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JUNE 2023

In Video: Evacuation Of Russian Mi-35 Helicopter That Crash-Landed In Northern Syria

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A Russian Mi-35 military helicopter crash-landed in northeastern Syria on February 28.

First, Kurdish media claimed that the helicopter crashed northwest of Tel Tamra between the villages of Rakhaniya and Kasimiya, two kilometers from the Russian military base. These reports claimed that one of the crew members died.

Later, the Russian Defense Ministry released a statement shading light on the situation. According to the statement, the Mi-35 helicopter made a forced landing in the area. None of the crew members died or received injures. The crew was already evacuated.

According to the initial assessment of the situation, the helicopter was not subjected to enemy fire. Therefore, the technical malfunction is the main version.

In Video: Evacuation Of Russian Mi-35 Helicopter That Crash-Landed In Northern Syria

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Lone Ranger

Looks like it wasnt hit. Im glad nobody was injured. She will be repaired and back in action in no time.

cechas vodobenikov

the pilot became distracted when observed jens, tratz and bacon naked together in the desert—lost control disgusted by their perversions


Jihadi Jens spreads his legs for all jewhadi terrorists.


Looks like a real hard landing.

I wonder what was caused by the landing and what was caused by the salvage. My guess is that the ones that picked up the helicopter isn’t trained for helicopter recovery and made more damage to it than was there before but at the same time i think that most of the damages was caused by the landing.

Dick Von Dast'Ard

My guess is it hit a power cable.

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