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In Video: Car Rams Seattle Protest Crowd. Two Women Injured

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In Video: Car Rams Seattle Protest Crowd. Two Women Injured

On July 4, a car rammed a crowd of protesters in Seattle injuring at least two women. One woman suffered life-threatening injuries. Another one had serious injuries.

“A vehicle drove through the closure and struck multiple pedestrians on the freeway,” Washington state patrol spokesperson Rick Johnson tweeted, shortly after 2am.

Earlier, he said portions of Interstate 5 were closed because of protests.


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  1. MeMad Max says:

    Play stupid games, win stupid prizes!

      1. MeMad Max says:


  2. Zionism = EVIL says:

    Americunt racist shithole is falling apart. Everyday occurrence now :)


    1. RichardD says:

      When the government is run by idiots like the ones disarming the police it’s to be expected.

    2. occupybacon says:

      That photo from 1 June, CNN ran out of news already?

  3. good american says:

    Stupid is as stupid does.

  4. Ivan Freely says:

    People are slowly taking action against the stupidity. I’m expecting the frequency of these kinds of attacks to increase and spread across the nation.

    1. RichardD says:

      It’s debatable if this was premeditated. But you’re right. 1,000 patriots marching on the CHAZ/CHOP zone to clear it if the city didn’t wasn’t an idle threat. And these are people who take gun rights seriously and have the gear and experience to back it up.

      A lot of them were willing to lay down their lives for America overseas. It’s foolish to assume that they wouldn’t do the same thing at home.

      1. Vitex says:

        How a civil war starts eh

        1. FlorianGeyer says:

          In North East London today a large group of cops, at least 25 by the looks of it, literally fled in a disorderly babble from a rioting group at an illegal street party. The rioters who had very dark skin, pelted the cope with bricks and stones.

          There seems to be marked cultural differences that are breaking to the surface in Neo-Liberal Britain ,Vitex. :) :) :)

          1. Vitex says:

            It would appear that the police are morally and philosophically bankrupt (apart from being Freemasons). Seems to me the world of white supremacy was better-run (if nothing else) than the status quo. If they want to kneel to a mob of ragheads, they’re most welcome. Cowardly wankers.

          2. PZIVJ says:

            Doesn’t London have water canons?
            This may also help with cutting down on Covid-19 among the rioters, maybe add some disinfectant to the mix. :)

          3. FlorianGeyer says:

            They used to have some , but there was a big row and I think all were sold or scrapped. This was recently.


            “Boris Johnson’s unused water cannon sold for scrap at £300,000 loss”

          4. In Exile says:

            You must be mistaken the noble British Bobby never flees in disorder, never. Or at least they didn’t once upon a time.

          5. FlorianGeyer says:

            They do now. Its all part of Health and Safety.
            ‘Only kick people when they down’. :)

        2. RichardD says:

          It wouldn’t go well for Antifa and BLM.

      2. FlorianGeyer says:

        American patriots are laying down their lives for Zionist Corporations overseas.

        Laying their lives to eradicate the Soros funded Antifa mercenaries makes a lot more sense, I think Richard.

        1. RichardD says:

          I completely agree.

  5. JerryDrake says:

    For all the centuries of colonies and torture, an invoice has arrived these days …

  6. Fog of War says:

    That car didn’t ” ram ” them intentionally. The driver was speeding around the corner to get away from the deadly mob and didn’t see them.

    1. Ivanus59 says:

      You appear to be completely blind from the “fog of war” since there was no corner there, nor a “deadly” mob attacking the car. Maybe you were watching some completely different video though.

      1. Fog of War says:

        You obviously cant see the cars the protestors blocked the highway with. Those cars comprised the ” corner ” the white car sped around. Have your eyes checked.

        1. RichardD says:

          People enter the freeway on off ramps by mistake every night. I just watched someone do it a few nights ago north of this incident.

          Pot is legal in Washington. Combined with alcohol, which is common, people get disoriented easily.

          The driver approached the road block at legal speed. And tried to go around it, slowed, swerved and hit criminal protesters who shouldn’t have been there.

          I’ve driven almost 2 million miles. Fatigue alone could have explained the incident. Most drivers are looking at the road not very far in front of their vehicle. Which reduces their reaction time by the time an obstacle comes into their field of vision.

          I’ve been in multiple protester road obstruction incidents in the past few months. If you’re not concerned about arson or assault in these confrontations, there’s something wrong with you.

          Granted, I was in Panama City before the invasion when Americans weren’t real popular, Belfast and Londonderry during the troubles, Cairo during the revolution, and other danger areas, including multille forays through the CHAZ/CHOP zone armed and unarmed.

          Not everyone has this type of experience and nerves of steel. You make a wrong turn and are faced with a protest road block. And people panic and make bad choices. The protesters are criminals. It wouldn’t have happened if they weren’t breaking the law. And the morons running the government have a catch and release program where if they’re even arrested, most of them aren’t charged. Probably none of them were even arrested in this incident. Though they’re substantially to blame for it.

          The county prosecutor has a history of what in my opinion is prosecutorial misconduct and obstruction of justice. That’s how he charges the victim of the people blocking the road and doesn’t charge the criminals blocking the road.

          1. Fog of War says:

            Well stated sir, well stated. There seems to be a lack of logic on this site sometimes.

      2. occupybacon says:

        Who expects a protest a 2 AM blocking the highway… If a group blocks a road at night, never stop! Unless you wear a cape and have some super powers, or at least an automatic rifle.

      3. RichardD says:

        That stretch of road is non stop corners and grade changes with multiple over passes obstructing view. The line of sight is very limited. It’s one of the most confusing stretches of interstate in the US. With entrance and exit on and off ramps on both sides of the highway.

        I’ve been through there 100s of time and have traveled 99% of the interstate in the US for 46 years. Putting a road block there was insane. The criminal protesters who did it should be in jail. It’s unlikely that any were even arrested. Let alone imprisoned. Given the idiots running the government.

        1. PZIVJ says:

          “and their obvious disdain for public safety.” You nailed that one Richard. :)
          In video, there is no police car in front of block with flashing lights. Also note the white van does not even have flashers on, and it seems rioters do not bother with road flares! At legal speed the white car would cover 100 meters in less than 4 seconds.
          Checking the maps, there is an off ramp to the north that sits in between Eastlake Ave and Stewart St. May be confusing for someone not from Seattle area.

          1. RichardD says:

            You’re doing better than I am. I’ve driven that stretch of highway 100s of times and still don’t have it memorised. Seattle is probably the most fucked up city in terms of street layout that I’ve seen. And I’ve been through probably every city in the US with a 6 figure population and many smaller ones.

            Maybe it was designed by homos, lesbians and satanists who are to busy getting fucked up the ass, licking pussy and sacrificing babies at black masses to think straight. There are a lot of good people there but there is a minority of aberrant ones who are a problem.

            There are police cars there, actually 95% of them are Ford Explorer 4x4s. The Washington State Patrol is closing the highway on an almost nightly basis when these morons block it. They’re just further down the highway out of camera view.

    2. Jim Bim says:

      Sounds like you know more than the police. The driver faces multiple felony charges and was suspected to have come entered the interstate the wrong way on a ramp. The road was closed due to the protests.
      Video on social media shows a white car traveling fast and navigating around two vehicles positioned across the lanes as a barrier.
      After the hit, the driver tried to escape from the scene.

      1. Fog of War says:

        Stop spreading fake news. How could you charge someone if you’re not even sure of what they intended ?
        ” Investigators do not know whether the driver intended to hit the
        demonstrators, he said.
        Seattle has been the scene of numerous
        demonstrations, some of them on interstate highways, since the May 25
        killing of George Floyd on a Minneapolis street while he was in police
        custody, which was captured on video. “

        1. Jim Bim says:

          your fake and a moron.

          1. Fog of War says:

            You know you’ve lost, so this is the best you’ve got, Understandable. Learn to spell by the way.

          2. Jim Bim says:

            Crawl back to you`r hole brainless creep.

      2. occupybacon says:

        The road was legally closed by the police or by the rioters?

        1. Fog of War says:


        2. RichardD says:

          It wa closed by the rioters first and then the police so that the rioters didn’t get hit. But they got hit anyways. Wearing black at 1:30 am no less.

    3. Ivanus59 says:

      If you can’t see what’s behind a corner you should slow down, there could have for example been another car parked behind it and he could have crashed into it (unless he knew there was nothing behind and just wanted to hit someone). Also these things just keep on happening in USA, far from the first time, idk why they insist on protesting over a highway, and is this even allowed by the law? Since you see the highway was empty of active vehicles EXCEPT for that one that killed the woman. Why was he the only one? How come other drivers knew not to be here but he somehow got lost? Lots of questions yet no answers.

  7. Ivanus59 says:

    USA is basically turning into an american version of terrorist-controlled Idlib or post-Gaddafi Libya, and it’s all their fault. Well deserved too.

    1. occupybacon says:

      No, actually they were turning Libya etc into USA :)

    2. FlorianGeyer says:

      Perfect Karma really :)

    3. In Exile says:

      I wonder when the Jews will pack their bags for richer pickings I mean there is still more Nations for them to suck dry and destroy.

  8. Lone Ranger says:

    Thats called self defense.
    Why would I stop for a bunch of two digit IQ domestic terrorists…?
    So they can rape and destroy?
    Fuck no.
    If you step in front of my car intentionally thats called an assult.
    So FU…

    1. occupybacon says:

      Not step but blocking the highway with 3 cars, at 2 AM. Just BLM things.

  9. swedish_viking says:

    Why was the highway closed?
    Was it closed for maintenance?
    Or had protesters closed the highway since they believe there above the law?
    Who was the perpetrator and was he a protester, terrorist or one that just flipped?
    We seen this before when they let anarchists play anarchy, was it like that once again?
    Maybe the government and police should take control of the situation before things get worse.

  10. Aleks Noir says:

    hope the protestors do not make it, i would like to see more people defending themselves from mobs, the more resistance mobs face, the better of the world will be.

  11. SFC Steven M Barry USA RET says:

    That’s how it’s done. Good job.

  12. Vitex says:

    If you’re stupid enough to protest on a freeway then you deserve to be run over.

    1. RichardD says:

      Wearing black at 1:30 am like the protesters who got hit did isn’t to bright either.

  13. RichardD says:

    – Ted Cruz Introducing Legislation To Hold City Officials Accountable For Damages And Injuries From Rioting –


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