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MAY 2021

In Video: Iraqi Security Forces Thwarted Terrorist Attack In Al-Anbar

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In Video: Iraqi Security Forces Thwarted Terrorist Attack In Al-Anbar

Screen grab from the attached video.

On April 17, Iraqi security forces thwarted a terrorist attack with a booby-trapped vehicle in the western province of al-Anbar.

“According to confirmed information, a force from the 4th Brigade and the 1st Intelligence Division in the Anbar Operations Sector detonated an abandoned vehicle al-Taba’at airport, which is located west of the H3 base in al-Anbar,” the Iraqi Security Media Cell said in a statement.

According to the statement, the booby-trapped vehicle was prepared for a terrorist attack on security forces. No further details were provided.

Four people were killed and around 20 others were injured on April 15 when a booby-trapped car blew up in Sadr city in the eastern outskirts of the Iraqi capital Baghdad.

ISIS claimed responsibility for the deadly attack a day later. In a statement shared by the Amaq news agency, the group boasted about killing Shiite civilians.

The terrorist group was most certainly behind the car bomb found in al-Taba’at airport. Al-Anbar has been a stronghold of the group’s cells since the early 2000s.


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