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In Video: Houthis Raid Positions Of Saudi Proxies In Yemen

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In Video: Houthis Raid Positions Of Saudi Proxies In Yemen

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The Houthis (Ansar Allah) continue their successful offensive operations against Saudi proxies in Yemen.


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Pave Way IV

You already know the Houthis are going to be the victors as soon as you see those rocky mountains. And it looks like it took an entire fire team of 1 (one) shoeless Houthi to take out the position.


we shall see if they manage to take Marib. the area
is flat and they took serious damage

Just Me

Love the sandals. The Saudis are on the ropes and kissing Omani a$$ to get them out of the mess the idiot MBS got them into. Their oil facilities are being devastated daily, their military has lost 70% of the armor as the SF graph of their losses clearly showed. The losers have now approached Oman to beg Iran to stop the Ansarallah.

Battered Saudi Arabia proposes ceasefire plan to Yemen’s Houthis after suffering a string of attacks on oil infrastructure

Houthis dismiss proposal as ‘nothing new’, say Riyadh ‘must declare an end to the aggression and lift the blockade completely’.

Ashok Varma

Unless winged horses from the sky come to Saudis aid, their fate is sealed. Their US masters are killing each other as well.

10 killed at Boulder supermarket shooting, suspect white male arrested

Authorities say victims included a police officer and say they suspect white racist extremism to be the killer’s motive. This is the second mass right wing white extremist shooting in past two days.


Not thru. No white supremacist.


Good. White people need to stand up to the Jew and retake America.


Marib will fall soon. The Houthis already are the gates and the heights overlooking the city. They control the dam and only withdrew to the access roads to prevent Saudi mercenary pilots from attacking the dam.

A high-ranking member of Yemen’s Supreme Political Council says
Yemeni armed forces and their allied fighters from Popular Committees
will soon liberate the strategic central province of Mar’ib as well as
other regions from the grip of Saudi-led coalition forces and their

Just Me

Saudi losers propose ceasefire and peace talks as Ansarallah advance continues. The Saudis have lost the battle of Marib and their economy is on the ropes.

Speaking to reporters on Monday, the kingdom’s foreign minister, Prince
Faisal bin Farhan Al Saud, said the ceasefire proposed to the Houthis
is envisioned “for the entire conflict”, including allowing for
the main airport in Yemen’s rebel-held capital, Sanaa, to reopen.

The Ansarallah smelling total victory have dismissed Saudi groveling and want a total ceasefire, Saudi withdrawal from Yemen and war reparations for the indiscriminate damage to Yemen’s civilian infrastructure. The Saudis are very concerned about the loss of oil revenues and the rising cost of the lost war now in excess of $7 billion a month and is eating into their dwindling reserves as the Ansarallah drones take their toll on the exposed Saudi oil infrastructure and the abject failure of US and Zionist anti-missile systems.

Assad must stay

When will the saudis collapse already?


Frankly, the Saudis are technically bankrupt and only surviving due to US occupation forces protection.

Saudi Aramco’s debt-to-equity ratio more than doubles in 2020 as oil revenues plummet and quagmire in Yemen eats into reserves.


These guys can fight on the edges of skyscrapers.

Assad must stay

Great work as usual houthis, keep piling on the pressure and firepower!!!!


Frankly speaking, the Ansarallah are wearing down the cowardly incompetent Saudis in a asymmetrical war of attrition. They have the guts, demographics and regional power balance on their side. The Saudis can not even defend Riyadh, so their only option is to sue for peace on Houthi terms.

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