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JULY 2022

In Video: Destroyed Equipment Of Militants In Tell Meleh Liberated By Syrian Army

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In Video: Destroyed Equipment Of Militants In Tell Meleh Liberated By Syrian Army


The Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA) release a video showing the village of Tell Meleh, which was recently liberated by the Syrian Arab Army (SAA). The video shows militant equipment and vehicles that had been destroyed by the SAA.

In Video: Destroyed Equipment Of Militants In Tell Meleh Liberated By Syrian Army

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On July 28-29, the SAA carried out several successful offensive efforts in northern Hama liberating the villages of Tell Meleh and Jibeen. According to pro-government sources, the SAA is aiming to continue its advance in the area. However, this would be a limited effort that is not planned to be turned into a large-scale operation.


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So where’s the video?


Sorry for the inconvenience, here’s a video of Vladimir Putin feeding dolphins instead:



And here is pix of Beluga that defected to Norway for free handouts of fish. But in reality is still working for Putin. :) https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/b38c7f339e8b4e351da14446f79ba7eff62191077c0ae62d5790775430438592.jpg


Putin is the new Rasputin. No beluga whale can be trusted.

Icarus Tanović


stupid is as stupid does

Is that video just…more Western proves that Putin is poisoning animals…and that he is just disgusting hateful bigot?


Not really, most drug cartel lords are animal lovers, some owning a small personal zoo.

stupid is as stupid does

The only reason why you pathetic clowns hate Putin and Russia is the fact that Putin has rejected any submission of Russia to the U.S. and West.

That’s why Russia and Putin are hated. Nuclear Super Power Russia is permitting (by protecting China) that China grows strong enough to take over World dominance from U.S. So Asia with China and Russia will dominate US & Western World in the future. There is nothing anybody can do about that now.


So you don’t care about your country resources stolen by oligarchs and your people living a miserable life while the oligarchs keeping their billions in Western banks and currencies. You need to see a ‘great’ leader and some nukes. Ok if you want China to own Russia in the near future, unite with them.

stupid is as stupid does

Oligarchs and Yeltsin are the products of CIA and savage capitalism imposed by US through their instruments called – IMF and World Bank. All that was created to destroy Russia. And Russia was totally destroyed during Yeltsin + oligarchs years. Even dictator is better than the rule of the oligarchs seasoned with CIA and MI6. And Putin is not dictator . He is Russian version of the MODERATE centrist . You brain washed Western populace ignore that important fact. Liberals in Russia are practically non existent. So desperate US gov. was pushing for even communists, or ultra-nationalists to take over in Russia! Only to get rid of the Putin! Even though everything else was much worse for the West and peace in the world. Do you know that so much “loved” ( on the West ), Kasparov was leader of the Bolshevik party?! How was he suppose to build “friendship” with the West once in power?!

Russia was asking to be part of the West for so many years and was always rejected. Now Russia doesn’t have other choice but to be 2nd only to China… one day… While on the West Russia was always last.


At the end of Yeltsin presidency there were 20-25 billionaires in Moscow, now they are 98! Also the top 10 from which none has Russian ethnicity, grew their number of billions and implicitly influence under Putler. So most of the billionaires power exploded in the past 20 years not in the previous 10 years. Putin’s antourage is doing 1000x better than the average Russian voter. But Russians have slaves mentality, all they know is to obey and hate the West. Btw all the Billionaires keep their money in Dollars and Euros. Ruble can become 1 cent, they won’t suffer.


It was a bit dark. :) Watch: Syrian Army’s massive attack before capturing strategic hilltop in Hama. https://www.almasdarnews.com/article/watch-syrian-armys-massive-attack-before-capturing-strategic-hilltop-in-hama/





klove and light

However, this would be a limited effort that is not planned to be turned into a large-scale operation

i hope that this sentence is not true.if it is……the jihadi pricks will take back both villages in a matter of time.

Xoli Xoli

If Syrian army takes over a place of cause next day terrorists recapture it.Because Putin tells his best friend how many soldiers and type of artillery were used.Instead of monitoring the capture area with drones and give real time event on ground.

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