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In Video: First Interview Of ‘Volyna’, Leader Of Mariupol Garrison In Azovstal

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In Video: First Interview Of 'Volyna', Leader Of Mariupol Garrison In Azovstal

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More than 2 thousand Ukrainian prisoners of war from the Azovstal plant in Mariupol are currently detained in a prison camp. There are fighters of  Ukrainian nationalist Azov regiment, marines, border guards, including the entire command of the defeated Mariupol garrison.

The first trial in the case of war crimes of Ukrainian nationalists in the Donbass region may be held before the end of summer, according to the head of the Donetsk People’s Republic Denis Pushilin. All those who surrendered are currently being interrogated in order to establish if they were involved in war crimes, including the shelling of residential areas, killing civilians and prisoners of war etc.

The interrogation of Sergei Volynsky (nicknamed Volyna), the former commander of the 36th separate Brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, was of particular interest.

Being besieged in Azovstal, he closely cooperated with the leaders of the Azov regiment, ad gained worldwide fame thanks to his patriotic appeals to world leaders and even the Pope with requests for “emergency extraction” of Ukrainian nationalists.

He gave his first interview in a prison camp, which revealed that members of the famous Mariupol garrison are snot as brave as Volyna claimed on his video appeals from Azovstal.


Sergey Volynsky, former commander of the 36th separate brigade of the AFU Marines:

“We were supposed to act together, but from there was no command on the move received from Baranyuk. He acted by yourself or I don’t know what maneuvers he was pursuing, what goals. He came under artillery fire, air strikes, his equipment ran into mine barriers. People were killed, wounded, and the movement of equipment “drowned”. About two hundred guys went with me, mostly guys from the Marine battalion which I served. We got ready, we put “Z” signs on the equipment to confuse the forces who might accidentally meet us on the way. We worked out the route, built a combat order and moved in the direction Azovstal.”

“In fact, there was nothing left. We had remnants of ammunition, small armaments. There were great difficulties with water, food, equipment, and the morale of the soldiers. There were many wounded, many dead. The Russian Federation had superiority in aviation, artillery, armored vehicles, tanks and manpower. We were completely surrounded and that was the problem.”


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hunter bidé lab pork !

the problem is that your are fighting for urubus ( lgbts jews and nazis ) !!! that dont care about nobody but their anus !!!


you are true. it is a very bad feelings to dies for nothing (jews, comedian and other satanic establishment) that is why they decided to surrender i think.

Elohim Kosher Bar

Time to trot out the captured Western Generals and other mercs interviews. Western Media would love this!!!


Definitely looking forward to this. There are lots of high ranking Canadians, French, Brits and US military (they call them mercenaries) who were trapped like rats in that hole. Payback time for them useless Nazis.

Pedo Andy from Fcukingham Palace

These cowardly murdering rapist Nazi scum losers need to be tried and shot. SLAVA ROSSIYA!


Russia should explain to this guy how the comedian in chief left them in the pit to die and mis-used their image as the heroes fighting for the freedom and security for the entire Europe in exchange for the lucrative hand-outs the nazi regime gets from its sympathisers. Nonetheless this man could be utilise and turn him into a true Ukrainian hero to convince the remaining AFU to lay down their arms and submit to Russia to end the bloodshed.


They kill protestants Orthodox and Jews. Then their’ pretend enemies the Americans kill Moslems.


No they fight for Ukraine for independence for they land.

The Ogs

No! They had their independence and their land already, but chose to break international law instead. Kyiv has been assaulting its own civilians in the east (mostly women, children and old people) with mortars and artillery for years now, in defiance of the Minsk agreement and all human dignity… And people forget that north-eastern Ukraine is quite close to Moscow and Russia could never allow a hostile state there.

USA incompetence helps Russia

Shut up fake muslim


But the facts say different, they even turn on their own, use them as human shields or shoot them they are scum and deserve to be removed from this earth, they are no different today than they were during WW11 when they slaughtered thousands upon thousands of those they didn’t like.


*puke* shut up and stop spreading lies!!!!! They had their independence and gave it away when giving in to US temptations, promises and bribes

What the US always does best, CIA projects turning brothers against brothers and instigating infighting


There is something strange about him, oh I get it, his neck is too short! No worries will be longer after summer!


Your attitude is NAZI. And you don’t even know it Talk about brainwashed.


where is the useless guy who commented that azov members has been evacuated successfully and there is no video of them being captured by russians? where is the guys who called those rats heroes? where is the guys who keeps claiming that fukrain has a 1% chance to win the war? that show the level of hypocrites of many western allies, the comment’s boys are more hypocrite.


by the way they were calling the pope for an emergencies evacuation. i guess the pope was busy harassing and raping some children in his satanic catholic church.


Satanist pseudo-pagans called Pope for help. Can you imagine something more absurdist? But they did it, they asked Xi Jinping for help! Nazist racist anti-communist trash asks “subhuman” asian leader of the Communist party of China for help! But it didn’t help and they begged for christian mercy.


It is wrong to call all Catholics satanists. There are many Catholics who are. But they are only Catholics so that they can tear the church down from within.

Banish morons from governance

One can add also the fact that the head of the catholic church is constantly under zio-press and zio-orgs attacks. the propaganda is often thick against the catholic church from zio medias.


A lot of dark forces against the Pope, within and outside of the church. He may have been threatned or blackmailed. His nieces were murdered.

M from Romania

where are those 2 commanders of Azov that nobody is presenting? those “evacuated in armored cars so that people dont lynch them” … huh? This guy is the commander of the MARINES, but the fking Azov commanders are not found


being tuned up in a sound proof room I hope.


the fact that “nobody is presenting” leads to the conclusion that “evacuated in armored cars so that people don’t lynch them” is probably more true. else they will appear and say “look Russians, here we are” and that will be a hard loss for Russians.


All in Rostov now: Kalina, Volyna and Redis.

Florian Geyer

It’s very prudent to separate the AZOV commanders in a separate jail, as it will prevent the intimidation of the AZOV and Ukie Marines also in DPR POW facilities

Lazy Gamer

Ah phuck. Why did he admit using the Z insignia? That can be a war crime


He is dead already, just waiting for the official paperwork to come through.

Florian Geyer

The yanks executed German paratroopers dressed in US Uniforms during the Battle of the Bulge in 1944.


“Article 39. – Emblems of nationality …

2. It is prohibited to make use of the flags or military emblems, insignia or uniforms of adverse Parties while engaging in attacks or to shield, favour, protect or impede military operations.”

Banish morons from governance

Don’t be so harsh, Z has been eliminated from the alphabet in Europe, anyways. Zelensky is now called Elensky by many, making him look like an amputated nobody. Russia was successfull with the biggest trolling ever. (We are coming for you, Z…). proving to the whole world that Russia, has a healthy sense of humor.

azov bunch of emo rejects

So basically he just admitted to resorting to impersonation, which will turn against ukraine in their claims of russian war crimes.


He speaks russian. How come?


What language should he be speaking, Chinese?


Because ukrainian population is ethnic russians, but brainwashed to the state of janissary. They all know russian language as any other russian man, having a slight regional accent similar to people in Rostov (where they are now) or Krasnodar, i.e. south russian accent like germans of north and south or austrian germans have, but they are all ethnic germans, so we are all russians, including people in Belorussia.

Thought Criminal

Almost all Ukrainians speak Russian, in fact Zelensky himself only learnt to speak Ukrainian as an adult.


Straight to the gulag!


GULag is General administration of camps, it’s building in capital with no prisoners inside.

Florian Geyer

Perhaps keeping the AZOV commanders in the Black Swan during their trials may help to recall their memories of murder and mayhem, Антон ?


“Black swan” (BS) and other colonies (prison castle) used to put criminals after the sentence. While trial is going on, criminals are locked in investigative isolator (pre-trial detention center). BS and “White dolphin” are colonies of strict regime for criminals who committed heavy crimes and got the life sentence. So it’s very possible for them to end their lives in BS or WD as many terrorists did it before after trial in Rostov, where is special court for criminal cases connected with terrorism. But they could fave a trial in Donetsk and get their death sentence.


In West we say Gulag to indicate prison-work camps.


War crimes ???? Russia invades Ukraine, now for Russians defending their country is a war crime. it is the apotheosis of bullshit. if Ukrainian soldiers have committed massacres, killed people for no reason or even killed Russian soldiers who were prisoners then yes there must be a trial but this trial must be done in Ukraine by Ukrainians. Not in puppet republics which are just newly annexed Russian territories. the Russians have absolutely no right of judgment, they are the AGGRESSORS, their court is therefore worthless. it’s incredible soldiers will be judged because they defended their nation against invaders. I hope that there will be exchanges of prisoners if not whether it is on the Russian or Ukrainian side a lot of soldiers will take life imprisonment. it will be very complicated.


Contrary to what uninformed people seem to believe, the conflict didn’t start when Russia crossed the border earlier this year. It started with the western supported coup against the democratically elected president in 2014. Supporters of the opposition staged protests after negotiations for an Association Treaty with the EU broke down over minor details. Instead of waiting for the early elections, as agreed upon by the parties involved and the regional players, the extreme right factions, (supported by US+UK), pushed through the coup by storming government buildings and the residence of the president. The president had to flee for his life. The powerbase of the disposed president was in the east of Ukraine. Here the new coup regime was rejected. This resulted eventually in civil war with 12,000 losing their lives, of which 80% were from those eastern regions. Members of the western armed and trained ultra nationalist and nazi factions were responsible for those deaths and will be prosecuted for their crimes.


Good comment !

You are totally right ! but once again it is not up to Russia to be judge on this affair, it concerns only the Ukrainians. Russia has absolutely no rights in Ukraine. in terms of the Nazis, the Russians are no exception especially in republics where his puppet neo Nazi crawling too.


Then Turkey doesn’t care about Syria either. I am sure if the same situation happened to Turkish-speaking citizens in Syria as in the Donbas, you would be one of the first to support the operation


“Then Turkey doesn’t care about Syria either.”

Not either, Turkey simply has no rights to Syria. There were no turkish citizens before. Turkomans are not turks (anatolian turkic population), they are not majority, there are a lot arabs and kurds. Let compare with Donbas: locals are ethnic russians, many of them are RF citizens, this land was de-jure Russia for centuries, Donetsk, Har’kov, Mariupol’ were built by russian people, there were no cities before, except few greek colonies in Crimea and on eastern shore of Black Sea (Bosporan kingdom). So nobody have more rights to this land now. Greeks and crimean tatars still lives here and support policy of RF except few tens of tatar terrorists who blocked water canal in 2014th, but the rest are law abiding people and got more civil rights (for land, for own language as regional) than had in Cocaine.


Well, Turks have absolutely no place in Syria, Cypress or Iraq but they are still there. Not for long, some would say.


So if The irish were being invaded by france and they asked the Welsh to come to help them, the Welsh would have no right to? You should know that you do not know what is right from wrong or what is legal and what is illegal. Russia’s military operation in Ukraine is LEGAL on many and on ALL fronts.

Rick Jefferson

The people in eastern Ukraine voted to be independent from the CIA-NAZI government in Kiev. And, they asked for Russian help to defend themselves from the nazi lunatics who shelling and killing them.


All your Ukraine are belong to Rus


The Republics of the LPR and DPR are eight years old, the crimes were committed here and this is where they are on trial. The Azov nazis are being held in Russia, for their safety and everyones safety.


during ww2 wearing enemy clothing would mean direct dead penalty and leading to be shot on the spot. So I wonder why this guy admitted using Z.


Pitty to kill such a man. With so many spineless cowards and scum that exist in the world.


He is on trial, he is being investigated, he is not just being executed.


He wore it to ESCAPE and not to shoot people or have a military operation with false insignia.

Theedrich Yeat

“We were completely surrounded and that was the problem.” Yes, and that will increasingly be the problem for marionette Zelenskyy. He and his shills know it and must already be preparing their escape helicopters, filling them with cash pouring in from the U.S. Does he plan a comfortable retirement in Beverly Hills, California? With a stable of Ukrainian-speaking courtesans? I’m sure he can become an advisor to the mentally challenged Joe Biden on how to portray the “victims” of Russian nastiness while siphoning off vast amounts of money from American printing presses.




Lackeys way down the food chain

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