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In Video: Iranian Navy Helicopter Makes Bold Pass Near US Carrier In Persian Gulf

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In Video: Iranian Navy Helicopter Makes Bold Pass Near US Carrier In Persian Gulf

Screen grab from Tasnim’s video.

On November 13, the Tasnim News agency published a video showing an AB-212ASW helicopter of the Islamic Republic of Iran Navy making a bold low pass a few meters away from the US Navy USS Essex (LHD-2) landing helicopter dock in the Persian Gulf.

According to the Iranian news agency, the helicopter was conducting a “reconnaissance flight” over the large US warship.

At the time of the encounter, USS Essex was carrying four AH-1Z Viper attack helicopters, four UH-1Y Venom utility helicopters, one AV-8B Harrier II ground attack aircraft, two MH-60R Seahawk multi-mission helicopters and eight CMV-22B Osprey tiltrotor military aircraft.

The US Navy is yet to comment on the encounter, which was not the first of its kind this year. Iran’s naval forces confronted the Americans in more than one occasion.

In October, speedboats of the Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) intercepted a vessel of the US Navy in the Persian Gulf. The IRGC also seized a Vietnamese-flagged oil tanker right in front of US Navy vessels.

Tensions between Iran and the US continue to increase despite the recent agreement on the resumptions of the nuclear talks in Vienna.


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Lone Ranger

They should have dropped Tampax and dildos onto the deck.


I wish more countries did this to show the world USA is all talk


most countries cant disable american aegis systems


russia did the same with a smaller ship and at the time it also disabled their aegis and fly a few times over them in a mock attack sort of way iran just said we will drop a few bombs on you and come down on you with our choppers and mess you up and divert the remains towards iranian mainland with this action iran made clear how it will defeat american ships like this in a conflict this close to it they would not be able to run anyway they need to run 10000 km´s and still we can reach them so america cant run away from iran either

Last edited 13 days ago by farbat
down under

what iran did here pales in comparision to what north korea has been doing for a long time. north korea shot down a us spyplane ec-121 killing 31 us troops aboard. north korea hasn’t seen a us spyplane coming close to its border since then. also north korea landed its troops on a us spy ship and steered the ship all the way to a north korean port killing a couple of us troops in the process. there are many more. north korea’s policy has been “shoot first and ask questions later” against us. there isn’t a thing us can do about it given that north korea can vaporize the whole us continent.

Chris Gr

North Korea is atheist. lol


North Korea is Hero


Chris the is a gay Jew boy lover


Next time an Iranian helicopter should actually land on the ship, the crew exits and takes a big sh@t on the flight deck.


next time we might land on theirs and not on the one they want to kidnap

dieter bohler

once the US and Israel srike back , all of Iran will be obliterated and the same is true for China and Russia.


Zionists are queers, they are only useful to scam.

Michel LeBlanc

Iran has been as it is since 1979. You cant do shit to them and you know it!


my adress is golestan sari mazandaran hit well


Why don’t you all try it Zio terrorist Jew? All you u brave Jew gay boys have is mouth and shoot from afar


they should have dropped a bomb on the americans


america if you ever dare to threaten iran again in any way we will seize it and if you dock near us with it we might melt it so keep swimming for a while and get lost you dont want us to seize your ships and humiliate you


Great going Iran, show your strength and bravery by confronting the Zio terrorist US gay boys club

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