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In Video: Bashar al-Assad Almost Passed Out While Delivering Speech To Parliament Members

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Syria’s President Bashar al-Assad nearly passed out while delivering a speech to newly-elected members of the country’s parliament in a meeting on August 12.

The meeting was set to be held under the dome of Syria’s People’s Assembly as usual. Nevertheless, the meeting was exceptionally held at the People’s Palace due to safety measures to confront the coronavirus.

According to the Syrian Arab News Agency, al-Assad suffered a slight, sudden drop in blood pressure that interrupted his speech for a few minutes.

In the speech footage al-Assad appeared to be disoriented before apologizing and getting off the stage to take a seat. The edited footage showed al-Assad returning a few minutes later in a seemingly good shape.

“Doctors are the worst patients, the truth is, I did not had any food since yesterday’s afternoon … I eat sugar and salt,” al-Assad, an eye doctor, told his MPs after returning.

In his speech, al-Assad touched on several issues, including sanctions on Syria, the coronavirus pandemic, the war on corruption as well as the need of economic and political reforms in the war-torn country.

Al-Assad said the economical war on Syria started when the U.S. had failed to subdue the country through other political and military means.

“whenever terrorists fail in their missions, there are an escalation, one time they go to the Security Council, another time they escalating in the chemical issue or they bomb our forces, and after the liberation of the west of Aleppo and the south of Idlib, the title was economic aggression to weaken the achievements of our forces’ victories, making them pale and without meaning for the Syrian people,” al-Assad said.

The Syrian President also accused the U.S. and Israel of supporting ISIS remnants in central Syria militarily and even financially.

“The US needs terrorists in the region, on top, Daesh, and it wanted from Caesar Act to express its support to the terrorists,” the President said, adding: “Israeli aggression on Deir Ezzor came to facilitate the movement of Daesh terrorists.”

Al-Assad concluded his speech by vowing, once again, to liberate all Syrian lands, including the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights.

The Syrian President also threatened Turkish forces that occupy parts of northern and northeastern Syria, saying there is no difference between a “local or imported terrorist, a Zionist soldier, Turkish or American one, all of them are enemies on our territory.”

After his speech, al-Assad’s health quickly became the go-for subject for Syrian opposition outlets, which attempted to capitalize on the issue.

The official Syrian acknowledgment of al-Assad’s health issue indicates show that Damascus is not following the same high-level of secrecy as other regimes in the Middle East. In 2018, Damascus announced that al-Assad’s wife, Asma, is being treated for early stage breast cancer. She has fully recovered since then.


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Guibus Guib

Longue vie au Président Assad.

Laurent Parodi

A lui ainsi qu a l armee syrienne!

Lone Ranger

Glory to Syria, the SAA and President Assad.


A lesser Man would have gone don a long time ago.

johnny rotten

One of the greatest political leaders ever, refused billions and decided to win or die together with his people, yet the dull Westerners still cannot understand the simplest of truths, a true leader loves and is loved by his people, how many countries can they say the same? surely in the West no one is.


Off topic. This was just broadcast live.

White House announces historic Israel-UAE Peace Deal


Free man

Peace is always better than war. I read that Israel will also help UAE in maintaining shipping security in the Gulf.

rightiswrong rightiswrong

Peace and Israel don’t relate to each other, at all.

They don’t want Iranians in Syria, but they want a base in the Gulf for shipping security? We see what that means, shooting children, bombing apartments and practising SS tactics on millions of civilians.


True. Israel was engineered. To serve as attack Pit bull. Always biting. Always stealing lands. Always killing.

Israeli mentality. Is also engineered. To think everyone is after them. So they are always scared. And they justify what Israel does to others.

Many Israelis. Though. Wants to live in peace with all. But they don’t have a say.

Free man

I think your perspective is mostly correct. Israel was established after the Holocaust. After millions of Jews were exterminated. So Israel created a disproportionate military force out of fear of a second Holocaust. It seems Israel sees every threat as an existential threat. This is where the mental differences between Israel and its neighbors / Iran come into play. When the Arabs say they want to throw the Jews into the sea. The Jews believe them. They also believe the mullahs regime that says it wants to destroy Israel. That is why it seems that Israel strikes all the time those who only know how to threaten and talk. This is also why relatively minor security incidents, such as Hezbollah’s attack in 2006, can lead to very devastating wars.


No your wrong the Jews funded that slaughter in europe.thats why some of them call it the great sacrifice.


Long before WW2. European Zionist bankers, industrialist, etc. Had plans in the MidEast. But the Jews of Europe didn’t care about Palestine. Most Jews even rejected political Zionism. You don’t want to move Putz? No problem, here is Papa Hitler. The same European ZIonist bankers, industrialists, etc. Brought Hitler to power, financed and supported him. All Jews then hugged Palestine and Zionism afterwards. It was part of a big agenda. Jews were needed for it.

After WW2. Jews have been brainwashed non-stop. That everyone is after them. That they need to watch out 24/7. In Israel, IDF are taken to ‘Biblical’ sites. Fed lies. Fed propaganda. To fuel them. Israelis are obedient, ultra-patriotic servants. Of the European Zionsit bankers, industrialist, financiers. But they aren’t aware of it.

When some in Israel tried to build peaceful ties with neighbors. With economic exchanges. They were removed. Israel is engineered as military assault. Nothing else.

Once more. Hezbollah did not attack Israel in 2006. The war was planned by Israel under Olmert. Plans in January. Preps in March. Capture of IDFs which Hezbollah fell for in Summer. It was Israel who attacked. Diplo leaks and Olmert’s testimony is the evidence.

Free man

Thanks for your reply but we don’t agree on history and the mentality of the people in the Middle East. The only option Lebanon has is peace with Israel. The continued “resistance” of Lebanon to Israel / the Gulf states / the West means the destruction of Lebanon.


What’s not to agree? Israel since day one. Has attacked everyone.

What’s not to agree? Israel was created by European Zionist bankers and industrialists. To control the MidEast, steal lands and its resources.

You think everyone in the MidEast. Wakes up, has tea or coffee and then plots. How to destroy Israel? If so, no. That’s in your head. Most hate Israel for what it did to the Palestinians. And others.

Israel and those who support it. Need to be accountable.

You forget the most important thing. Peace is a two way street. You can’t expect if you don’t give.

Free man

Maybe I don’t know something that you know.

Who do you think will give Lebanon the money to rebuild and revive the ruined economy?

“Israel and those who support it. Need to be accountable.” – by whom ?

Lebanon is too weak, too poor and too divided to be at war with Israel. No one will help a country ruled by a terrorist organization that exists only to fight against the most powerful state in the region. Lebanon’s only option is peace with Israel.


Who.. China. Many officials in Lebanon took serious steps to work with China. Expand ports, electric infrastcture. Rebuild railroad. Beirut-Tripoli-Aleppo-Damascus. To later rebuild Syria. This was a major problem for the UK-US. They made it clear.. if China and the Silk Road have their way. The IMF, World Bank, etc will lose influence and become obsolete. The attack in Beirut is about that.. stop China. They did the same in Israel.. stop China.

Accountable.. I meant that Israel and people who support Israel. Need to acknowledge the harm Israel has done to others for decades. Before always asking others to make peace with it.

Anyone who is opposed to the US, Israel and others. Is terrorist. Please. Same old song. You steal, lie, kill and when others fight back. They are bad. Terrorist, etc. Hezbollah does not rule Lebanon. If it did, the LF, Hariri and other West insects would be gone. We don’t want the help of the US, France, KSA. We should be able to chose who helps us and not be attacked for it.

The attack in Beirut’s port. Is geopolitical. For the West to step in, reform Lebanon. According to their wishes.. debts, credit, GMO food, etc. Privatize everything.. real estate, electricity, resources. No thanks.

Hind Abyad

Ma tehke ma’ou

Free man

China has never given anything for free. Just like Iran. Lebanon’s only hope is the West and the Arab world. You have to choose Iran (i.e. war and failure) or peace (i.e. the rescue of Lebanon).


No free lunch for sure.

Return on Investment for China. Is to rebuild Syria through Lebanon. Have strong presence in region. Expand Silk Road.

Iran’s long plan. Is to create a Shia crescent in region. Nasrallah even said it in an old interview. I am against that in the same way I am against Wahhabis.

Things are changing. Hopefully for the best. Lebanon needs economic reforms. Industry rebuilding. No more wars, conflict, etc. Peace inside out.

Free man

“Things are changing. Hopefully for the best. Lebanon needs economic reforms. Industry rebuilding. No more wars, conflict, etc. Peace inside out.” – I agree.

Hind Abyad

This is blackmail.. who do you think you are ? https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/05fb80ea4a0c278498895314101a3d00e0c46326e441268a8142675599e7a13f.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/54cdc3155be0130e6211c7a7ce09843bdc1a319b229df78a6500e8818fbe15ed.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/c494c518ecc136268cf03b9e8574d071a686f1902efc1c0e3ab04b02bd5ba574.png

Hind Abyad

*Thanks for your reply but we don’t agree on history and the mentality of the people in the Middle East.*

So why did you come to the Middle East and play the semite?? https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/30d3dc2116fa65e097ab27a807d22c459eae7fa5ad237ef04d7eff679d0029d0.jpg

Hind Abyad

Hezbollah was born in 1982, when Sharon invaded Lebanon remember? You perverts did it on purpose never pay to clean Beyrouth ecological disaster. 2006 ”Most people have left, it is virtually impossible to drive on the roads, and almost everyone hides behind sealed windows. “There’s nowhere to run,” Mr. Saeed said, showing off the black speckles on his skin that have turned everything white here into gray. “It’s dripping fuel from the sky.”

A large oil spill and fire caused by Israeli bombing have sent an oil slick traveling upthe coast of Lebanon to Syria, threatening to become the worst environmental disaster in the country’s history and engulfing this town in smoke.

“The escalating Israeli attacks on Lebanon did not only kill its civilians and destroy its infrastructure, but they are also annihilating its environment,” warned Green Line, a Lebanese environmental group, in a statement issued Thursday. “This is one of the worst environmental crises in Lebanese history.”

The ministry estimates cleanup alone will cost upwards of $200 million, a major sum in a country with a gross domestic product of around $21 billion, but experts warn the bill could run even higher. Jordan has offered to send experts to provide technical assistance, and Kuwait has pledged to send material and equipment to help clean up the spill.

Brush fires in many parts of the country have been an equally pressing concern as they rage unabated. Firefighters and forestry workers cannot move around for fear of being targets, and resources are being used to help refugees. https://www.nytimes.com/2006/07/29/world/middleeast/29environment.html


Free man

Why are you hiding behind a picture of a beautiful woman? Soon the Lebanese people will vomit the false resistance. Which only causes damage to the Lebanese people.

Hind Abyad

That’s me, you call yourself Free man?

Free man

Obviously this is you. I’m very free. With two of the best passports the West can offer. You, on the other hand, do not sound particularly free from anger and bitterness.

Hind Abyad

Soo concerned about Lebanese.

Who cares about you passports.


Free man

You better solve your sexual identity problem first, Mr. White Indian. Then you can continue writing irrelevant posts.

Hind Abyad

You better solve your sexual identity problem first, Mrs Free man White Indian. Then you can continue writing irrelevant posts.

Hind Abyad

‘UAE Is an ‘Advanced Democracy,’ Netanyahu Said – Then Deleted

The UAE is a hereditary monarchy. A U.S.-based NGO gave it a 17/100 score in freedom – and 5/40 in political rights’ Noa Landau Published on 18.08.2020


Potato Man

Fuk are you on about? When did Israel and UAE attack each others? (Beside bitching at UN)

“I read that Israel will also help UAE in maintaining shipping security in the Gulf.” LMFAO can Israel first stop being bitch pussy fuk and stop getting aids from other countries (EU & US). How is Lebanon and Israel border? How safe is it? Good joke *Free ape

BTW why do rush so hard? it is coming from Trump asshole A.K.A half of it is BS. What next US also now find WMDs in Saddam house?

“maintaining shipping security in the Gulf” Can you look at a map buddy? I wouder why US don’t fuk around in Persian Gulf.

You sound so fuking butthurt right now, you saying US, UK, France navy is worse than fuking Zion state and by them being near Iran….it would be safer? Are you okay? I see why you name yourself as *Free ape.



Israel and the UAE. Were.. NEVER enemies. NEVER at war. ALWAYS closeted allies.

This ‘Peace’ Agreement. Is to ONLY officialize. Decades’ long of partnership.

rightiswrong rightiswrong

So the millions of UAE citizens who have fought bravely on the front lines for decades against Israel are giving up the fight! Israel will benefit greatly from not having to fight the ultra modern fighter jets of the UAE war machine.

The differences between Jewhadis and Wahhibist have been laid to rest.

Tommy Jensen

A proof all the Communist propaganda about the United States are fake news, because we facilitate PEACE deals between nations, which are the true news with logic logo and also with reason!


lol! This is one step closer to the US being in the Middle East. ;-)

cechas vodobenikov

sure Homer Simpson—UAE continues to fund the Syrian govt with millions of USD—who needs propaganda when u robots r so stupefied u live in one large plywood village where u idiots impoverish your selves and prefer racist leaders

Icarus Tanović

They live in declining rottwn pornographic infested society. What do you expect from that kind of degenerates? There used ti be a country named America.


get lost stupid apologist American A SS hole

Hind Abyad

We don’t discuss with terrorists..



Only few pro US Arab regimes are “friendly” towards Israel. Israel has NO friends among Arabs and that will never change. It is just publicity stunt.

Hind Abyad

What a comic video !! Ya habibi

Assad must stay

i hope he is ok and his condition corrected


Be advised the Deep State now owns satellite weapons that can locate beating elephant hearts and kill them. They have been practicing diligently to locate specific people and cause fatal heart-attacks in them. Sputnik-V and Bill Gates’ ID2020 is designed to track people. Its like a target reticle on your back, after you take these Nano Tracker vaccines.


Good thing i dont am an elephant..


Not good.. I dont want even to imagine what would happen, should Assad die. Everything would unravel.. The whole regional and world powers would again smell blood and rush to exploit it, for another near 10 years of war and terror. Lets hope it was just the hot weather and not some serious sickness..

Servet Köseoğlu

stupid neandertal…suffer now

Icarus Tanović

Hey Oglu, have you lost your goat?

Servet Köseoğlu

jeezz..go masturbate chump…assad is already walking dead you stupid smelly b.tch

Icarus Tanović

Oglu, have you find your goat?

Servet Köseoğlu

lots of natashas,elenas where ı live…you must the one dealing with goats..internet rambo…

Icarus Tanović

Meraba Suat, Fikret, Taip, Hiçmet, Memet, whatever your name is Oglan. So you call your goats natasha and elena? Nice! Let me tell you something: Araba shikidüm, shikudum, araba shikudum, kuskus, ashkzmagngd, ashkzma, oglu glu, yorgut, yoroglu içbir ashkzm ng ng kebab,samut dolma taksi dolmasi taksim. And many more.

Servet Köseoğlu

jeez who the f.ck are you?lmaooo…go f.ck your own mommy…blocked to the hell

Icarus Tanović

No, selver oglu you go fuck your self.

Hind Abyad

Bes to ignorOglu

Hind Abyad

Ugly Oglu eat soap

Servet Köseoğlu

soap…..f.cking your mother is more realistic..piece of shit…ı am wondering whats your nationality?anonymous wanker…you have a butthurt ı see.

Hind Abyad


Hind Abyad



kebab boy is your humiliation still having a hangover stupid camel jockey

Servet Köseoğlu

get lost stupid slavian whore…

Tommy Jensen

Our Corona virus is making its work in Syria. Assad’s health is in tatters, all Syrians have Corona and Putin is stuck in a Syrian quagmire he cannot get out from.

Still they refuse to let the freedom loving innocent Syrian people go……………. like Pharao.


“I did not had any food since yesterday’s afternoon …”. Sounds like Assad could learned a thing or two from that well-fed foreign sec. Mike Pompeo. He really knows about eating!

cechas vodobenikov

160,000 dead obese murikans from Covid—-12,000 attributed in Russia…..u children r weak burger infested mentally ill automatons…apparently u received your medical education in your meth ridden trailer park…u puritans hate freedom and justice…by stupefied people that love their oppression r expected to be obsequious and gullible


200000 DEATHS 1000 infections per day in US yeah the Chinese fucked you all good fort detrick is the covid labs but the killings is in your own land that tells how clever chinese are and how dumb incompetent americans are

cechas vodobenikov

peace is only better than war for submissive burger eating marijuana smoking automatons—amerikans too insecure to win any war—they believe their incompetent teachers that claim that they had a revolutionary war

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