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In Video: French Journalist Showed Situation In Lisichansk

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Max Schmidt

So it took FIVE (5) funking months for the French press to understand that the people in Luganks are pro Lugansk and not pro Kiev. A shame. But, well, better late than never.


Wrong! its taken them 8 years.


YES indeed! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r5n8UbJ8jsk

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And, after 8 years, the US MSM still doesn’t have a clue.


MSM agents kner what’s happening all along but they have no choice except to comply with the corporate core policy of oligarchs promoting the alliance of monsters narrative , otherwise they would be sacked from the good-paying job.


in fact no, I’m French and I can tell you that this one is one of the very rare, the other 99% are assholes who throw their propaganda every day


French propaganda is relentless

kogda mi byli na voinye

salut erina, c’est pas christelle de donbass insider?

Bob - Enough

I am on your side right – remember that. But the French press have been the most realistic and honest about this “conflict” from day 1 – not only the independent journalists, but even the MSM. They have told the truth and this type of story non-stop – this is just another story as opposed to the first story. No offence intended.


Of course the French government perfectly well knows this war is for maintaining US hegemony. What the people in Lugansk do or do not find is just important for the image they create to propagandize the French people.


Moving video. All these poor people, who have been to hell and back, now have close to nothing, not even water in some cases. Still they all seem to be happy to have been liberated from the evil of Kiev after 8 long years. The woman at the end of the video really says it all when she full of emotion calls out that “You are the future, the future of Russia”. She is absolutely right, for without Russia these brave people of the Donbass would now have no future at all, as their own leaders in Kiev want them all dead..

Florian Geyer

The liberated civilians exhibited great dignity after all the torment they have been through at the bloody hands of the US/UK sponsored UKI government thugs.

Slava Rossiya.

Ed Theman

The best way to look at this if you are from the USA. Biden and the government hate White Americans, they are deemed evil and racist.

Russia, loves Russian people, will go conquer other countries to save its people.

This is why I just hate USA and hope Russia wins the war.


Very well said !

Lawrence of Arabia

Couldn’t agree more. It’s strange how things have been reversed. It used to be that Russia was in the grip of an evil communist ideology that had contempt for its own people, while the West really did stand for semblance of democracy and freedom. Now it is the other way around. The US has been subverted from within by neo-marxist ideology which simply replaced the class struggle of capitalists and proletariat with the racial struggle of white Christian supremacists against blacks, and other minorities including sodomites and sexual deviants


Have you watched the series “Sliders”? There, scientists move to different parallel worlds, and in season 1, episode 2, America is communist. Worth a look, well filmed just like in Russia during the Soviet era. Survive this moment at least looking at the movie

Bufford T Justice

I am an American , sorry to say , and feel the same .



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Mike Pompeo, former secretary of state of the USA said this past week, the USA has God given right to rule the world. Russia and China stand on the way, for this reason the USA needs to defeat Russia and China. Ukraine is being used as a pawn in US attempts to control and rule the world. It is a drug addicted, satan inspired plan of the USA. I know for certain it will not work, simply because the world doesn’t want to be ruled by one center of power and the USA is not as powerful as it was in the last 30 years. Now nearly equal powers of China and Russia are available.

Bufford T Justice

The arrogance of these pigs is just mind boggling. It’s the only way , the US must be neutralized , and by any means necessary.

William White

If you were sending photos of life on Earth into the cosmos to try and make contact with other civilizations Mike’s photo would be titled “Douchebag”


Don’t disagree with your post one bit. We (US) do not need to rule the world but need to learn how to coexist and play well with other countries. I spent entirely to much time in SEA, EU & SWA to know we have done more harm than good more often than not.


To the President of Mexico… https://www.zerohedge.com/geopolitical/mexico-president-free-assange-or-dismantle-statue-liberty

And China (http://www.911research.wtc7.net/wtc/groundzero/cleanup.html)… And India (http://www.911research.wtc7.net/wtc/groundzero/cleanup.html)… And Russia (https://theduran.com/putin-911-not-inside-job/)…

You ALL missed it long before Julian (https://www.ae911truth.org/evidence/technical-articles/articles-by-ae911truth/845-nist-confirms-its-building-7-report-is-indefensible-part-1-of-5-the-omitted-web-stiffeners)!…

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Too late. Paris needs to be nuked too. It’s not even a French city anymore.

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