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In Video: Houthis Give Saudi Forces A Lesson In Close Combat In Yemen’s Hajjah

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In Video: Houthis Give Saudi Forces A Lesson In Close Combat In Yemen’s Hajjah

Screen grab from the Houthis video

On March 18, the Houthis announced that their fighters had repelled a large-scale attack by the Saudi-led coalition and its proxies in the northwestern Yemeni province of Hajjah.

Initially, the Houthis allowed Saudi-led coalition forces to advance in Bani Hassan area in the district of Hayran. Once Saudi forces went too deep in the area, the Yemeni group launched a well-planned counter-attack. Saudi forces, who were taken by surprise, failed to hold onto their positions.

A video of the battle in Bani Hassan shows Houthi fighters clashing with Saudi forces from a close distance. Several units were ambushed by the Houthis while withdrawing.

In the course of the battle, the Houthis destroyed or captured several Oshkosh M-ATV armored vehicles of the Saudi Armed Forces. An unspecified number of Saudi-backed fighters were also killed or injured.

The Houthis were able to recapture all the positions they lost in Bani Hassan. Saudi-led coalition forces were pushed out of the region.

The successful counter-attack in Bani Hassan is an example of how the Houthis maintain the upper hand on several fronts in Yemen despite their limited resources. Meanwhile, the Saudi-led coalition’s achievements remain limited.

On March 16, coalition warplanes also targeted a a waterborne improvised explosive device off the town of al-Salif on the western coast of Yemen.


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Supreme Blyat

“A lesson”? If I had classes for each lesson I was some CEO driving an expensive Audi, living in a fancy hotel.

Clarence Spangle

Audi? Ha ha ha . . .
comment image


check the song “Saudis in Audis” on YT :-)

Clarence Spangle

Audis are weak . . .
comment image

Arch Bungle

You made a typo. SAudis are weak.

Clarence Spangle

Compared to Mercedes, all cars are weak.

Al Gathafi Did Nothing Wrong™

Initially, the Houthis allowed Saudi-led coalition forces to advance in Bani Hassan area in the district of Hayran. Once Saudi forces went too deep in the area, the Yemeni group launched a well-planned

There are widespread rumours that Al Hassan nicknamed The Tiger personally participated in the operation as the devastating retreat-counte-rattack is Hassan’s trademark.

Zyklon B

Really? Where did you find that info? If true that is some pretty high level badassery

Arch Bungle

The retreat – counter attack is/was also a trademark Mongol tactic … Seems he learned from the best.

Assad must stay

houthis manhandle saudis, saudis retreat in absolute shame and defeat LOL

Clarence Spangle

I’d bet that they somehow get tactical nukes from the Jews.

erwin vercauteren

well if they use them like their patriots we will witness a nuclear suicide of the Saudi alliance that is for sure

Furkan Sahin

The Oskosh armored bus looked brand new :)

Pave Way IV

Proudly made in America. The Houthis have created more jobs in the U.S. than our politicians.

And Saudi military commanders can’t be too bright. When you can suddenly advance relatively easy and unopposed into Houthi territory, you can almost be 100% sure that your retreat is going to be absolutely brutal.


Yes indeed, and the Saudi forces in Yemen have US/UK advisers and special forces on the ground :)

Clarence Spangle

The Saudis want nukes… Biden and Harris are dumb enough to give it to them.


There is no amount of nukes that can stop Iran. When the first nuke touches ground on Iranian soil, Saudi will disappear in a barrage of conventional missiles. Why do you think the Zio thieves cannot attack Iran without US help? Haifa and Tel Aviv will be flattened in 3 days

Peter Moy

Once again, good combat footage. Pop quiz: how many of you noticed in the first video in the first few seconds the Houthi fighter with a US M72 66 mm. Light Anti-tank Weapon? Was used in the Vietnam War and can still knock out most lightly armored targets.

Pave Way IV

( I noticed and did a little happy dance)
And how come Houthis can have one? I’m American and I paid for them. But if I had one, the ATF would send in the SWAT teams to shoot me in the neck and take it. That’s not fair!

Clarence Spangle

comment image

Peter Moy

Good question sir. Based on your screen name, I recommend something with a little more bang that also makes a lot more attention getting noise. For instance a Mark 83 2,000 pound unguided bomb (“dumb bomb” – not so dumb for the people in the target area) or an early model, highly inaccurate Bullpup air-to- surface missile (250-pound HE warhead). They can both be electrically deployed and are ideal for eliminating pesky adversaries and instantly modifying entire neighborhoods a la John McCain-style (the famous A-4 Skyhawk attack aircraft pilot – another one who should never have been allowed near aircraft – his father being the commander of the US Pacific Fleet during the war helped a little). Now back to the daily murder, mayhem and degeneracy in the greatest democracy that ever existed which every human being, alive or dead, wants to be a citizen of.

Pave Way IV

Houthi bros. don’t have much money. They have to be able to make most new weapons with discarded Saudi (U.S.) junk, a crescent wrench, a blowtorch and a 5 gal. plastic bucket of reclaimed RDX. A big cheekful of qaht and a nice cup of tea helps, too. Nothing they have can possibly carry a Mk 83 and they’re exceptionally bad drivers. You really don’t want them hauling around air-dropped munitions, even the smaller Mk 82 Snake Eyes. That’s just an accident waiting to happen (like John ‘Wet Start’ McCain).

Apparently every person in Mexico, Honduras and Somalia wants to be a U.S. citizen. Not so sure about the rest of the planet. They pretty much hate us.

Simon Ndiritu

Not me, I never ever wished to be a US citizen, Its important to clarify that.

Arch Bungle

Hooray for the Fremen!
Down with House Harkonnen!


Their water will be ours! xD

Arch Bungle

It is defiled! We shall pour it on the sands …

Lone Ranger

Hear hear.

P.S. The Spice Must Flow :)

Arch Bungle

Muad Dib!

erwin vercauteren

in these battles you can very well witness the high qualitative and skills these man have been granted thanks to the collaboration with Iran and i guess Russia is also helping them in one or other way but its clear that western backed and trained forces are no match for those adversaries trained and supported by Russian Iranian cooperation victory will come and those animals in the west who supported this genocide by the Saudis will pay the price in the end

Proud Hindu

At this rate houthis could capture the entire Saudi lol


you know its coming……

Lone Ranger

Houthis are the Vietcong of the middle east.
I have nothing but respect for them.
Fighting for their country and people against a technologically more advanced enemy and they are still winning, handing saudisis their asses.

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