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In Video: Houthis Shoot Down Saudi Tornado Warplane With Guided Missile

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On February 15, the Houthi’s media released a video of the Yemeni Air-Defense Force shooting down a Tornado IDS combat aircraft of the Royal Saudi Air Force (RSAF).

The incident took place in the late hours of February 14 in the northern Yemeni province of al-Jawf. The warplane was providing Saudi-backed forces with a close air support, as the Saudi-led coalition had announced.

The video shows a guided anti-aircraft missile hitting the Tornado IDS. The direct hit forced the aircraft’s crew to eject immediately. The wreckage of the downed aircraft can be seen in the end of the video.

The fate of the aircraft’s’ crew remains uncertain. The Saudi-led coalition said that a search and rescue operation is undergoing, while Yemeni sources claimed that the crew have been already captured by the Houthis.

Saudi-led coalition warplanes targeted the Tornado crash site with a series of airstrikes, killing more than 30 people, including civilians. The coalition acknowledged this and said that some of the injured civilians will be brought to the Kingdom for treatment.

A Yemeni military source told al-Masirah that a “locally-made, advanced” air-defense system was used to shot down the Saudi Tornado IDS. According to the source, this was the first use of the system.

In the last few months, the Houthis shot down several drones and an attack helicopter of the Saudi-led coalition. The downing of the RSAF Tornado IDS, however, is a significant milestone for the Yemeni group’s capabilities.

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Pave Way IV

You crazy Houthi bastards! That was epic. You’re an inspiration to the entire free world. And even an inspiration to a few of us in the not so free world… [cough] like the U.S. [cough]

Gary Sellars

Agreed, and how satisfying is it to see that Takfiri slave of the despotic House of Saud get what was coming to it? I hope they catch that aircrew and give them the ISIS treatment. Normally i don’t advocate that sort of thing, but the Saudis are UNMITIGATED EVIL in this fight and need to be treated as such (deliberate starvation of the general population is an atrocity of the highest order). The Wahhabi regimes dog-soldiers need to understand that getting captured means DEATH, and it won’t be humane as they just don’t deserve it.

Zionism = EVIL

The Yemeni military had a pretty capable AD capability during the Soviet era as South Yemen was a Socialist state and had access to SA2/5, mobile 6, SA-7/16 etc. By the end of 1979, the Soviets added two 2K12/SA-6 and four 9K31/SA-9 SAM systems to the South Yemeni arsenal.

After the collapse of the USSR many of the systems had deteriorated but now most have been upgraded and rebuilt, many with boosters by Hezbollah and Iranian assistance. US Central Command has previously confirmed that an SA-6 was responsible for downing an MQ-9 Reaper unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) over Yemen on 6 June 2019 and then a Saudi F-15 was downed north of Sanaa along with a Tornado. The Ansarallah posted dramatic videos to document their successful interceptions of the most modern western aircraft downed by them.The introduction of modern SAM systems have largely restricted Saudi air attacks on mostly civilians and infrastructure. Now there are reports that the Ansarllah have access to Iranian versions of BUK (Raad) missile systems.

https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/f9c133ea96d6f2ed68173478e7ed4b669b2eb51a710e01ad8823fbd8104c1398.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/c2075c16ff01058c2c6c3ba0e26b76f27a6e0b744ee8948ea21d2399ea604b2c.jpg

Alberto Garza

i saw a video they captured some 20 mm vulcan aa guns from the saudis

Zionism = EVIL

Over 20 Vulcans on M-113 were captured from the Saudi cowardly losers in brand new condition who just fled leaving even their clothes, along with radars systems.


alejandro casalegno

Yes……….but used as “Thecnicals” against ground targets………… PD; Are the best thecnicals in the World!!!!


I betcha we said this exact same thing to the what is now former… Mujahideen a few decades back… LOL

Damien C

If the Houthis are knocking the shit out of the Saudi trash with air cover just think what they’re gonna do to the Saudis without aircover

good american

‘Not bad for your first time ‘-Legendary Delta Blues musician David ‘Honeyboy’ Edwards in the Walk Hard movie, first time Dewey tries the guitar.


I love how Houthies don’t immediately release this video, first they give Saudis the opportunity to lie about it and then they smack them on the head with the truth! This time the Saudis didn’t lie about “a technical” problem or something but they didn’t say much either, only that they lost one jet.


Next thing we need is for the Houthis to show us the vid of the captured crew being interviewed. Extra credit if they turn out to be British mercenaries, as that would embarrass the British government.


I do hope they are British mercs. That would be to bog for the BBC to ignore :) :)


I’m more pessimistic, nothing seems too big to ignore for the BBC, including their own ratings, in the face of the really important issues of today: free gender choice, LGBT rights, and pro-immigration workshops. British mercs don’t even count. I hope they are israeli!


The BBC funding a series starring Greta Thunberg.

Asberger’s kids on TV has to be Child Abuse surely ?

More viewers for RT I would think. A new outlet with real world news and humour as well.


In the video at 0:14 secs, is that phospiric amunition, which had been dropped by the Tornado?


I thot it was a bunch of decoy flares.

Gary Sellars

If so, it didn’t do much good :-P

Rhodium 10

0:15 flares…0:26 afterburned trying to escape…0:34 R-27/77 hit the plane…

Pave Way IV

The video looks like a S-200 missile launch to me. They have a two-state engine. The first stage is both the set of four solid propellant boosters (3-5 sec. burn, :03 to :08) and the main sustainer motor, followed by only the liquid-fueled second stage sustainer motor (20-30 sec additional burn).

The solid-fuel motors separate from the missile after they are spent (flash at :08) and have a kind of small delayed self-destruct (:19) to shred them on the way down. Small = no big visible blast/flash that might confuse the operators. The self-destruct is to avoid killing your troops with four spent solid fuel boosters screaming down on their heads every time you fire a SAM. The lining of those motors make a shower of glowing fragments similar to what is seen in the video (:19 – .24) That said, there are very few clear night-time shots of S-200 launches on the internet.

The S-200 uses a 15° lead angle mid-course and changes to proportional navigation radar homing during terminal phase (1:29?). No IR homing, so the missile would ignore the three IR flares. It looks like the IR camera tracking did lock on the flares. No idea what the green crosshair and target box overlay belong to, but I don’t think it was controlling the SAM. Houthi FLIR? No idea if the IR imagery in this segment actually IS of the same missile in the first segment. Just saying that it could also be an S-200.

Just my dumb-assed guess – I have no idea if the rebel Yemeni AD guys have any S-200s or what they used here. The IR image may have been another R-27 as Rhodium 10 says.


I saw flares deployed at night. They spread out and burn constantly before the burning materials finish. This does not look like flares, as the direction is downwards ina close order, and far away from the plane, most probably started before even the rocket was fired. It looks more like white phospor amunition. https://rainbowwarrior2005.files.wordpress.com/2009/01/beglari200901082136178281.jpg

Maybe because of the view angle.

Pave Way IV

My flare comment was not for the first (optical) segment of video, Selbstdenker. Agree that it doesn’t look like flares. My comment was for the second, black-and-white IR segment of video with the green crosshairs. You can clearly see the fighter drop three IR flares in that segment.

alejandro casalegno

The S-200 is a HUGE missile…..and is in a fixed launcher……………..

Pave Way IV

Agree. So either the video was from somewhere else at a different time and unrelated to the current downing, or the Houthis figured out how to fire off a 35 ft., 8000 lb. radar-guided, liquid-fueled flying telephone pole SAM from the back of a pickup truck… without shoes.


You are consistently the most well-informed poster I know. How do you know all this?

Pave Way IV

CNN mostly. They’re the most trusted name in news! I also have access to a CIA-controlled indexing system called ‘Google’. Russian bots on Twitter fill some of the gaps. The rest is all conspiracy theories or utter bullshit that nobody usually questions, except for my handlers.

And thanks for the compliment, bbbar – but it’s mostly information I gather from other people who do really know this stuff. The internet is amazing like that. I’m just the half-crazy, crack-head, raggedy old man with a shopping cart in the alley collecting cans and other shiny objects. Glad you like them!


It is look like “OSA” SAM with TV/thermovision guidance.


” The coalition acknowledged this and said that some of the injured civilians will be brought to the Kingdom for treatment.”

The Saudi scum bags will be chopping the wounded civilians into little pieces as I write this , no doubt.


You goatfuckers keep it away from Christians

Zionism = EVIL

You mean faggots :) like yourself.

klove and light

the houthi Slogan..

“death to america, death to Israel curse on the jews”

the bravest of the brave!!!!!

Gary Sellars

you forgot “victory to Islam” :-P

Arch Bungle

We can differ on the last point but shake hands on the first three :-)

Zionism = EVIL



terrorist-minded, uneducated.

alejandro casalegno

But the Houthies say a yemeni jew die figthing with them against the saudis………..a Jew “Shahid”


American Airplain shot down

MeMad Max

Its obviously the Saher-1, which is a “copy” of the soviet S-75 SAM system. Yea, they built it locally… using S-75 parts that are widely available all over the place.

But its all good, shooting down saudi planes should be a sport.


They put an AnsarAllah sticker on it. Just the same as Made in New Zealand


Maybe it was a US MANPADS that the Houthis got from Iran who got it from ISIS?

Arch Bungle



It’s still carrying 4 fuel tanks, so it’s not near its target… prob got lazy like the American F-117, and reusing the same flight plan, and got ambushed along the way.


Western/Gulf airpower has started to experience unexpected difficulties in the ME after the assassination of General Soleimani. And thanks for the technical comments below, they are awesome!

Avi Schwartz (IDF:71, hamas:0)

After 5 years of being pummeled by Saudi airstrikes and finally the houthi hezbollah terrorists manage to BARELY shoot down a Tornado using a Russkie air defense missile? Just as I thought. Russkie air defense is the least advanced, most unreliable, and funniest joke in the world. That’s why it’s very cheap and all third world countries buy it. Meanwhile all the rich developed nations buy American or Israeli air defense.


Well, it’s the second Tornado after the on in 2017.

Bruno Gama

Soviet SAMs making casualties until today…this is what I call a “Dead Hand”… Imagine a confrontation in the Cold War… Russia should invest heavily in SAM technology, if so, any AirForce would die before reaches Russia… This video certainly won´t be show in Mainstream Media…

alejandro casalegno

Some day i will see a video of a IAF F-35 like this………………….some day……………..

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