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In Video: Iraqi ‘Resistance’ Group Blows Up US Supply Convoy Near Fallujah

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In Video: Iraqi ‘Resistance’ Group Blows Up US Supply Convoy Near Fallujah

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On March 11, an Iraqi armed group calling itself the International Resistance attacked a convoy carrying supplies and equipment for the US-led coalition in western Iraq.

The group’s cells targeted the convoy with an improvised explosive device as it was passing in the city of Fallujah in al-Anbar province. A video of the operation confirms that a truck carrying an armored vehicle was directly hit.

Iraqi security sources claimed that a civilian woman, who was passing near the convoy when the attack took place, was injured.

The Sabereen News, a Telegram channel affiliated with Iranian-backed groups in Iraq, reported that four other supply convoys of the US-led coalition were attacked in the following areas:

  • Al-Anbar province in western Iraq;
  • The city of al-Samawah in the southern province of al-Al Muthanna;
  • The city of Hillah in the central province of Babylon
  • On the Basrah- Nasiriyah highway in southern Iraq.

According to the Sabereen News, the attack on Basrah-Nasiriyah highway was carried out by an armed group called “Saraya Awli’a al-Dam.”

The recent attacks on US-led coalition convoys in Iraq are meant to pressure the US into pulling its troops out of the country. These attacks are a response to the assassination of Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis, Deputy-Commander of the Popular Mobilization Units, and Iran’s Quds Force Commander Maj. Gen. Qassim Soleimani.

Iraqi “resistance” groups halted their attacks on the US-led coalition during the recent visit of Pope to the country. The operations were apparently resumed today.


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Dick Von Dast'Ard

Going well then for the new U.S. occupation of Iraq policy?

Mehmet Öztürk

This is only the beginning. Wait till this year’s Christmas…

Zionism = EVIL

As I had written a year ago, Iraqi resistance is now universal. Fallujah is a Sunni tribal area and had suffered the most in 2004-2007 as the Americunt cowards carpet bombed it and used depleted uranium ammo. Children are still born in the region with deformities. The resistance forces are now uniting and there is a lot of cooperation and coordination. The next phase will be much more lethal as the Iraqi Parliament’s withdrawal deadline for all OccupationCUNTS looms in June. The average Iraqi is now fully aware of the extent of US cowards savagery and plunder of their once rich country. US and NATO have even stolen furniture from Iraqi official buildings and residences. The destroyed infrastructure from 2003 has never been repaired. Most Iraqi cities lack basics clean water and sewage infrastructure. Corruption in the puppet Quisling government is rampant. Only the PMU are clean and respected like Hezbollah. The US and NATO thieves even stole money from Iraqi banks and homes. Over a $2 trillion of Iraqi oil, gas and other assets has been stolen and is now funding Americunt occupation and terrorism in the region, so then you wonder why the resistance is picking up pace.

Lone Ranger

Americant pirates…
Chickens are coming home to roost…


Dude Americas in the process (started under obama) of driving out white people from the Military 😡this is no longer my country the clown show that was once America is harmless every American knows someone who was in used and the thrown away in the “war on terror”🤡


Franky. western men have become LGBTIQ pansies and deserve the humiliation they are getting and it will get worse as the Zionist agenda is the destruction of masculinity and traditional family values.

UK debates imposing curfew on all men aged 16-70

In the House of Lords — the upper house in the UK’s
Parliament — argued that a curfew should be
imposed on men, rather than authorities encouraging women to change
their behaviours to avoid violence.

“I would argue that at the next opportunity for any bill that is appropriate, I might
actually put in an amendment to create a curfew for men on the streets
after 6:00pm, which I feel would make women a lot safer, and
discrimination of all kinds would be lessened,” MP Jenny Jones argued.


As noone talks about it: where is the gold stack of Iraqs National bank now? After the invasion of US it suddenly vanished. There was estimates that its value was around 1 trillion US$.

Just Me

The US criminals stole it. Most of the officers, including Biden’s son became millionaires.

Ashok Varma

Things are not going well for the US anywhere, its domestic problems are even worse.


Caused by themselves Gods brutality punishing this wicked countys🙄

Ashok Varma

US has squandered its own future by senseless endless wars prompted by the Zionist lobby. The average American is is real trouble with declining life span and lack of basic services, while the inflated military eats up trillions.


The US-led Ziocorporate terrorists need to be denied the possibility of air superiority for this have any actual effects on the ground, and at the moment nothing threatens the US/ISISrael airforce terrorist operations.

Muslims should also start thinking about liberating Mecca from the Ziowahhabi Salafi terrorist al-Saud usurpers.


“”” and at the moment nothing threatens the US/ISISrael airforce terrorist operations.”””

Rocket attacks on their air bases would be a start, destroying some helicopters and aircraft on the ground…..along with attacks on convoys with greater destructive force.

Hasbara Hunter

Hahahaha…Nice BANG!…BoOOM!!! IS BETTER…


Assad must stay


Assad must stay

whenever this happens i am reminded of this scene https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T9lw3ndQpWc


And it was me thinking I knew it all about the Terminator. Being an unconditional fan of the series (bar the plain insult that was the so-called “Genysis”), I watched tons of behind-the-scenes, making-offs, bought the 4-Disc collector edition of the DVD Remaster, and somehow never came across this story !!!!!

Thanks a lot mate, wouldn’t have imagined I’d come here and learn stuff on THAT topic as well, you gotta love Southfront and its best participants ROFL xD

Assad must stay

agreed, sure no problems :)


Because people worked hard on this thing which today could easily be done in CGI they went out of their way to ensure the story actually was worth the effort of filming it all.

That’s why Genesys and ‘Woke Fate’ is total crap with a western world of today that’s also believing in embracing degenerate cultures, professional victims and mental basket cases.

I miss good storywriting.


Yeah Woke culture turned genuine historical struggles into neo-fanatism for dummies, with its hordes of pseudo-activists not caring or comprehending one bit of the core principle behind their dreaded hashtag killers, sticking to whatever convenient distorsion and usurpation keeps them high up in their counter-culture wars.

Saddest part would be that the terrific box-office failure that this ideology entailed for such a solid gem of a timeless SF genre for at least a generation does not seem to be taken as an unquestionable message by its makers and producers, they simply don’t care about burning worlds after worlds in their wicked quest for all-round dominance on their self-righteous moral struggle “endeavor”.

Blue In Green

COME WITH ME, IF YOU WANT TO LIVE! *Terminator 2 theme starts playing*

comment image


Epic moments :-) I’ll be back from the Evil T-800 would be my all-time favorite though :p

Supreme Blyat

I really believed the entire convoy was blown up… not even click baits can hurt me now :)


The click bait worked, this was the first article I opened !
Expecting to see a burnt convoy. :D

Supreme Blyat

In the first years of Iraqi war they were plenty on Youtube


I recall in the first conflict Saddam’s forces and others trying to escape Kuwait City. First the head and tail where hit, and then everything in the middle. I do not recall the number of vehicles, but the highway and both sides of it was a junkyard. :/

Lone Ranger

First time the U.S. used directed energy weapons on the battlefield.
The stories about strafing A-10s was only for whitewash.
Cars were melted, people died while running in an upright position.
The only question is was the weapon deployed from a 747 or from a low Earth orbital weapons platform.

Ivan Freely

My guess would be airborne not orbital. The atmosphere is the biggest factor. You would need a heck of a power supply to burn through the atmosphere.

Supreme Blyat

No no, I mean the US convoys being hit en masse, after Saddam was captured, probably most of the drivers were Private Mercs. I was searching YT eveey morning for new footage, even the Google Earth which was updating in months was showing a lot of smoking vehicles in and around Baghdad. I remembered the exact years I was enjoying the full freedom of Youtube: 2007-2008. In 2009 they totally changed their policy.


I doubt it was Israel as the damage would be much worse, it looks like something inside a container exploded.

Ashok Varma

That poor chap is a desperate troll. Indian media said a unsecured propane bottle in a single container exploded by accident and no real damage was done. The Zionists are too scared to attack an Iranian ship and it would bring severe consequences.


Frankly, you are desperate and reviled MEK troll and no one gives a damn.

Free man

While you post the mullahs regime lies, I post only facts.

Mehmet Öztürk

Allahu Akbar!

cechas vodobenikov

Amerikas will retaliate and bomb a wedding party in

Lone Ranger

It would be funny if it wasnt true :(


It was General Soleimani thought up the whole plan to clean out Syria and Iraq of Islamic State and succeeded that now all you same idiots running US Foreign Policy who called him a terrorist like to claim credit for the results of his planning and successful operation.

You got greedy and as a result your hand got stuck in the cookie jar that’s also full of biting ants, Just like the Roman empire as it lost ground to the Germanic Tribes.

Far Right

The people driving the transport trucks are Iraqis. Your just killing your own people.

Islam is cancer, all it does is kill.


Throughout history collaborators have been losers. The real issue is the continued illegal US and NATO occupation of Iraq, which is breeding resistance.

Cray Brand

Crackers are Cancer, go flush your ugly hasbra self, nobody will miss you :D

Just Me

Dumbo, the Europeans used to shave the heads of collaborators including women and then hang or shoot them. The Iraqi resistance is being too kind to the scum who work with American and NATO occupation savages and criminals.


Will they accept American Christians that are redpilld you guys understand ISIS is a creation of Israel and America domonic shit…..

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