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In Video: Expansion Of China’s High-Speed Rail Network 2003-2020

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The expansion of the high-speed rail network is a visual demonstration of the economic growth and super-projects that have been steadily making China the world’s leading power.


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Just Me

China developed a modern world class infrastructure and became the #1 economy while the US bankrupted itself by fighting endless Zionist wars for nothing. Now US is imploding at every level while China is branching out around the world with trade, economic development and soft power.

Lazy Gamer

Rural China in the west seems to have been neglected. Seems China is more oriented towards the Pacific. SCS becomes their primary outlet to the world

Just Me

China has lifted 1 billion people out of poverty in 40 years while US has pushed 150 million into abject poverty and food lines while wasting trillions on Jew fanned wars. So who is smarter?

Just Me

Iran is a large country with very little population compared to India, so finding space for a high speed corridor should be easy.

Freemon Sandlewould

But it needs population density to make it pay.

Potato Man

It is also “cheap” and fast to ship goods to other parts of country with trains, ofc China also looking to use train to ship goods to Central Asia – ME – EU, maybe Africa later. Few years from now we might see faster train being use to ship goods from China.

johnny rotten

The basic idea is that of development, an idea that is 100% American, but which the Amerika could not export because liberalism has always prevented it, Lincoln had thought of uniting the east coast of the USA with the Mediterranean sea passing through russia and ending up in syria, of course they killed him, after a few years McKinley tried to reopen the speech and they killed him too, even Roosvelt wanted to do it, together with Stalin, first they tried to shoot him but only killed the neighbor, mayor of Chicago if I remember correctly, then they tried the coup but it was thwarted by Butler [war is a racket], finally it fell to JFK to design a development model based on peaceful nuclear power for all nations of the earth, among other things he thought of make peace with the USSR, its end is known to everyone, perhaps this is why they hate China so much, precisely for a project that they have suppressed so many times in their home and now they do not know how to stop.

Rhodium 10

There was a project of a railway line from Russia-Azerbajan-Iran- Iraq-Damascus-Beirut….thats why USA& ISIS ( under cover of “moderates” clothes) are deployed in Al Tanf…


The greatest threat to capitalism is debt,yet the greatest threat to democracy is freedom,go figure.

Arch Bungle

The software platform managing ticket bookings and the control systems coordinating train scheduling must be an insane level of advanced.

Wish I could get my hands on those details …

cechas vodobenikov

impressive. It would be good to know their reasons for prioritizing each region vs others

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