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JUNE 2020

In Video: Houthis Burn Military Equipment Of Saudi-led Forces On Yemeni-Saudi Border


The media wing of the Houthis (Ansar Allah) continues releasing videos showing their recent advances on positions of Saudi-led forces on the Yemeni-Saudi border. The newest video show captured and destroyed military equipment that were belonging to Saudi-led forces.

In Video: Houthis Burn Military Equipment Of Saudi-led Forces On Yemeni-Saudi Border

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  • S Melanson

    The sorry state of Coalition mercenaries in the Yemen war is the product of years of disastrous lead. The defeat of the 21,000 man force that attacked Hodeidah in June 2018 was due to incredibly inept leadership that led to the main force being cut off, which dissolved quickly due to mass desertion – hence the blanket amnesty for deserters in Yemen announced by the Coalition in July. I doubt many took up the offer.

    That is when the best quality mercenaries came to the conclusion that working for Saudi led Coalition = death and the dead cannot spend their pay-check. And things only got worse.

    The Coalition was consistent on one thing, demonstrating total incompetence in conducting the war. So over time, only the most desperate will sign up or find themselves forcefully pressed into service. These are not soldiers, they are fodder and they know it, Coalition Commanders know it and importantly, the Houthis know it.

    So this brings us to the here and now. The mercenaries will flee or surrender at the first opportunity and the better equipped they are, the better the equipment that falls into the hands of the Houthis. Houthis have also announced they plan to make use of more of the captured vehicles going forward, having set large majority on fire in the past. This tells me that the Houthis believe they can expand the ground war and start dismemberment of KSA – MbS should know a thing or two about dismemberment.

    I recommend following http://www.yemenpress.org

    SHouthi conduct of war has been magnificent and combat capabilities increasing. The Coalition seems to have learned nothing and is disintegrating as member states flee the Coalition leaving MbS standing alone with burning Toyota’s and MRAPS to the South and burning oil facilities to the North and North East. Will it get to the point MbS holes up in a bunker in Riyadh as the walls close in.

    Roads to Moscow – Al Stewart
    We wait on the line for the final approach to begin. The flames of the Tigers (MRAPS) are lighting the road to Berlin (Riyadh). It has been almost four years I have carried a gun (and wearing sandals)… They send out their old and children (and those who will not fight), they cannot slow us down (except when overwhelmed by the numbers surrendering).

    The city opens and crashes down bringing to an end MbS’s dream (nightmare)… the war is over and I am going home… [soon, very soon I hope]

    • Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

      yes i hope to see houthis soon taking parts of saudi arabia proper :)))

    • PZIVJ

      “Houthis have also announced they plan to make use of more of the captured vehicles going forward” Indeed, look at the amount of captured supplies they need to relocate. :)

      • S Melanson

        I know, where will they find room??? Wait, brilliant idea, they could ask Hadi if they could store the captured munitions at one of his empty palaces in Aden – about time they got some use.

        Oops. Not empty anymore, I forgot they got taken over by the Friends of the UAE Club with its huge membership, almost as many members as the Enemies of Hadi Club.

        • PZIVJ

          Thank you, that is good material. So the coalition is split up, and UAE reinforcements are there to secure port of Aden from Hadi groups, not to attack N Yemen. This is a positive. :)

          • You can call me Al

            On your last point, there have been skirmishes recently between the UAE and the Houthis as the Houthis move Southwards. This should be avoided by both sides in the future.

    • FlorianGeyer

      Thank you for your report.

      2020 will be a year to remember, I think.
      If we are alive to get to 2021, that is :)

      The Axis of Zionazi evil is now on the ropes and this is when they will either run to their bolt holes or fight to their last servant.

    • Black but still Racisss.

      Good analysis – a take Home. Saudi will implode from within in the coming times, their hierarchy line has been broken and there’s bad blood between the brothers and all of them are filthy rich. All prices are tanking. Besides the Kingdom owning vast SeaShore ports they have not been able to diversify their economy to other sectors. They have a work force that consists mainly of foreigners. An incapable military with state of the art hardware and none of its branches is able to make good use of it. Based Houthis will crush them. Saudi is an impending disaster… I wish for no suffering for anyone but I can’t help myself in wishing for the time Saudi Arabia completely burns to the ground and such times are coming.

    • Kell McBanned

      Yep well said, Jazan, Aesir and Najaren belong to Yemen anyway so I can see them continuing until they have at least these provinces back.
      Perhaps we will have Nth and Sth Yemen split again with a sizably enlarged Nth Yemen.

  • Tommy Jensen

    America never gives up. It may look like critically now, but in 2020 US/UK Special Forces will be back stronger than ever in Yemen, as we have prepared new modernized weapons to be tested in Yemen against the terrorists and their Iranian helpers.

    • S Melanson

      Excellent comment and I am sure the Houthis look forward to collecting the modernized weapons abandoned on the battlefield or should I say surrender field – and expect the Houthis to make good use against the terrorist Coalition, well whatever is left of it.

  • DaBoiiiii

    I used to be against the fact that these scum USA, UK, Canada and the rest are arming Saudi filth. But seeing as how Houthis are at the end of the supply chain, my stance on this has mellowed lol.

  • gold37

    Is that an amputee on the battlefield, in that terrain? @1:20.

    • You can call me Al

      No, just the effects of inbreeding.

      • gold37

        You do have a point there.