_UhoXfrBh&index=3&t=0s

Azriel Herskowitz

in your dreams, antisemite




This will let you know who we are! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_WK3HbXwN0k&list=PLxCWZDxGmVWfIKcbemHagta0QerMwJVbd&index=1




‘The attackers were not caught’. No, of course they weren’t. They just magically disappeared into thin air like they always do after attacking. Wow, what superpowers these guys must have.


Hmm… the US sure needs ISIS at the moment

Guanzhou China

This is a stark proof that the United States is collaborating with ISIS terrorists; the pretext of the U.S. illegal occupation of Syrian oil fields is to protect oil fields from terrorist attacks; when the Syrian government prepared to sue the U.S. for illegal occupation of oil fields on December 25; ISIS attacks on U.S. oilfield garrison; this is an American self-guided self-exercise to make excuses for itself

Simon Bernstein

Fake News! This was the work of IRGC proxies!

Concrete Mike


It was IDF airstrikes that missed, nothing newsworthy here moving along!


And how does this video proves anything?!

“ISIS announced its cells had shelled a U.S. base near oil fields” Attacks reported by whom?! Americans?!! They absolutely can’t be trusted about anything. Specially not about their “fight” against ISIS. And everybody should know that by now. There is absolutely no proves whatsoever for all this. Pathetic journalism ! A waste of time !

I want my wasted time back !!!


It cant be ISIS.. They would t shell their best ally and masters…

northerntruthseeker .

Staged event, Dawn…

Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

the soldiers were probably like wait i thought they were on our side hahahahaha

northerntruthseeker .

Really??? People are going to swallow this horse shit?

People need to understand that this was only a propaganda exercise, as ISIS is absolutely run, controlled, and financed by the US…. What happened here is simple… The US had their agents lob a few shells at a predesignated target near the oil fields, and the US conveniently had the Media and their PR department ready to scream “See… This is why we are still in Syria… To fight ISIS!”…..

The criminals in the US need these bullshit propaganda exercises periodically to get the gullible American people to believe what they are told… The facts are so much different!

Azriel Herskowitz

This was probably done by IRGC or a Mullah backed shia terrorist militia. Everyone knows they operate in eastern Syria and hate that the US has bases there.

Concrete Mike

No this was done by you peoples!!

Why else would you and the.other shithead come.here.skwaking away.

It was you, as a false flag to keep usa in Syria.

You aad Al Nusrah is getting its ass kicked. Wasent it you that said jarjanaz would not fall?


Bill Wilson

That was one helluva rocket attack. It appears 6 were duds and the 2 that detonated had anemic warheads.


On more reason it is a good thing the US is still present so they prevent IS from repressing the population again. A good IS terrorist is a dead one.

Concrete Mike

Both are invaders and both.can go fuck themselves.

You can go to hell to !


Your are discriminating me; why should I go to hell while the others my fuck themselve. I to rather like to fuck myself instead of going to hell.

Mehmet Aslanak

I don’t know where boomer generals in Pentagon found those Katyusha rockets, guess Kurdish communist party guerilla (PKK/YPG) helping them smuggling rockets. Those fake attacks are necessary to convince Trump to keep stealing oil…. errrr…. I mean keep US presence in the Syria.


nit-witz and kidney-stein idiots in drag


I want to see SAA receiving Russian jets capable to carry out bombings and SAA start bombing Al-Tanf and the rest of the US Roach nests. What will the reaction be?


I do not think the dog is biting his owner. However, the owner could allow to do this to pretend the he is not the owner of the dog. Of couree, only north-american believe this.

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