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In Video: Houthi Snipers Work Against Saudi-backed Forces In Yemen’s Jizan Province

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Snipers of the Houthis (Ansar Allah) have been working with against Saudi-backed forces in the Yemeni province of Jizan.

In Video: Houthi Snipers Work Against Saudi-backed Forces In Yemen's Jizan Province

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Assad must stay

very nice houthis keep popping away

Furkan Sahin

Houthis is slow they need capture Marib now

Zionism = EVIL

They should take out all palaces and Riyadh and set the oil infrastructure on fire first, the Saudi scum are totally broke and can’t even pay for mercenaries.

Furkan Sahin

agree but I don’t think the Houthis can catch Riyadh because the United States will bomb them you know too

Zionism = EVIL

As if 6 years of relentless bombing has made a dent in Ansarallah. I don’t think the Americunts will do jack as they are dying like dogs in the streets and the Saudis are broke and have no real strategic value left.

Ashok Varma

US is withdrawing its patriot missiles from SA and leaving the Saudis to their well deserved fate. The Yemenis should hit all targets now.


that the patriots are withdrawn from saudi, if it happens, is just another example of the idiocy emanating from the white house, where the white house idiot, moron dunny the dunce, issues one after the other of badly thought through measures. pitiful. although working to the advantage of the houthis indeed which is good.


No more uncle sam for MBS, Houthis should walk into his palace.

Ashok Varma

The west and US in particular are scamming the corrupt Saudis and now with oil worthless, the Saudis have become worthless to US and Israel, so it is time to abandon an insane headchopping regime. The Saudi economy is sinking like the US.

Icarus Tanović

That’s right BOIII!

Zionism = EVIL

The Pimpeovirus afflicted dumbass Americunt loser cowards were running a extortion racket and now that the Saudi cunts are bankrupt, they can’t pay the $5 billion a month protection money, so goodbye charlie brown, you are clown!

cechas vodobenikov

SA seems to possess an inexhaustible supply of US military aid—this permits them to employ mercenaries from Colombia and Sudan —very few saudis actually r engaged in battle—unless u consider their incessant bombing of civilians battle

Ashok Varma

Saudis are asking for a mercenary division from Pakistan, but the corrupt Pakistani military is haggling over money and the soldiers do not want to die for Saudis who are generally disliked by all.

Pave Way IV

Saudis and UAE both ramping up bid for Socotra by sending in more merc/proxy forces. UAE-backed Southern Transitional Council (opposed to Hadi/Saudis) declared Socotra ‘self-rule’ after attacking capital last week. Saudis responded by sending aircraft to bomb STC positions and helped Hadi loyalists ‘retake’ sites in capital. A few days ago, more STC arrived by ship and more Saudi forces were flown in despite some kind of truce. This is an MbS/MbZ thing, each one vying to ‘own’ Socotra

There are U.S. Marines on the island, too – holed up in the mountains protecting our ‘secret’ radar site(s). They haven’t been part of the fighting as far as anyone knows. The U.S. doesn’t care which side ‘wins’ in Socotra, as long as we get to keep our radars there and someone finally build that damn naval base we wanted for the last thirty years. We’ll lease it from the Saudis, the UAE, STC or whatever merc army eventually runs the island.

For their part, the dirt-poor Socotra residents don’t give a damn – they’ll roll for some jobs, new roads or pretty much any economic activity. The UAE showed up last year and just bribed every civil/military official to allow the UAE to move in and claim Socotra as future UAE territory. STC didn’t like that and organized an opposition on Socotra. Problematic, of course, because the UAE supports STC. So the UAE had to work with the Saudis last week to smoke a few STC camps and calm the rebellious savages. Solved nothing – more STC and Arab mercs just arrived for round #2.

Icarus Tanović

Death to Wahhabi Satanists!

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