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In Video: Bayraktar Akinci Combat Drone Sets New Turkish Aviation Record

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In Video: Bayraktar Akinci Combat Drone Sets New Turkish Aviation Record

Screen grab from Akinci test video that was released by Turkey’s Baykar.

On July 8, Turkey’s Bayraktar Akinci combat drone set a new national aviation record by flying at an altitude of 38,039 feet and staying in the air for 25 hours and 46 minutes.

The Akinci made its maiden flight on December 6, 2019. Since then, the drone has flown a total of 7,507 kilometers, carried out 870 test sorties, and spent 347 hours and 28 minutes in the air.

The record long-haul flight and high-altitude performance test was attended by official delegations, according to the Anadolu Agency.

In another recent test, Akinci flew for 13 hours and 24 minutes with a total payload of 1,360 kg. The payload was a HGK-84 bomb, which is guided by GPS and has a range of 28 km.

With a wingspan of 20 meters, Akinci is among Turkey’s largest combat drones. The drone will be equipped with a beyond-line-of-sight satellite communications system that will enable it to operate thousands of kilometers away from its home base.

Akinci was designed by Turkey’s leading drone manufacturer Baykar to carry out intelligence, surveillance and target acquisition (ISTAR) missions, command, control and communication (C3) tasks as well as combat operations.

The combat drone can deliver a wide variety of weapons. Earlier this year, the drone test-fired the MAM-T glide bomb. The bomb has a maximum range of 30 km and is guided by GPS as well as semi-active laser. The drone also tested the HGK-84 guided bomb.

Turkey’s drone capabilities grew significantly over the last few years. The Turkish military has been relying more and more on combat drones.


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The altitude of 11.5KM is certainly a good result which would put it out of range of any modern manpad system. Developing nations that still operate the MiG-21 or older Soviet/Chinese SA missile systems should have no problem.


We saw it in Libya, Syria and Armenia hahahahah


We saw your diaper squatters leaking on the way to their basement shelters. Inbred imbeciles.

Chess Master

Well, Talibans don’t operate Mig 21, I guess.

Icarus Tanović

No, but ANA will. In time.


Congratulations, you missed the point entirely, yet again. Stick to television series, designed for idiots.

The Objective

How did the Pantsirs fare against the less capable TB2?

Lone Ranger

A BUK can take it out, with ease.


Thx for the joke ^^

Ricky Miller

Buk Missiles did take out several dozen Bayraktar drones in Syria. Most people miss or ignore the fact that the Syrian Army began to gain ground in 2020 after being reinforced with modernized Buk systems. The loss math began to tilt against the Turkish drone operators and the Turks quickly negotiated a cease-fire agreement that led in time to the abandonment of all their behind Syrian lines “observation” posts.

The Objective

What a joke. Dozens of TB2 drones shot down? Why then weren’t images published on SouthFront? I would think that is the kind of article they’d love to publish. Do you have any video or image prove for this claim? Certainly not on SF, which should be the ideal place for such information as it it pro-Russian and monitors the Syrian battlefield 24/7.
Assad lost hundreds of men and equipment in just five days. And then he agree to a ceasefire just when he was supposedly gaining the upper hand? Come on.

Last edited 14 days ago by The Objective

No surprise. The BUK-M3 is traveling at Mach 3 against a drone that loiters around at 130KM/H, max speed 220KM/H.

Very important, maximum operational altitude is only 5.5KM. These things are sitting ducks for any variant of the BUK SA system.

The Objective

The problem is not the speed but your ability to see the drone.


God are you stupid. We are talking about Russian technology. The BUK missile defense system will be integrated into a layered system.

The Russians operate the best radar systems available. They can “see” all american “stealth” aircraft produced to date. Do you really believe the Syrians cannot see a cheap ass turkish drone?

Icarus Tanović

Any time, anytime.


Thx for supporting Depend. Voted best adult diaper 2019. The zionist squatters have driven the price through the roof, check the share price.

Icarus Tanović

BUKS are masters of the skies, no doubt to that. But this info provided by anadolu or any other bullshit oglu agency is simply a farce.

The Objective

So you wish, but it’s not the case.
A new Turkish missile has been designed to specifically take out the S-400 radar.
Russian air defense systems will be obsolete in 2 year’s time. Promise.

Last edited 14 days ago by The Objective

Yes everyone, read his link…especially the last paragraph. Fizzle.

The Objective

yeah everyone, read the last paragraph. It says the same Pantsirs will shoot down the missile despite failing to do so against much bigger drones.
Russian experts always insist their weapons are first-class even before facing a worthy opponents. We saw how that went for the Pantsir.

The Swede

Bayraktar Akinci is a rather impressive drone that can carry high payload, good service ceiling, great endurance and range.

A clown like you

I say if someone running with axis at you…you should kill them.
“Turkey will not be silent about Israel’s ‘atrocities’, Erdogan tells Palestinian President Abbas”
The world Sunni terrorist seller again talking out of his fuking ass.
Trukic are yanquis in M.E…lying is also part of Turkic blood. Clowns.

Icarus Tanović

Subhuman savages.

The Objective

Erdogan has overtaken Khomeini as the most popular leader in the Muslim world. That’s the only explanation to your anger and false claims about him being a Western puppet. You ignore all the Anti-Erdogan actions of the West. The coup attempt, the sanctions, the regional encirclement, Media demonetization, Libya, N-K, European embargo, and much more. All this while Erdogan is their man? You must be the biggest fool on this forum.

Icarus Tanović

If they are setting records with fucking drones they must have Philippines style air force.
And who the fuck sake believes them?
I don’t think they are trustworthy.

The Objective

Drones will replace fighter jets worldwide, says Elon Musk.
Turkey to be one of the first nations to engage fighter planes with drones.
The Turkish autonomous jet fighter to make its first flight in 2023.

Icarus Tanović

He’s a smoke.

Last edited 13 days ago by Icarus Tanović

Stupid propaganda video looks fake as hell…… this thing barely able to land without breaking the landing gear under its own weight ….look at it bounce up and down with the landing gear flexing like a chicken leg hahaha

The Objective

Yeah maybe, but at least it can drop those bombs on the Russian air and naval bases in Syria.


Actually it can’t you stupid fkn tard. The Russians have a sophisticated layered air defense system. They would hack and hijack this drone and land it where they please.

The Objective

A missile has been designed specifically to fuck your layered air defense system. Besides, a wave of TB drones will clear the way even if a few gets shot down. Then those 1000kg+ bombs will turn your bases to ruble.

Last edited 13 days ago by The Objective

Dream on turktard. Only in your warped world do the turks lead the planet in missile defense. You do not even understand basic concepts.

Damien C

The altitude is with an empty craft carrying zero weight and minimal fuel
The endurance time is with maximum fuel and zero payload

That said it is a decent cheap drone for third world countries looking to have an affordable airforce to take on undefended camels and tents


And zionists with fresh diapers on…


SF needs to look into this comment board. They ask you to comment, but for ‘some reason’ certain posts just won’t post. It’s called censorship and even Discus was better. Then there is the massive influx of trolls…even worse than Discus and no way to block their inane BS.

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