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JULY 2020

In Video: Houthis Zilzal-1 Improvised Rocket Hit Saudi-Backed Troops Gathering In Jizan


On May 25, the Houthis media wing shared a short video showing a Zilzal-1 rocket hitting a gathering of Saudi-backed fighters east of the al-Dud mount in the Kingdom’s southern province of Jizan.

Several Saudi-backed fighters were killed in the rocket attack. Moreover, at least one of the vehicles seen in the video was destroyed.

The Houthis use the codename “Zilzal-1” to refer to a variety of locally-made improvised rocket-assisted munitions (IRAMs), which are usually based on Grad 122mm rockets or Type 63 107mm rockets. Most of these IRAMs have a very short range, but a heavy High Explosives (HE) warhead.

In some cases, the Houthis used the codename to refer to a ground-launched variant of the Soviet S-24 air-to-ground rocket. The rocket has a 123 kg high-explosive fragmentation (HE-Frag) warhead.

The Houthis launch limited attacks on the remaining Saudi-led coalition positions east of al-Dud on a regular basis. These attacks led to heavy losses among coalition troops, recently.

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  • You can call me Al

    Nice shooting, but I wish they would stop shouting all the Allah Akbar shit.

    • FlorianGeyer

      Bloody good shooting indeed. If the Houthis have such capabilities, Iran must have a lot lot more ways to create filled US bodybags.

      • You can call me Al


      • yeah, shush! don’t scare the bloodsucking effeminate cowardly child killers. we like to see them go overboard

    • goingbrokes

      I quite like it.
      In any case it is their country, their war-cry, their fight to expel the invader, and their culture, so they do as they wish.

  • jm74

    Without foreign air and logistic support the Houthis are kicking arse; when all of this is eventually over they need to hand out gold medals to the Houthis who are showing how to fight US/EU/Saudi/israel aggression.

    • Nowruz

      It’s not about the size of the dog in the fight but the size of the fight in the dog.