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In Video: Dozens Of Trucks Loaded With U.S. Military Equipment Leave Syria

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At least 55 trucks of the U.S.-led coalition withdrew from northeast Syria on November 2 to the Iraqi Kurdistan Region through the al-Walid border crossing, according to the Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA).

The state-run agency released a video showing some of the trucks on their way to the border crossing. The trucks were loaded with armored vehicles and equipment of the U.S. military.

Two days earlier, more than 80 empty trucks working for U.S. forces entered Syria from Iraq and headed towards Sarrin airstrip in eastern Aleppo. The trucks were apparently brought to participate in the base evacaution.

Despite the withdrawal from most of their bases in Aleppo and Raqqa, U.S. forces are reportedly working to establish new bases and military posts in the provinces of al-Hasakah and Deir Ezzor.

The deployment of U.S. forces in oil rich areas in northeast Syria is a part of Washington’s ‘oil securing’ policy in the war-torn country. The US aims to control major oil fields in order to block the Damascus government from reaching them.

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“The deployment of U.S. forces in oil rich areas in northeast Syria demonstrates Washington’s new policy”.

Trump has to be the best president that the US has had for many generations ! He says things in an unambiguous way that better describes the reality of the role of the US Military Enforcers. Their role has not changed for at least 100 years, as General Smedley Butler wrote in his book during the first half of the 20th Century.

Trump has managed to connect with the tens of millions of US voters from both sides of the political divide who do not know what the word ‘unambiguous’ means.

The USA has gained vast wealth from looting and defacto looting oil and other resources from friend and foe alike , and Trump has broadcast this in his simple language to the world.

‘ Male Parta Male Dilabuntur ‘. Publius Vergilius Maro (70 BC – 19 BC

Pave Way IV

Hey – I’m USAian. How come I never see any of that loot? Agree about Trump. No American wants to look in a mirror and see him blurting out that we should have taken Iraq’s oil or that we’re going to ‘protect’ Syrian oil. He’s not suppose to say that – it makes us squirm when someone says something that preposterous out loud and it’s true.


I am aware that you are from the USA, although I have no idea of your wealth or social standing. You seem a decent person ,none the less.

It’s true to say that in any empire, the majority to not gain from the conflicts they are sent to die in.

There are jobs for those making weapons to kill others in far off lands and jobs at home as prison guards for those who have struggled to earn a living, whilst those at the top of the mountain commit crimes that the less fortunate can spend their lives in jail for.


Bernie Madoff went to jail for his own crimes. It’s just not true that people go to jail for the crimes of the elite. You can sit in any courtroom and see that people are prosecuted for their own crimes.

The worst problem is non-prosecution of swine like AntiFa, black and Hispanic criminals, and sanctuary city scum. Failure to enforce immigration law is a huge problem. You can see the problem. Why settle on a mawkish, Dickensian notion that the poor suffer unjustly for the rich?


The elite in all nations are only prosecuted if their crimes are so egregious that the corporate state media HAS to notice and report on them.

Madoff’s greatest crime in the eyes of the prosecution was to defraud fellow Jews. :)


That’s true. Pardon my harsh language. You’re always a source of good commentary. I misunderstood you to be saying that the poor are prosecuted FOR the actual crimes of the rich. In my opinion, mere mortals get the treatment they deserve since I’ve seen very few defendants in court who weren’t guilty of the charge(s). That level of criminal proceeding works as designed. But, as you point out, the elite generally skate, particularly as their crimes then to be financial crimes, which are extraordinarily difficult and time-consuming to prosecute. Advantage elite scumbag.

Amen as to Bernie and who the victim class turned out to be. Spare no effort!!!


It is now a FACT that General Flynn was prosecuted with the ‘doctored and falsified ‘ statements of General Flynn. There is absolute proof that the FBI altered or deleted words on the ‘ Government ‘302s’ transcripts in order to incriminate Flynn.

Faced with this false ‘irrefutable evidence’ , Flynn took the understandable pragmatic decision to plead guilty , rather than spend decades in jail.

Circa 90% of people in the US admit to the court charges, many who are falsely accused, in order to do less jail time. Five years or fifty years for example’. Of he circa 10% who elect for a jury trial, 96% are convicted. When the cops etc all tell lies, what chance does a citizen have when caught up in the superfine net of US Justice that only allows the Elite slime to slip through?

Flynn is now appealing the judgement and I sincerely hope that he is awarded massive compensation.


The odds of a not guilty verdict in federal court are as you relate, perhaps even worse. Too, the sentences prescribed in federal law are much harsher than in state court. However, this does not necessarily mean that people who are caught up in federal prosecutions are any more innocent than state court defendants. It just means that once you are in federal court you are taking a big risk to go to trial.

Flynn has been treated egregiously and it appears the street agents of the FBI did their jobs only to have people at the very pinnacle of the Bureau alter their reports. Clearly this is a politically highly-charged case. In fact, I’m coming to see the FBI as far more corrupt than I ever thought possible.

At the state level, there is far more regularity and decency. I can personally attest to Missouri criminal justice where there is much leniency shown to people who are new to the criminal justice system. If a defendant is a repeat offender his or her options become worse and worse but there is not rush to incarcerate people. Keep it up and the hammer falls on you but all in a measured and proportionate fashion. That is not the case with the feds. Right off the bat you’re looking at some serious time.

And, no, most police officers do not lie.

Elites can get different results because they can hire the best legal talent and ensure that every point is contested. But exceptional circumstances do not reflect system-wide problems.

Consideration of specific cases is more instructive than general statements that all cops lie or that defendants have it rougher in federal court.


A major issue for Jurisprudence in all nations from the very beginnings of groups thousands of years ago that are subject to ‘laws’ of any description, are the creation of laws and statutes that favour the few to the detriment of the many.

It is generally accepted today that gratuitous physical assaults, arson, paedophilia , theft etc are ‘ illegal’. However in all nations these principals of ‘civilised’ society can and have been abused by self serving figures in power. The rich and powerful on the Epstein list being one example.

I agree that, in the US, the majority of those accused have broken a law of some kind. In recent decades however the law makers have passed laws that are intended to control those whom the people in power do not like.

So called ‘Hate Crimes ,Public Disorder and Conspiracy Crimes’ are a ‘Catch All’ that are only applied selectively, and selected prisoners are more often than not the poorest in society who are then incarcerated in private jails paid for by those in work that benefits the Jail owners.

Law has always been a political merry go round, yet for laws to be respected they ned to be equitable , logical and honest.

Being jailed for calling someone a ‘ Crippled, fat,queer ‘purple’ skinned scrounger ‘ is very rude, but as the old adage goes :- ‘Sticks and Stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me ‘ is pertinent in my opinion.

The current furore in the US and UK is an example of Political Correctness gone mad. It is also destroying the very fabric of both nations,in my opinion..


An interesting book review I read today said there were in England before the drafting of the Constitution the Whigs who believed that parliament was the source of all political legitimacy and the True Whigs who believed it was founded in ancient rights and privileges. I may not have that just right but that’s the general idea. Today I wonder if we have not seen the absolute triumph of the Whig view and a total abandonment of any notion of ancient rights and privileges (or customs and traditions?). Law now, not just in the lunatic, actually malicious, hate crime laws, has become an encrustation of abstract provisions and now with an added layer of malice. The original Constitution was indeed sui generis but the Bill of Rights was a healthy recitation of our ancient rights and privileges. The BoR has served us well and probably extended the life of those provisions though their ultimate survival is not certain. My own intellectual evolution has been of ardent support for what I thought was mostly a healthy role of America in the world. Today I am appalled by the dishonesty and stupidity of this nation in ALL spheres of life. The rest of the West has also gone utterly mad. I think Trump’s resiliency in the support department reflects the thought of millions that he is our champion who in some small, though limited way alas (in my view), has our back. The scum who run Congress and staff the bureaucracies do not for reasons I do not need to set forth.

The phenomenon of mass immigration, however, is not a product of lunatic thinking, however, but of sheer malice and destructive intent. NOTHING about mass immigration has any foundation in supposedly rational policies. “Diversity” is not a good thing. It’s a guarantee of civil war, strictly segregated communities, and in the case of Muslims, subversion. But that’s another story.

I think Western people are, far, far too slowly, coming to realize that their elites are their mortal enemies. Chinese loss of the mandate of Heaven territory where the populace just decides for a hundred thousand reasons that the emperor is just not doing his Confucian duty. Our leaders not only embrace misrule but intend to humiliate normal people by forcing them to grovel at each new outrageous assault such as “pronouns,” homo worship, crushing “discrimination” civil suits, and hormones for little boys.

The economy has been hollowed out for the same reason. No sane people would run up such ruinous debt for rational reasons. But the fine minds of the elite justify it to the hilt and propose even greater absurdities such as MMT.

A PS on private jails. They are no more sinister than private cafeteria services, private motor pool operations, private road construction companies, or private defense corporations. There aren’t more prisoners than there would be with government-operated prisons. Judges, prosecutors, and juries don’t corruptly do their jobs in order to convict people who would not otherwise be convicted were there no private prison option. Nor are prisoners in private prisons subjected to exploitation of their labor in any way different from government-operated prisons.


I am informed that some states with private prisons have a financial penalty if the prisons are not filled to the agreed contractual level.

Apart from that, I agree with all you wrote.


I must find a contract used for one of those prisons. On its face, that possible provision suggests the contractor can somehow have control over sentencing and assignment of criminal defendants which is surely wrong.

It makes a bit more sense if I figure the penalty is for OVERCROWDING and exceeding the contractual level. Again, that doesn’t seem like something the contractor can control. Maybe it’s supposed to alert county or state authorities if too many prisoners are assigned.


I read a US local news report about the US county concerned about a couple of years ago. It was in the Southern US. There wasa discussion about people being unnecessarily being held on remand for many months in order to fill the local jail. As for overcrowding, that’s a money spinner for private jails.


“Report Finds Two-Thirds of Private Prison Contracts Include “Lockup Quotas” “

Tom Tom

I think his point is that the U.S. takes oil all the time. In Iraq, Libya, etc., they’re doing it in eastern Ukraine right now.

Jens Holm

The Ukrainian oil and gas are owned by the Ukrainian state. Its correct they ooutsource it, which is very normal in almost the whole world.


You seemes not tp know several companies are on the world market and You can be a stockholder and therefore own parts of it getting its profit as well.

Jens Holm

Its a matter of words. Its a kind of looters looting other looters. The real name is trade and in this fair trade having fair prices – or the countries actuelly are able to decide themselves.

One of the main problems for several states and ans also others aroun the world is, they only are able to have one good product making a one string economy, which easy can be controlled by others.

So the great mistake for Syria is, they actually could produce own products like plastic of any cheep kind for own use and export to poor neigbors. But they dont. Obvios all extra money are eaten up ny the Goverment protecters.

Its the same for their ancient agriculture. Methods for producing much more even with less people, water and fertilizer and cooled down transportation seemes easy to establish, but they dont. Only SDF-PYD has any future plans for that.

Many in ME import food and a lot are poor, so they could export a lot even tomatoes and carrots might not be round in the same seize and color and the carrots might be big and small among each other.

But they dont.

And they have a big unimplyment rate and by that so many cheep hands as a good start.


What you say is true…and this is partly why the CIA and other intelligence agencies hate Trump so much. As well as Trumps desire to control the US border where the CIA are heavily involved with Mexican cartels. Trump is also the first to talk about the military Industrial complex (recently )and the deep state which has morphed into a public discussion. I think in the end Trump would rather not be there but the military does what it wants for the most part. If there was anyone in the military today like General Smedley Butler…I think Trump would hire him but for certain he would never make it through senate confirmation. That is basically the problem when you have massive corruption everywhere. Trump will get impeached if tries to change US foreign policy too much…and it goes against what the military Industrial complex wants.

Jens Holm

If dentist´s filled in the mouths as You do, we all would be dead.

Trump didnt invent “militatry industrial complex” . Its an old term, which also sometimes are used for fx the Russians Kombinats, the old Japenese Zaibatzus as well as the military in Egypt owning ´40% of the egyptian production down to making crakers for breakfast

Jens Holm

Thats a relative. Paying for things are not looting and I dont see USA are the main users as well as main owners.

The Syrian oil is owned by the the goverment with 50% and others are shell, BP, India and china.

Most money by oil and fuel also are not where it is taken up as raw cruse oil. First when it becomes a lot of products as wellas being taxed ar away the start, theymany 1000% are made.

I only can agree in the control of the fields and the coutries having them.

The same goes for so many other imprtant products.

George King

Semper Idem


I don’t know about the looting resources part. Canada and Mexico are happy with the price for the oil they sell us. The looting is of the US in the form of the third-world parasite invasion and China with its theft of IP and manipulated currency.

We do loot the rest of the world by sharing our inflation through the dollar though.


Canada and Mexico are de facto US vassal states. The looting of these countries is defined by what they are obliged to agree to in all sovereign aspects under pressure from the US. Foreign policy, trade policy,sanctions policy, military policy etc.


True though Canada’s and Mexico’s domestic situations are so appalling it’s hard for me to think this is anything other than genuine home-grown stupidity. Still, taking the oil industry in both countries, I don’t see how either is obliged to accept US purchase price bids. At one point I think Canada was thinking about selling output from their oil sands to China. Yes, they could have been pressured but I’m not aware of US methods of pressuring Canada having been used in the past. Mexico did seem to get religion on interfering with migrant flow north a little while back and there I think there was distinct US pressure to get busy. Absent that, it seems more like US passivity and indifference is the name of the game.


The ‘weaponising. by the US of the current world reserve currency US Dollar will be seen in future history, that is even now being written about , to be the root cause of the demise the US Empire of Terror that is now so obvious for all to see, apart from the blinkered Libtards cultists who cannot and will not understand until they are all subsumed in death by their own false propaganda.

The entirety of the US economy is effectively the greatest Ponzi Scheme in the history of civilisation.


The lunatic nature of what is laughingly known as the US economy is not accidental. Those responsible are dedicated to getting theirs and beggar the consequences.


Only the US citizens really have the moral power and authority to rid your country of economic and political parasites, I think Ace.

Tommy Jensen

We outsmarted and outmanoeuvred everybody again. We won………………………LOL.




Yes you outsmarted yourself into losing the northern borders area & control of key facilities like the hydroelectric dams lol

Wolfgang Wolf

russian controlled no-fly zone, and then kick the assholes out.

Toronto Tonto

Good luck gangbang .

Tom Tom

go lick Uncle Sam’s boot.

Jens Holm

Write it to them or do it Yourself.

World Wisdom


Jens Holm

Yerrhh and if they use something from Your mouth or behind, nothing will grow there again for decades.

Lee Vanderheiden

A US B-52 Bomber is being escorted by Greek planes to Syria right now. And what has the USA got in mind here? There oughta be a law! Oh, wait, there is, it’s called International Law. I wonder if the USA has heard of it?

Fred Dozer

The US military’s use of depleted uranium (DU) in Iraq in 2003 has led to a sharp increase in Leukemia and birth defects among the local population. … Despite vowing not to use DU munitions, the US Army used such radioactive munitions in Syria in 2015.Jun 18, 2019 Yes but This answers a question.

Fred Dozer

The US military’s use of depleted uranium (DU) in Iraq in 2003 has led to a sharp increase in Leukemia and birth defects among the local population. … Despite vowing not to use DU munitions, the US Army used such radioactive munitions in Syria in 2015.Jun 18, 2019

Icarus Tanović

Great news, for start.


The redeployments are cold evidence that the US is barely hanging on in in Syria; by it’s fingernails. Don’t let them kid you. They lost the Al-Tabqa dam and airbase. They lost Kobani. They lost the northern border of Syria and control of the northeastern border crossing with Iraq. Strategically, tactically, they really got their asses kicked, to put it bluntly. Nothing they do can alter that reality.

As the SAA reconquers the rest of Latakia and Idlib, it will continue to strengthen itself in the new deployed areas of NE Syria. When more and more SAA and Co. forces and equipment roll into the northeast of the country, with ever improving quantity and quality equipment, the US will be in an absolutely untenable tactical situation. And this, does not even take into account what could happen to their situation in Iraq.

The DoD is on very thin ice here. The truck and equipment shuffle means nothing. They are trying to create golden eggs by spraying whipped cream on you know what. My take all.

Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

What about the oil they are stealing? They cant be allowed to do this!!!


My take is that an SDF entity operates the oilfields, creating a source of income for them. First step for the SAA should be to control the borders of NE Syria, this would stop illegal smuggling. Also Syria and SDF can cut a deal to sell all oil to Damascus at a discount. And go forward from there.

Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

but US has forces there to stop anyone from taking it, this thievery cannot be allowed to continue

Jens Holm

Yes, and You are told many times before. No fuel for Assads from the outside as well as the in the non Assad parts of Syria.

Do we have to print it in big letters and put it up in Your behinds???

No one else can take it. Its gurded from criinals as well as ISIS sabotages as well.


See Caitlin Johnstone’s article here yesterday to see what everyone has been “told” about why the US is in Syria. Does it have to be shoved up the same place you suggested before you understand that what the US government says changes like the mind of a child?

Jens Holm

Hard for You, but I think Assads has much bigger problems thenm some few trucks sending some crude oil or fuel to support Turks there:)

Jens Holm

There we go again – “allowed” Aloha and som pine apples for Hawai too.

Jens Holm

Another funny strange version using orgastic fingernails Yourself.


I have no clue as to what you are saying but, then again it is vintage Jens. Nice to see you back in action you insane bastard. Keep up the crazy! It is never the same without your nut ball version of reality. :P


The SAA liberated several hilltops south of Kabani: https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=108&v=_Nz1LM8vCkI

Toronto Tonto

They should have orange caps on .


You’re boring noone cares about your comments. Everyone knows you’re just a troll.

Toronto Tonto

Lets see if the terrorist diktaters , assad and putin can finish cleaning up isis or ????


To clean ISIS means to clean first it’s supporters US and the coalition plus Israel. It takes time

Fred Dozer

Trump confirmed what most already knew. The US is wolf, in sheep”s clothing. It”s always about oil or protecting the other criminal country, Israel. The US has a army of Mercenaries. They are not an army for the citizens of the US, only the wealthy. You cannot have a draft of citizens, doing the work of criminals. Many people who face prison time are given the opportunity to join or go to prison. Trump”s words will shatter the minds of parents who encouraged a son, or daughter to join. They were told right to their face, its about someone”s else”s oil the US is stealing.

Jens Holm

Only sniffers in Syria think they have oil and gas. You can grow heroin and hashes in stead.

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