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In Video: Closer Look At Recent Shootdown Of Saudi Arabia’s Apache Helicopter Over Yemen

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On November 29, the Houthis (Ansar Allah) shot down an Apache attack helicopter of the Saudi military over northern Yemen. Both pilots died in the incident. MORE HERE


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Hasbara Hunter

Hey…there is Smoke & Fire comin’ from this Flexible-Tailed-Wahhabi-Chopper…new model?

S Melanson

Yes it is a new model as recently announced by the Glorious Coalition. The Coalition vigorously denied the helicopter was lost to Houthi air defence.

The incident involved a new model using rocket engines attached to the chassis to increase speed of the helicopter. The rockets were placed incorrectly causing the entire rear part of the helicopter to be engulfed in flames and so it was not due to any missile.

Coalition leaders also announced they would fix the problem with the placement of the engines based on recommendations by KSA’s elite consulting group Incompetence House Consulting and Consulate. The rocket engines will be rotated 180 degrees so that the exhaust will face the pilot cockpit and away from the tail of the helicopter.

Incompetence consultants assured the glorious Coalition leaders the fix is guaranteed to fix the problem of burning off the tail portion of the helicopter. A Coalition leader that was actually paying attention asked what the effect of the rocket engine exhaust, estimated in excess of one thousand degrees Celsius would have on the cockpit and the pilot.

Incompetence consultants, startled by an intelligent question, recovered enough to answer. They said that this was unknown and required testing in actual combat as was the case of the recent unsuccessful test. They stated they were certain eventually the new model will have these remaining minor flaws worked out soon. The incompetence consultants plan was approved by the Coalition leaders.

Coalition leaders reaffirm that the helicopter was lost not to Houthi competence, it was due to Coalition incompetence.

Well this is a statement from the Coalition that is actually believable.

Hasbara Hunter

Hahahahahaha…too bad I can give only one upvote….thanks for your very clear explanation…I wish Mohammed Ben Shlomo & the Coalition good luck with all these experiments & improvements…I hope for him they are finished before them Houthis take over his Kingdom….

S Melanson

Thanks. The degree and speed of advancements in Houthi military capabilities is nothing short of extraordinary. Equally extraordinary is the staying power of MbS to retain power to continue the war.

There is something going on, a piece of the puzzle missing that I have not managed to put my finger on. Not only why and how KSA continues this war, but also how the poorest country in the region, blockaded from outside help, managed to develop such sophisticated military capabilities and so rapidly? These are the billion dollar questions.

Hasbara Hunter

The Houthis are the Operators…they must have powerful Backing by now…& they Fully Deserve every inch of it….Yemen will be another important defeat for the AngloZioNazis which they surely can’t afford…That must be why they are continuing the Yemen War….a Desperate Situation for the AngloZioNazis & Wahhabistan who are constantly losing more & more grip in the Middle East…No Way Out of the Swamp…them Houthis can’t lose…and got great Fighting Spirit….

Lynette Ackermann

If Netanyahu demands “everything between the Nile and the Euphrates, we should call him out fearlessly. Divide and Rule is a well-practiced formula that worked for centuries.

Hasbara Hunter

I prefer Unity….among them common folks…and yes without Fear…that is just a primitive instinct…just a bunch of chemicals…Fear is a feeling induced by perceived danger or threat that occurs in certain types of organisms, which causes a change in metabolic and organ functions and ultimately a change in behavior, such as fleeing, hiding, or freezing from perceived traumatic events….

The Elites have used Fear to Rule for Ages

S Melanson

Yes indeed. Elites also fear independent thought because when independent minds clue in that the elite narrative is a charade, what follows is unity in action.

George King

I believe you are referring to flight or fight (the other of two reactions) and one of the don’ts in “The Art of War” is giving your enemy no where to flee. Houthis are captive to the environment/s forced upon them, they are going nowhere unless to Riyadh for the salvation of their brothers under SA oppression.


” The Elites have used Fear to Rule for Ages Cockroaches Fear the Light…Elites Fear Unity”………………… Very nicely put and very true.


Yemeni development speed: they are a committed, fearless, United people. The civilian population is just as fearless and devoted to the cause as the fighters on the battlefield. Furthermore, Iran can get weapons and knowledge into Occupied Palestine rest assured it is delivering everything it can to the Houthis.

MBS staying power: the Americans want them to stay there. Do not think of these people as independent thinkers. They are slaves who receive orders. The Saudis who see that MBS is sending them to hell are too scared of USA to save their filthy nation from the doom it will undoubtedly experience if they keep fighting this war. Saudi Incompetence is an extension of US incomptence/not giving a dn about Saudis.

S Melanson

Good analysis.

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