In Video: First Moments Of Syrian Army Assault On Jaish al-Islam In Duma


The video shows first moments of the Syrian Arab Army’s assault on Jaish al-Islam in the Duma area of Eastern Ghouta. MORE DETAILS ABOUT THE ADVANCE



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  • gustavo

    It is time to annihilate the terrorist with the strong support of Russia aerospace force. Be brave, non stop, be fast, no mercy to terrorists, non deal at all, non buses to go to a party at ibil.

    • Vidura

      lol easy for some key board warrior to say !

      • HighLord Gaz

        aww… poor little terror-lover upset at the nasty words?

        WTF is your problem? These Saudi-backed Wahhabi-Takfiri terrorist goat-fuckers need to be eradicated from this 3rd rock with every last scrap of extreme prejudice that the SAA and friends can muster. No mercy, no negotiations, continue the attack until every last orc lies dead in a pool of its own blood.

        You have a problem with that? If so, GFY

  • R3mba

    Kiiiiiiiiiiiiil Emmmmmmmmmm Alllllllllllll!!!!

  • EarthPerson

    The moment of complete defeat for the mercenary terrorrist salafists holed up with their civilian hostages in Douma. If these assholes murdered the 4000 hostages they had kidnapped and were holding in their dungeons, it will be entirely understandable when they are shown no mercy

  • Marvin Joel Zavala López

    Only green tanks avaliable

  • HighLord Gaz

    I love the smell of roasted Wahhabi-Takfiri in the morning… The scent of freshly barbecued meat, mingled with the stench of singed beards…

    Go SAA!! Kill very last one of these gods-forsaken medieval goat-fucking child-murderers… No mercy, no negotiations, continue the attack until every last one of these murderous orcs lies dead.