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In Video: Chaos On The Polish Border

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In Video: Chaos On The Polish Border

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Large crowds of migrants are heading towards the Polish border. Thousands of migrants are massing, storming the wall.

Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki set up an anti-crisis center due to the situation on the border, where 12 000 soldiers, including Polish special forces were deployed.

The chaos that the Poles are facing today is the result of years-long Western policy, which led to catastrophes in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and a number of other countries. At the same time, the short-sightedness of the European migration policy has aggravated the situation. For years, Brussels bureaucrats have been following a path that finally led to a dead end.

The footage shows that among the crowds along the border, many do not look like deprived refugees. Thousands of young, strong, radical men smash the fence and provoke Polish soldiers.

Today, the Poles have only two options: either to welcome thousands of migrants, or to open fire.

Many people wonder why the refugees do not stay in Belarus. The answer is simple. The Belarusian regime is determined to harshly react to blatant violations of the entrenched domestic social customs. In case of any criminal acts committed by newcomers against Belarusian citizen, they may be unsuccessfully searched in the dense Belarusian forests.


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Polish bastards


They have every right to keep them out. Keep in mind LEGAL immigration is STILL ALLOWED in Poland from non-white countries.


Polish bitches are those, who just want to SUCK American dick of fear of Russian invasion. Pussies pure pussies are these so-called poles. Oh, poor idiots, they called the army for REFUGEES, hah, who would they call for war with Russia.

Last edited 18 days ago by World_Eye
Lone Ranger

Pooland helped the U.S. genocide Afghanistan and Iraq, they also run black torture sites for the CIA.
They helped ukropnazis to get in power via the CIA orchestrated maidan coup in Ukraine and tried the same but failed in Belarus.
They also tried to block North Stream 2 causing a massive energy shortage in the EU.
They deserve everything coming at them.
You reap what you sow…


Notice how the writer of this article uses the words “Belarus regime” and “years long western policy.” Obvious bias right away. The reality is the US and its numerous lapdogs, hangers on, vassals and little slaves have brought immense amounts of death, destruction, misery, hunger, and terror to hundreds of millions of people since 1991 (Iraq War #1). That’s where the blame lies but the vassal rotten politicians will never say that. As the US comedian George Carlin always said: “It’s one big club and YOU ain’t in it.”


Yes, they’re getting exactly what they deserve.


:), They all saying they want to go to Germany,UK, France and so on, maybe we should get them bus and drive them to their destiny? you get what you deserve :) , we do not have social funds , you need to actually work in Poland so no one want to stay here :), we had never had any colony, Russia with Belarus have 50+ flights weekly to bring those donkey lovers to our border again Slavian/Mongoloid country like russia trying to connect with Slavian country using force, they never learn now they will pay getting sliced by China.

Peppe il Sicario

Poland’s problem is that its governing elite are nothing but poodles and lapdogs for the US and Israel. They are all part of the Big Freemason Club that Mig 21 mentioned above. All world leaders are in on it and yes, that includes Iran. Ask yourself, where was Ayatollah Khomenei given “refuge” in exile for so many years? Paris, France, the home to the Grand Orient Lodge tasked with “creating” revolutions all over the world. If you study Freemasonry, it becomes apparent that since the late 1700s, all, and I repeat ALL revolutionaries from Jefferson and Franklin down to Khomenei have been given safe exile status in either Paris or London.


Notice that these international travelers to Europe have continued to show a lack of planning concerning the necessary equipment required when attempting to breach obstacles. Obviously no assault engineers among them. Wire cutters, demolition charges and Bangalore torpedoes would have helped very nicely. Maybe the next group will get the message. By the way, where are the civilians to welcome them with “REFUGEES WELCOME” signs, food, water, medical assistance, teddy bears and women as in 2015? The Poles are being extremely selfish and devoid of any sense of humanity.

Alexandre Moumbaris

What I must say, with all the sympathy I have for the sufferings of the migrants and their families and also for the llimit that countries can have to admit them, is that this kind of chaotic immigration from Turkey has been going on in the Greek islands. And the number of immigrtands in the poor country that Greece is is many times greater than what the poor Poles because of the mean Bielorussians, have to suffer.
So lets relativise and not fall for western coldwar fake propaganda.


Well MiG-21 you kknow that Poland in the past was taking all Immigrants from every possible country in the world ? did you know that that even Dutch guys were running and settle in Poland(our king gave them sanctuary) because they would be slaughter in their own country because of religion? And in same way we had a lot of population we have even a lot of muslims which stayed with their culture but have participate in defending Poland in every war? you know what they saying about those immigrants? They are coming here to destroy our country do not allow them to come – their words did you know that? Nope you didnt you are ignorant Mongoloid.

hans raus

Polish doing great job, they know how to deal with primitive orcs who want to enjoy european union for free. Stay in turkey,iraq or syria and fight for freedom you lazy bestards!


Good job Poland, don’t falter and keep that lot out. Lukashenko is an asshole for using demographic warfare against a fellow European country.

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