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In Video: Civilians Are Throwing Stones At Convoy Of Pro-Government Sources In Afghanistan


The video below shows civilians, including kids, throwing stones at a convoy of pro-government forces in Afghanistan. It demonstrates the real level of support from the local population, which the Kabul government and its “NATO partners” have in rural areas across the country.

A brief overview of the recent developments in Afghanistan:

  • A Taliban commander, Mullah Hamdullah, was killed in Afghan forces airstrike near Tarinkot city in Uruzgan province on February 16. 22 other Taliban members were also killed, according to police;
  • At least 78 pro-government forces and 23 civilians were killed in Afghanistan in the period from February 8 to February 14, according to a NYT report;
  • A US drone attack in Ghazni province killed 3 civilians.
In Video: Civilians Are Throwing Stones At Convoy Of Pro-Government Sources In Afghanistan

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  • jako

    This was such pleasure to watch!
    Greetings from all my heart to the brave and freedom loving Afghans!

    That’s how population of all countries (occupied by NATO) must “welcome” those CRIMINALS !
    NATO must know that their occupation is not welcome anywhere on the planet!

  • You can call me Al

    Stones !!, oh dear, I smell some hooked noses approaching with a shoot to kill order.

  • Brian Michael Bo Pedersen

    Happens in all occupied contrys no matter who occupy them, a normal reaction from a population that have/is being occupied, i fully understand and support their reactions and actions here.

    Happens to me in Iraq also, but only in very few areas, and that was not because the other areas liked us, they was just tired of fighting and the kids did more good helping out the family than throwing rocks at us.

    All you could do to avoid getting hit, was to avoid the area if you where in light vehicles, button up if you where in APC´s/IFV´s or simply just speed through.
    If there where alot of people (Young and old) throwing rocks and they where blocking the road, you could lop a 4-bang (flashbang in the M203 (i believe it was called GRK M/03 in Danish service) over them or between them and you, that did the job without anyone getting hurt.

    We never did get any “Shoot to kill” orders or anything just near that, to the disappointment to some SF users.
    How other nationalities did it, i dont know, but i know that the lituanians had some very disturbing suggestions of routechecking, they where very promptly denied by the British and Danish command.