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In Video: Iranian Speedboats Chase US Aircraft Carrier In Hormuz Strait


Iranian media has released footage showing a March encounter between a US carrier battle group led by USS Theodore Roosevelt and a pack of fast attack craft apparently manned by the Islamic Republic’s elite Revolutionary Guards in the Straits of Hormuz.

The video comes amid the growing tensions between Iran and the US. Teheran is threatening to close the Straits of Hormuz if Washington blocks its oil sales. In turn, the US says if such development takes place, Iran will suffer deveastating consequences.



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  • Luutzen

    Pathetic Iranians. Speedboats …

    • as

      If you know how narrow the straits are you’ll understand why those speedboat still a real menace.

      • danny holmes

        Iran should replace those speed boats with drone boats so loss of those boats have no human life loss consequence to Iran.

        • as


    • NDMA

      The Iranians don’t need more than speedboats : it’s the shekel whore sheeple that need to compensate for being pathetic land thieves #WW3 no mercy for slave of money donkeys, just remember who started it as we tear debt-driven sheeple from every land ever corrupted for going too far #FreePalaestina what do you think indigenous pillaging pirate scum has earned themselves? #Samuel1528 good luck pirate f**ks https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/83be949859225078943d0261a282267fa15b77b17f8c08a04a44be142a663809.jpg y’all just sheeple, slaves and donkeys to anybody with a spine

      • as

        Yeah them concentrating firepower into one single ship is counter productive especially when their adversary vastly outnumbered the ship. Making them an insignificant lose distributing their just enough firepower is much more logical coastal defense strategy.
        The word is asymmetrical response.

      • potcracker2588


    • BlueInGreen

      The danger to the US fleet operating in the Persian gulf does not come from the speedboats that Iran employs. It comes from the vast array of coastal Cruise missile batteries and Quasi-ballistic missile anti-ship missiles Iran has in abundance.

      Hormuz-1/2, Khalijeh Fars, Fateh Mobin, Even various Fateh variants can decimate any US surface ship bar the Super carriers, with one missile hit.

      The speedboats, although comical, serve a different purpose entirely.

  • as

    The video prove nothing. Iran should just test their shore battery on mock targets at the farthest range possible showcased it’s missile impact or it’s midget subs stalking or perhaps deploying some simulation mines. That would be much more powerful message.
    Although yeah the aircraft carrier sheer size displayed in the video while impressive it’s another good showcase in how easy of a target it is sitting tall over the waterlines. It’s definitely a vulnerable target against sea skimming missiles.

    • Zionism = EVIL

      Iranian have no shortage of guts. If push comes to shove US carriers in the Persian Gulf shallow waters are sitting ducks for Iranian coastal missile batteries even artillery as the straits of Hormuz are barley 10 kms wide for shipping channels and even the new ATGM can shut it down. Aircraft carriers are totally obsolete as Russian hypersonic missiles have demonstrated.

  • Merijn
    • BMWA1

      March 18

      • Merijn

        Is that map that old?

  • Lena Jones

    “In Video: Iranian Speedboats Shase US Aircraft Carrier In Hormuz Strait”

    It’s ‘Chase’, dear Southfront, NOT “Shase”!!!

    The editor musta graduated from the Donald Duck Thchool of Thpelling.

  • Attrition47

    Freak fleet a-go-go but we aren’t sure which is the normal one.

  • Spit

    Iran, we have taken You this much.
    We know You are hot headed, we know. Please. help us play this game.
    Unless You want to Lose it all over that hot head of Your’s. in an instant a hot Flash like a woman.
    Hold steady.

  • Sinbad2

    This must be an old event, the US hasn’t dared to put a carrier in the Persian gulf since October 2015.

    • PZIVJ

      Looks like this occurred on March 21.
      CVN 71 group paid a visit, probably just to irritate Iran.

      • Sinbad2

        Yes I stand corrected, you are right.

  • Rabid Rotty

    What the hell is Shace?

  • R PLobo

    Iran has learned from the best – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/PT_boat
    PT boats were effective in WW2 because they were fast and easy to produce in vast numbers. Combining waves of speed boats and shore batteries and missiles againsts US ships would be a disaster for the zionist lackeys. A carrier would be totally exposed and unable to serve its function of launching air craft to attack Iranian forces and infra-structure. The Iranians have succeeded in controlling the Persian Gulf by creating layered defenses.

  • Mahmoud Larfi

    I’d have written ‘chase’ instead of ‘shase’

  • Christian Gains

    Hmmmmmm…reminds me of an OKEEFANOKEE SWAMP frog, chasing an ALLIGATOR…RESULT?:

    I Can’t seem to find that frog!!!????? Where’d it GO???? BAD CHOICES can be deadly….I wish my Country WOULD LEARN THAT LESSON…!!!!!

  • Sinbad2