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In Video: DPR People’s Militia On Ukrainian Offensive In Snegirevka, Kherson Region

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The People’s Militia of the Donetsk People’s Republic published the official report on the situation in the area of Snegirevka on the Kherson front lines.

Yuriy Bukharev, a military correspondent of the DPR People’s Militia: “As you know, the other day the Ukrainian media began actively spreading information about a large-scale offensive on Kherson. In fact, the situation at the front does not look as rosy as they would like. On the overwhelming majority of the front sections, the enemy failed to advance by 1 km or 2, while he suffered very heavy losses in manpower and equipment.

Now we are in the positions of our units in the settlement of Snegirevka. The situation here is difficult. The enemy, angered by the unsuccessful offensive in this area, is actively firing at the city. Civilians are suffering, infrastructure facilities are suffering. At the moment, it is not possible to estimate the preliminary losses of the AFU during this unsuccessful offensive on this sector of the front, but the objective control footage tells us about the heavy losses in manpower and armored vehicles of the enemy.”


Serviceman of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation call sign “Quiet”: “A very advantageous boundary was for them, 1.5 km from our front line. We heard the sound of the equipment, raised the “bird” and saw that the equipment was coming, advancing. The ir artillery covered them very well, but our artillery also worked well. They lasted 1.5-2 hours and that’s it! We gave them time so they could take their wounded. We saw them evacuated, nobody opened fire on them.”

Correspondent: “Did they take them?”

Serviceman: “Part was taken away. The 200s remain there until now. If they want to take them away, we’ll let them do it.”

Correspondent: “And approximately how many 200s are there left?”

Serviceman: “Approximately? Maybe around 40. Because our artillery and our tanks worked in such a way that they had no chance. D-30s worked, AGS, they were covered there “in full”.

Correspondent: “What do you have in your hands?”

Serviceman: “(Ukrainian) Z-10, sniper rifle. We didn’t study it much, disassembled it, cleaned it. 7.62*51 Win 308 caliber, 20-round magazine, Harris bipod, most likely Japanese sight. Most likely there were mercenaries among them. There were also machine guns, we took everything, but there is nothing left to take from these machine guns and submachine guns.”

Correspondent: “And what lies in front of us?”

Serviceman: “NLAW. One remained until it was handed over, we will study it. In total, we took five NLAWs. When the AFU came in to the boundary, they prepared all the NLAWs, put them in a pile, we saw them and immediately hit them and they are already unusable.


Yuri Bukharev, military correspondent of the DPR People’s Militia: “Having failed to achieve success in the offensive on Kherson, so widely advertised by the Ukrainian media, Ukrainian militants have again returned to their favorite tactics of artillery strikes on civilian infrastructure.

Behind my back is the destroyed building of the administration of the village of Snegirevka. It was hit by MLRS “Grad”, HIMARS and artillery pieces.

The village is under constant shelling. While we are here, enemy mortars are working here, but they have no progress. Our fighters stopped them and do not allow them to pass on.


Yuri Barbashov, head of the military-civil administration of Snegirevka district of the Mykolaiv region: “There was an offensive in the Snegirevka area yesterday, it was repelled, as well as in the Alexandrovka direction. This offensive differs from previous attempts, firstly, by involving a large number of armored vehicles, i.e. previously one tank was launched with the support of three BMPs. Many dozens of tanks were involved this time. In addition, there are more forces involved. Previously, such strikes were inflicted by a battalion, with a crossing of the Ingulets river, then the battalion was destroyed. Now we see that the enemy has introduced slightly larger forces. But again, this is not the very announced offensive on Kherson. In fact, Ukraine has not been able to take offensive actions so far. In some areas, on local ones, on the scale of one locality – this is not an offensive.

This is not something that will satisfy their Western partners and it is not something that will change the strategic situation. Therefore, they announce an offensive on Kherson, and then explain that in fact they wanted to deceive the enemy.

Here in the center of the building where my office was located, two shots from HIMARS broke through all the ceilings, the building was destroyed, people suffered from the blast wave, from shrapnel. Three people were injured, thank God the injuries are not serious. It was a terrorist strike aimed at intimidating current and potential employees of the administration.

Apart from the administration building, schools are being shelled now, two schools were destroyed in Berislav before the start of the school year, a demonstrative strike was inflicted on our school. They didn’t hit the building directly, but they showed the availability of their artillery, i.e. 1200 people and 50 tanks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine were lost only in order to intimidate the population of the Kherson region at least on the right bank. In order for them to be afraid to work in the administration, afraid to let their children go to school, afraid to cooperate with our authorities, i.e. this is terror, in its pure, undisguised form.”


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Billy bean

Abandoned Russian positions in Kharkiv Oblast.


John Tosh

You think anyone cares?? We’re you expecting Russia to fill up every crap hole it conquers?? Lol

You must be an adviser to the CIA who planned Afghanistan. No wonder we had to run out of Afghanistan almost like we ran out of Somalia!

Billy bean

This war will be over when the Russian troops are pinned against the river in Kharkiv and surrender.

John Tosh

This war will be over when Zelenskyy stops using cocaine and starts substituting Alcohol!

hunter bidé lab pork !

maybe if he substitutes is nazi dildo with tnt !!! f him slowly burned or hanged !!!!

hunter bidé lab pork !

and then shown him on vogue taking in the anus ( and all europe of course with the blessing of nazi ss Klauz the psico pedo !!!


alcohol also make violence. Mr.Z need to use Cannabis Indica and after a good trip he will sign a pace treaty because he will want another sound pattern.

Joe Bidet Is A Senile Pedo

More likely that you will leave your mum’s basement and get a job you troll faggot!

Jolly Green Giant

Someday, you’ll wake up in the real world but by then it’ll be too late. Oh well. C’est la vie


All fake


Onward to Nikolaev


Nice work of the defense, congrats! The werstern Nazi-backers will become impacient with the Kiew Regime soon, all the “Wonderweapons” and “Game Changers” wasted for nothing. Embarassing for NATO to the bone.

John Tosh

NATO learned from Napoleon. Who made all his losses in battle success! All you have to do is do away with something called the truth or facts. NATO does not care about the truth!

Billy bean

NATO hasn’t even showed up to the fight yet. Yeah, they cleared out old stock for the Ukrainians but you haven’t even seen the B-21 raiders yet.

John Tosh

Yes. I am sure another super weapon like the Zumwalt. As soon as NATO can tow that ship into battle. NATO will show the Russians!!!

Read about how NATO is perceived by little 3rd world countries. The world sees NATO as a decrepit old world relic ran by geriatric leaders and childish children like Macron and Van der soot. Not good for anything other than attacking weak countries.

My suggestion to NATO is to keep their bolster down for now. Because a lot on countries will take on a challenge. Even North Korea wanted to dip its hands into NATO blood!!!!!

Be careful. No one is scared of NATO anymore !


Wrong. I am scared of NATO. But I live in the UK, so anything NATO does is likely to rebound on me. When America runs away from the battle (again: Syria, Libya, Afghanistan, Somalia, it’s becoming a trend) then the UK will be left to pick up the pieces. Yes, our government deserves what it gets, but I guarantee Truss, Blair and Johnson will be somewhere safe, with plenty of security and money, when it all goes south, us poor sods living here will be the ones that suffer.


If you are british, get your country out of NATO, sue Truss, Blair, Johnson and co. Bring this scum to Den Haag. May they end like Saddam.


Children in the UK are now being taught perversion and hard porn, as part of the school curriculum. We want Russia to liberate us too.


How is possible that a political correct antiracist destroyer powered by green energy is no more operating than electric cars? How is unfair of the sea to be rough to it!

Joe Bidet Is A Senile Pedo

Those spend more time in the maintenance hangar than they do in the air!


feminized impotent NATO–double sodomized by Taliban😂😂😂

Jesus Ramirez

Maybe the UK can bring their aircraft carrier if they can ever fix it 🤣

Last edited 3 months ago by Jesus Ramirez
Florian Geyer

In order to show their Carbon Neutral policy the stricken British Royal Navy carrier will now be towed into action by the restored HMS Victory with sail power.

Slava Rossiya

Assad Defeated Zionists

The Ukrainians are now trying to save face. Main Stream Media sites are now changing the narrative, The lnstitude for the study of war reported that the counter offensive has limited objectives, it will take weeks and it’s only a preparation for a future attack on the city of Kherson. Yeah right.

Last edited 3 months ago by Assad Defeated Zionists

No doubt, as long as the Ukrops have soldiers willing to die, they will try and try and try, no matter their losses. This is sad. Instead of realizing that NATO and their own Nazis are their true enemy, they keep wasting lives. in the long run, Ukraine will suffer badly from the lack their men and women senselessly sacrificed for nothing.


Are we any better? We keep electing the same ol bastards from the same old clans, wishing and hopping for change…it never comes.

Our own people keep using the same old shield “I am only doing my job”. That doesn’t excuse them or what they have or are doing.

What I am trying to say, if it was our country, the majority would do the exact same…die for someone else’s decrepit lies while we tell our self’s we are the hero’s, protecting our way of life. We would simply be protecting the people who treat us like shit. We are surrounded by sheeple who just care about their next pay check. Who would throw anyone under the bus, after that, claiming “I am only doing my job” or “I only work here”.

Same shit bro, different situation.

People claim the alternative is anarchy….it isn’t, it’s CHANGE.


Last edited 3 months ago by Chrisz
Florian Geyer

In a matter of about 8 weeks the Ukies could ski into battle.



my ukie little brothers—we spank you, you cry, we will spank harder until you learn manners

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