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JULY 2020

In Video: Iranian Fast Boats Chased British Destroyer HMS Duncan In Persian Gulf


Sources close to Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps Navy (IRGCN) released a video, which showed the British Type-45 destroyer being pursued by IRGCN fast attack boats. The video shows a warship sailing in the distance while a group of IRGCN boats follow behind at some distance.

According to experts ,the warship shown in the video is HMS Duncan. This particular warship has been in the Strait of Hormuz for the past few weeks amid ongoing tensions between the US-UK bloc and Iran.

British Navy warships are now trying to guard all British shipping sailing through the waterway after Iran seized the tanker Stena Impero.




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  • AJ

    They arent chasing it just keeping it under observation

    • verner

      yep,if they intended to sink it they would have used some land-based stuff, like torpedoes or missiles. fortunately for the ever useless brits, there was no intention to cause them harm now that a general election is bound to happen in uk shortly and that corbyn likely will be the next PM, to the chagrin of the squatters that has invested all good will they have in deposing him as a labour leader and they will have failed. and corbyn ain’t likely to forget the treatment the squatters’ fifth columns have subjected him to, all orchestrated by tel aviv.

      • RichardD

        A UN convention abolishing Judaism should be passed and ratified to dejudify Palestine, the US and our planet to create a Jew free world. To stabilize the security situation here. To improve our ability to normalize relations with positive ETs and make a safe and peaceful transition into becoming an ET race and civilization ourselves with extended lifespans on a war, poverty and pollution free planet.

        • Toronto Tonto

          A Russian troll free world would be a great start .

          • RichardD

            You’re feed is turned off because you don’t want your incessant Zionist lying exposed beyond what is already self evident. You’ve never once tried to disprove anything that I’ve written exposing Jew crime and evil. Because you know that you can’t because it’s all true.

            I’m not Russian, I’ve never even been there. I’m an American. You also refuse to debate the issues. Because you know that you’l lose and make a bigger fool out of yourself than you already do with your daily lies, stupidity and insanity.

          • Zionism = EVIL

            JEW…Jewy, pervert Epstein and Andrew, Russia, Russia, Russia :)

          • Zionism = EVIL

            Elvis has left the building, dumbass Jew troll.

        • iosongasingsing

          The global evil, organized as a Jewish Sanhedrin is planning an alternative world organization to the UN made up of 70 nations that were the 70 members of Jacob’s family when he went to Egypt that will be subject to Jewish law (law Noachite).

          • RichardD

            Do you have a source link for this information?

          • iosongasingsing

            Noachism is an ethical proposal of the Torah, addressed to the world. It is based on the seven laws of Noah. Second Jewish law, non-Jews are not obliged to converse with Judaism, but must respect the Seven Laws of Noah. The president G.H.W. Bush, recalling the joint parliamentary resolution 173, and recalling that the ethical and moral principles of all civilizations derive in part from the Seven Laws Noachite (Noah’s Jewish Laws) is, he proclaimed March 26, 1991 as the “Day of US Education”. Later, law 102-14 formally designated the Lubavitch Rebbe’s birthday as “US Education Day”, with the Congress recalling that “without these values and ethical principles the building of civilization runs the serious danger to regress into chaos ”. We are being prepared by a world that revolves around the III Temple and Jewish principles.

          • RichardD

            Ok, thank you for that. I see what you’re referring to.

            If you read German, you can read this transcript directly. Or you can paste the link into Google translate and read it in English. It’s a recent conversation between Billy Meier and Ptaah the Plejaren. The Plejaren say that they’ve watched and participated in the development of our religions like Christianity and Islam. They’re strong anti Judaics.

            He says that what Christ and Mohammed taught has been corrupted by religions that contain errors and are different than what their founders preached. He says that Mohammed married a 17 year old, not a 7 year old.


          • RichardD

            .Ptaah My great-great-great-grandfather was called Isobron, and the meaning of the name is . He was a language and writing expert and came with many of his studentsat the time of the Mediterranean-Near-Asian civilizations to Earth. He settled in that areawhich was then called Egypt and continues to this day, but he traveled far, soalso in the country, which is called today Greece. According to his knowledge, he was alwaysstrives to spread the art of writing and languages, what he also around the Mediterranean in thedifferent peoples who accepted his teachings and learned the Scriptures. Depending on the people andHe taught these various forms of writing, from pure pictorial writing to the graphic arts.organization of typescript in different languages. Likewise, all his students did bothSex, which spread on the whole earth and the numbers at that time not very muchtaught large peoples in writing and language. And when I talk about peoples, they arenot the populations themselves, but only those of those who were also at that timesought a higher education and more knowledge, etc., than was common to the majority of peoples.BillySo, at that time, your great-great-great-grandfather was on Earth and teaching the early daysPeoples write the script, as did his disciples worldwide, hence one can say that actuallyall the early written languages ​​used on earth by the peoples of earthly peoplesAttributed origin.Ptaah You can say that, yes. Over time, these creatures became natural in their formrepeatedly changed or out of use, which is why many of the original fonts onlystill exist as historical leftovers – if any. But what else is to saythat is the fact that, unfortunately, very early on, the written language of earthlywas needed. This happened in particular by written persons who wrote in writing historicalHowever, they recorded their own and inaccurate observations, as well as very muchoften deceptive perceptions as well as imaginings, inadequate memories and assumptionseven inadequate and completely misinterpreted. Equally, this happened when the writingwell-informed and committed by people for written records,Without exception, the persons who were able to write and therefore write were never exactlywrote what they were told to write. As a result, it has always been clear that theThe writers took advantage of it, because they themselves are the Scriptures and therefore also theWere unable to do anything other than their written recordetc. to explain in an oral manner to the clerk in their simple language. The writersthen they were informed and explained by their own interpretations according to their ownstand and record their own interpretations in writing. And this was because the scripturesthose who had written something, were unable to do so directly in writing.to dictate what they had to say and explain. Therefore, in all the old writtenlore as a result of own interpretations of the clerical misdescriptions and partlyextremely serious misinterpretations that have survived to this day and in the same wayto be taught wrong forms. Likewise, at all times, this happened with respect to all religious oneswritten records, because only one and not one of those persons to whom the writtenAccording to traditions, scripture and written language werelet all their statements be written down by the written and written language ofaccording to their own writing skills and also by their own interpretations and presumptionsgene etc. written down. It was the same with all big and small religions and their sects, so
            Page 16
            FIGU-SPECIAL TIMES, No. 2, August 2019 16So also in Islam and Christianity. As with Jmmanuel after his escape from Jerusalem his wholeLife story from birth until his death with monstrous distortions, lies,propagated and subsequently written down, the result wassame with Mohammed, whose real name was Abdul Kasim Muhammad Ibn Abdallah. At Jmma-Only Judas Ischkerioth was literate, but neither male nor femaleMember of his discipleship, which included more people than just the twelve, in the New Testamentfull of fictions, falsifications, false memory assertions,interpretations and lies. In addition, the individual sections, assertions and <memoriesetc. of this lying work only many years after its escape by the clerical and further onfalsely written by their own additional interpretations and partly also former disciplesattributed, however, never participated in such writing and so no informationwho made what then became the lying work New Testament. You have to correct thisment also … … given the various necessary information and explanations, which makes it pertinentInvestigations, but he also found out a lot of the actual truth and thiscould also record in writing. But I have to say that it is unfortunate that you and Guidohad to promise him not to mention his name and writing during his lifetime,has very good evidence facts. Unfortunately, the man also conceals those of yoursinformation given to him concerning the entire origin of the history ofJmmanuel actually should be called open. If you look at the life story of Muhammad, then you have to saythat there is scarcely a true word in everything that is supposed to have been handed down about him, because so tooAs with Jmmanuel, no one was knowledgeable of written and written language except his first wife,the widow Khadijah. She was a member of the highly respected tribe of Quraysh and heiress of oneCaravanserai and a commercial business in Mecca. First, Muhammad performed under her matriarchThey did various kinds of work for them before they got together and married, after which they became himBusiness associates appointed. The woman was devoted to Muhammad in sincere love and was able toto associate with his doctrine, which she greatly appreciated, but she did not speak a single word of hisTeaching has yet written his life written.The immensely infamous slander that Mohammed fathered several children with this womanis supposed to correspond to a lie beyond compare, because the woman was incapable of conceiving and could therefore ofMuhammad does not get pregnant. Since Khadijah wanted to have children, however,between Muhammad and her husband, they decided to accept several orphans andhome to pretend as their own. When his wife died, he married Sauda as his second wifebint Zama, with whom, however, he also produced no descendants, as well as not with Aischa bint AbiBakr, who was his third wife and who opposed the libelous traditions of theMarriage neither 6 nor 7 or 9 years old, but was 19 year old. And the vicious slanderagainst them, which is said to have resulted in the campaign against Banū l-Mustaliq in 627as well as a malicious lie, as well as the story of the twelve on nothing moreas was built on lies and deception. This applies equally to the multiple lies that mo-In addition to his regular marriage, he hired a large number of women and slaves as wellHad concubines, because in fact it was only the three spouses Chadijah, Sauda bint Zamaand Aisha bint Abi Bakr, whom he had married after the death of Khadijah;alliances remained childless, because even with these two women he was not sensible, offspringto breed. The whole greater number of other women around him were not in oneWay in any marital connection with him, as well as not in any way slavishor concubine, but all they were only well-guarded in his care and friendship.More women became so long after his death by lies and slander allegedRelatives and chroniclers, etc., and had no truth. This is also truethe concealment of women, as well as completely different folly. Vicious minded, theagainst the dissemination of the early false Christianity that had arisen centuries agothat the true doctrine of Jmmanuel was completely distorted, they saw an opportunity, even theTo distort the teaching of Mohammed. So they seized the opportunity in his time, his teaching, the yes thesame as that of Jmmanuel was to falsify as well and to spread rules and regulations asthat was also with regard to the teachings of Jmmanuel. As Jmmanuel was unable to do, against theIt was the same with Muhammad, because when both went their last waytheir ever-identical doctrines were profoundly falsified and new religionscreate. As a result, the faithful turned to the new teachings to which Muhammad and JammahAs a result of their departure, they were no longer able to oppose anything, hence Christianitythe and Islam with the resp. the the truthful completely repressed.
            Page 17
            FIGU-SPECIAL TIMES, No. 2, August 2019 17Ancient Palestine was occupied by the Romans at the time of Jmmanuel and had some among theseHowever, the local population has been affected by a harsh Jewish and religiousdirected rule, which is why it was convenient for the rising Christians toto conceive the story of a resurrection of the crucified Jmmanuel and call him Jesus. This,while South Arabia was a very backward area at the time of Mohammed, far from all culturaland economic centers of the world at that time, where the people who were poor suffered great hardship andonly too happy to believe in a new religion of salvation and fall into it. Do you look at the ancient scriptures that allegedly came from disciples, followers, andas well as direct or indirect offspring, relatives or family members of theBoth announcers are to come, then correspond in total all such alleged documentary evidenceonly treacherous counterfeits, false memories and false representations as well as very wrong inter-References of the literate. Truly, there is not a single such ancient document, thedirectly or semi-directly to a person who is in direct or indirect contact with Jmma-nuel or Mohammed.Contrary allegations and so-called correspond to nothing other than falsestingings and lies, for both Jmmanuel and Mohammed received the first writtenChen records only years later after her departure resp. made after her death. And thishappened according to very poor or erroneous memories, as well as by conscious false onesAssertions and lies, etc., as a result of which there are also glorifications and marches concerning Jmmanueland Mohammed emerged. In addition, various miscellaneous direct and indirect followers were lyingattributed to the two proclaimers, who in truth had nothing to do with them. Alsoliterate disciples, followers and relatives as well as friends etc. were the two proclaimersAttributed to Jmmanuel and Mohammed at all times, but none of them was onethe writing and writing knowledgeable. The only one among them was Judas Ischkerioth, whoright and truly mastered and literate and a disciple to Jmmanuel. LaterHe was slandered by writers and followers, as Jmmanuel of the Na-Jesus was imputed. Repeating, it must be made clear that Mohammed andJmmanuel was all alike, but with Jmmanuel Judas Ischkerioth the Scriptures andLiterate and made the records, and then your and the group’sTalmud’s endeavors, which was ultimately supported by our written and linguistichad to be properly translated and revised because the priest Isa Rashid after thishad misinterpreted his belief in Christianity. This, while all other records relating toto the teachings of Jmmanuel and Mohammed in no way by any of their disciples or directlyten or indirect descendants, etc., but by strangers, and indeedonly long after their death. In truth, in relation to both and their doctrine, which on both sides the was, however, abysmally misunderstoodand falsely bound to the limit beyond recognition. This also applies to various other old-age and newon the one hand found ancient writings, which also not on any disciples during the lifetime ofJmmanuel or to direct followers or relatives etc. of Muhammad.

    • Zionism = EVIL

      Two missiles at that short range would sink the rusted limey git bucket in a jiffy :). These Zolfighar fast missile attack boats can hit 80 knots in minutes.


  • Toronto Tonto

    The Duncan can turn around at any time and eliminate all in its wake if it needed too .

    • Andrei

      They might sink 1 or 2 or 5 boats but the uk ship won’t stand a chance against 20 fast boats in special if they carry anti tank or anti ship manpads absolutely zero chance to succeed

      • Unknown

        Maybe they will have a chance if they get close, but in times of war, the British ship’s long range anti-ship missiles will make the Iranian Navy a laughing stock.

        • Vas

          And who told you that Iran don’t possess as well long range anti-ship missiles? You think a lone UK warship so close to Iran shores, inside the wolfs mouth have any chance to survive an attack?

          • Unknown

            The British, unlike the Iranians, have protection measures against these old Soviet slow moving anti-ship missiles. Ever heard of the CIWS?

      • Zionism = EVIL

        Iran has a 2000 kms coast line that covers the entire Persian Gulf and all the way to the Indian Ocean and is dotted with SSM and coastal batteries. It can sink anything at will.

  • Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

    hhahahaha i bet only a few of the speedboats could do some serious damage to the duncan, if not outright sink it

    • Zionism = EVIL

      Actually, they are over armed for their size and speed with two SSM and twin hyper speed torpedoes are more than able to sink a frigate or even a destroyer. In 2016 war games a swarm of 4 Zolfighar boats was able to sink a carrier. The Persian Gulf is very narrow and shallow and a big ship simply can not maneuver or deploy evasive tactics that may work in a large ocean, for which most NATO ships were designed for.


  • occupybacon

    Legends say they are still chasing it..

  • iosongasingsing

    A machine gun is not enough to sink a cruiser, perhaps they had it as a target for ground-based missiles.

  • Tommy Jensen

    All fast boats should be sanctioned. Anyone who in the future sell fast boats will be banned from using SWIFT, Visacards and Mastercards, and will be denied access to the United States.

  • Johan

    why do they always talk all the time, seems equal like old women who speak their own courage.