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JULY 2022

In Video: Houthis Engage Saudi-backed In Intense Fighting In Yemen’s Al-Jawf

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In Video: Houthis Engage Saudi-backed In Intense Fighting In Yemen's Al-Jawf

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The Houthis (Ansar Allah) are developing their offensive on positions of Saudi-led forces in the Yemeni province of al-Jawf.


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For the first time in this war, armored vehicles are used for attack instead of retreat %)


The Houthis are ,without exception, true warriors who are tenacious in battle and who have the nobility to be magnanimous toward their captives.

The barbaric and primitive USA has a lot to learn about war. The Saudi’s are primitive beasts that cannot be saved from themselves.

Albert Pike

Florian did you read this here: ‘This complete reversal of the situation corresponds to our analysis of the crisis. After their failure in Syria, the United States is pursuing its 2001 plan and is preparing to destabilise Saudi Arabia.’ https://www.voltairenet.org/article209528.html Does FM Meyssan have wet Q-dream or is there any base in his story?


This article makes perfect sense, I agree. Britain is involved partly because the US has zero diplomatic skills these days and Perfidious Albion has hundreds of experience regarding ‘Palace Intrigue’s’

The US fracking boondoggle is now dead in the water, Iran is a nation that would be impossible to subdue without huge costs on all levels, Syria is merely a war that Israel desires, and Venezuela is also a problem with a large and hostile anti America population that would fight any US incursion . Iraq will become a coffin filler for US troops again unless the US leaves.

Saudi Arabia is the weakest link and KSA has all the oil required to bale out the US, and for the US to directly control and plunder. KSA Oil would stave off imminent financial disaster for the US elite. Add to that is the fact that Sunni Saudi’s are an essentially decadent and enfeebled population.

Trump would lose the Arms sales , but controlling the oil and pauperising the KSA would be far more profitable and is doable for the zio-mafia clowns of the USA in my opinion.

Albert Pike

Thank you.


I doubt you will find more than a handful of saudis fighting in Yemen – the saudi force is made up of somali and sudanese mercenaries and in leading positions you will find europeans from various locations and then you have the jewish advisors to mohammed bin salman and more than possible the dysfunctional states of A footing the bill.

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