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In Video: Army Deploys Rocket Launchers In Northeast Syria To Support SDF


The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) deployed on October 17 at least three Grad 122 mm rocket launchers in the country’s northeast region, which is facing a Turkish-led invasion.

A video released by the North Press Agency (NPA) shows the rocket launchers heading to the region. Fighters of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) can be seen escorting the SAA convoy.

The SAA’s deployment in northeast Syria began last week following a breakthrough agreement between the Damascus government and the political wing of the SDF.

Recent leaks revealed that the initial agreement will allow the SAA to enter most of northeast Syria with the aim of countering the ongoing Turkish-led offensive. Damascus and the SDF will later work on a wider agreement that would cover political and administrative aspects.

By deploying heavy weapons such as battle tanks and rocket launchers, the SAA is proving that it is determined to aid the SDF is its fight against Turkish-backed militants. More heavy weapons will likely be deployed in the few upcoming days.

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  • Sasan Jamshidi

    Comparison of SAA with Turkey clearly turkey is upper hand! Really these mongol turks must be kicked out of Nato because they have nothing of their own!

    • RichardD

      The Turks have an air defense deficit compared to the SADF. Allowing the Turks to bomb unhindered is a serious problem.

    • EveryoneIsBiased

      If NATO would have any morale, i would agree without.

      IMO NATO needs to be totally reformed, back into a defense pact, not a pact for illegal wars of agression. Then made to include Russia. No more regime change, only defense. Meaning fighting terror, in a broad coalition from all sides.

      Control taken from US, and changed to a transparent structure, which personal is accountable direclty to its citizens.

      And as i said, missions reduced to defenses from terrorists, not as imperial or anti Russia tool.

      • EveryoneIsBiased

        Forgot the most important thing: And countries who support terrorism after such a reform, would be excluded, and targeted by the combined power of all members, and enforcing prosecution of all politicians and military personal that supported terrorism and illegal wars, no matter from what state or nation.

        • Jens Holm

          You will be killed for good reasons before anything even come near something like that.

      • Jens Holm

        You must be joking or be barking mad. Our enemies should not change Nato as well as EU.

    • Jaime

      Not so much so. Syria is battle-hardened. Moreover, Syria has had the chance to try different weapons systems in real life situations, something that Turkey can only dream of. Current Turkish advances cannot be compared to a real war with a peer army.

      • Barba_Papa

        Battlehardened does not make you more courageous. It makes you more cunning and experienced, but not more courageous. If anything it makes you less courageous and even more of a coward, as you become determined to survive the war and not be the first guy to charge headlong into a machinegun position. Of the three British armored divisions that landed in Normandy and fought the West European campaign only the 7th Armored was battle hardened, having fought non-stop in North Africa and Italy from 1940 onwards. When Montgomery was assigned command of the D-Day invasion the Desert Rats were one of three divisions he hand picked to come with him for the campaign. And it its performance became so underwhelming that they had to sack hundreds of officers, and still it performed worse then the other two armored divisions which had never seen combat before D-Day. So apparently there is a bell curve to combat. In experienced, bad performance, battle hardened, better but cautious and weary, with somewhat battle hardened giving the best performance. Hardened enough to avoid stupid mistakes, but not hardened enough to become too cautious and weary. And methinks that after 8 years of war I wouldn’t be surprised if most of the Syrian army has seen way too much combat for too long now.

      • Jens Holm

        Syrians and most in Your area has no idea about military potential for real. You just eat, what Your leaders do and are not even able to learn to give a try for thinking, assing and subtracting Yourslef.

        Battlehardnend also say traumatized and war tired and tired forever. It also say those battle hardened have one leg or their minds are destryed forever and resources has to be used for hospitals and homes.

        That of course goes for all in long time wars andnot only Sad asses.

        • Jaime

          It’d be really useful if you first start writing coherently because, in addition to your spelling mistakes, your ideas do not make sense. Please, rewrite those sentences. Maybe you can get help from someone that has a better command of English. One “detail” of what I mean. You say, “You just eat, what Your leaders do and are not even able to learn to give a try for thinking, assing and subtracting Yourslef.” I won’t mention you spelling problems because that can be overlooked if the ideas make sense. However, when you say that I just eat what my leaders do, I am at a total loss at what you mean.

          • Jens Holm

            Hard to see this should be a speling contest among teachers for lawyers education and autistics.

            Whe You dont understand fx “eat what my leaders do”, blame Your own limited language and understand level, in which You are raised. Yot cant read and write english/american well and advanced if You only are able to translate Arabistani and Turkistani into english and affiliated languagegroups.

            Apart from Your spelling, its close to simplified childrens argumentations and not bevcause You are not bright or fx well oriented, but You mind and language are raised to like that.

            You by Your demans tell me, I – as from Denmark – should think as an arab or Turks amd then read and write english as You.

            Actually Danish is almost as close to english english as well as we see a lot of TV from USA, so I certainly dont have to correct any of my pharses, which improve our own languge. Many words are semilar and the English even use words taken in by the Viking Age.

            As a private person I can confirm many of Your kind have no idea about, what we try to talk about with You – And thats very vital ones. Furthermore You almost all seemes to be hard censured about it only being allowed to see the bad sides of our world.

            You fx have no idea about the Program for SDF(KURD/PYD) whatever its good or bad. You not even has a language for it, as well as Your mind is not raised to be like the ones, which has develloped the West and many other parts of the world.

            Thats how I see Your comment. You blkame me for writing a normal middle class a little too fast english, which most´english speaken people understand very well.

            You blame me for spelling bad. Well I am sure Turks and Arabs are not perfect spellers – even in their own language.

            If You dont understand, what I write then ask, and I most of the time will write back, but You have to learn English is not that English, You think it is. You mniss a lot of the advanced parts, which makew us into the ones, we are.

          • Jaime

            Sure idiot. As if I had to uinderstand what you want to say by “Yot” or “Whe”. Funny that you criticize my English, especially coming from somebody whose first language is not English. How stupid on your part to say that just because Danish is a Germanic language like English, then speakers from both countries should understand each other. Some logic lol.

          • Jaime

            BTW, what the hell is “…assing and subtracting Yourslef.” That precisely seems to come from those Arabs you criticize so much.

  • Lupus

    SAA must go full swing now. Use airpower and airdefense. Also start offensive in Al Ghab. If not, North Syria will be lost like Afrin

    • EveryoneIsBiased

      I totally agree, but i am confused.
      US said that they still control the airspace in N Syria.
      Kurds have asked Russia to protect them from airstrikes as part of the deal.
      MoA reported yesterday, that Turkish jet came into the airspace, but retreated after Russian jets started and “seemed to hunt for it”.
      But then Turkish airstrikes are reported.. From inside turkish airspace i suppose?
      Or did TAF enter Syrian airspace?
      The fog of war i suppose. But i agree, the air space denial (and deployment of Russian troops as buffer) are crucial.

      • Ivan Grozny

        U$ do not control airspace – the Russian S-300 batteries does. The Yanks are allowed some degree of the space – so they think that they are important – but make no mistakes, if Russia decide that the yankees cannot fly, they WILL not fly – and the Pentagon knows this!!!

        • Jens Holm

          S300s are an illusion, they dont cover much. You are upside down in this.

  • John Marston

    Great news!

  • RichardD

    The heavy weapons are a big help. But addressing the air power deficit needs to be done. Allowing the Turks to bomb Syria without targeting them with anti aircraft fire, while not providing air cover for Syrian forces with jets and gunships is a serious problem.

    • EveryoneIsBiased

      To quote my post from above:

      “US said that they still control the airspace in N Syria.
      Kurds have asked Russia to protect them from airstrikes as part of the deal.
      MoA reported yesterday, that Turkish jet came into the airspace, but retreated after Russian jets started and “seemed to hunt for it”.
      But then Turkish airstrikes are reported.. From inside turkish airspace i suppose?
      Or did TAF enter Syrian airspace?
      The fog of war i suppose. But i agree, the air space denial (and deployment of Russian troops as buffer) are crucial.”

      Russia states it “will now allow clashes between SAA and Turkey”.
      IMHO means, some clear plan to allow the turks to occupy a specific area (Either legally as per 5KM zone from Adana agreement, or some secret which allows Turkey more than it has a right to), with the SAA and SDF unprotected when fighting in an area promised to Turkey in such a plan, and only providing direct Russian support when the Turks push for more they have been promised.

      But it could also mean it will pressure the SAA to not fight back and retreat and let the turks go as deep as they want.
      Or the opposite, and protect the SAA+SDF from any turkish attack and pushing Turkey, though the recent events have already disproven such a possibility.

      In this chaos and fog of war, i think we will need this after the end of war till we really know the truth…

      • RichardD

        There’s a lot of horse trading going on right now. But while that’s happening, getting some spec ops into the combat zone with some of these would help even up the playing field. And give the Turks reason to think twice before getting to close.

  • S Melanson

    Most here at SF suspect this event was worked out in advance and this is probably true. If so, what is clear is the US leaves and the SAA with Russia fill the void. The positions taken by the SAA and Russia were rapidly executed with clear objectives that bracket what I assume to be the agreed to Turkish incursion zone. This tells me this was carefully pre-planned which means the SDF and Damascus had already come to an accommodation in advance of the Turkish incursion and what followed simply theatre.

    Notice the total absence of Iranian involvement other than verbal gestures in support of Syrian territorial integrity. This must also have been agreed to as Iran and Turkey relations have been improving.

    What makes things interesting is that the Turks (headchopper proxies) have failed to achieve short term objectives Ras Al-Ayn is still a pitched battle right on Turkey’s border. This probably was not anticipated with the assumption Turkey would quickly take the town and advance to meet the SAA at the agreed upon perimeter at Tal Tamer.

    Now let us see if the SAA is tempted to advance to directly support the SDF besieged at Ras Al-Ayn. This is today’s million dollar question.

    • Ivan Grozny

      Agreed – this is planned in advance – by Iran, Syria, Russia and Erdogan. The United $hitholes were not invited (reason why they scream and shout), and ran off with tail between the legs.
      Depending on what the Hairpiece does (or are allowed to do), and the reaction of Israhell, things does seem to go smoothly, Dr. Assad regains control of wast areas of the North, the former renegades (‘free syrian army’) are back in the fold (there needs to be some checking of people, but that’s another matter), the Russians stay in control, Iran get some rest and, best of all, the U$ is NOT directly involved. Clashes between Turk and Russian forces are unlikely (the Sultan is no idiot).

      • Jens Holm

        USA by Trump retreated beacuse You now and iclusive Kurds/SDFs are unimportant.

        That was the plan by Obama as well. They could have taken in troops, of they wished to.

        Thats no victory but nothing for free for You. And what might happen too: Well ISIS might regain and can operate almost free against the locals again. Corruption by oilgrabbing by the Private Property by Baathist and corruption comes back too – Hip hip and the last ruin rebuild will be in those areas as well. Hip hip.

        But that´of course dont bother most people. We are back in the good old days of Hafez again able to kill all opposition and some Johadist saying beep beep now and then.

        And can Turkwomen handle and keep, what they have taken. Can they fx finance their kind of freedom. Maybee.

        • Concrete Mike

          Bork bork!

          ISIS was a creation of western intelligence agencies, with support from NATO.

          I will cite a few example to refresh your drunk tuborg flooded memory.

          Thurdah Mountain 2016, USAF and friends bomb a saa position on Thurdah mpuntain south of Deir Ez Zor city, at the same time as ISIS was attacking on the ground, SAA lost the position, allowing ISIS to shell the airport.

          When US F18 shot a syrian su 22 east of Ithriya, in 2017 summer ish. As the su 22 was supporting SAA advance on ISIS. The lame excuse that the plane was too close to SDF bullshit.

          The most eggregious example, was flooding the Euphrates during the lifting of the siege on Deir Ez Zor city , using Tabqah dam.

          The assasination of general Zahreddine (?? The druze that defend deir ez zor) with a gps guided mortar. Wtd is ISIS doing with gps guided mortar rounds? Did they pick it up at the local Halal-Mart? I dont think so!!

          So you see jens, i call bork !

    • Jens Holm

      Iranians has condemme the Turkish invasion.

  • Brian Michael Bo Pedersen

    It sounds like a lot of SAA troops are busy getting some land back, so wait a few days and the time could be perfect for a Israeli or US “provocation” from the south and west.

  • michaelj72a

    first secure the major cities, then the oil fields, waterways and dams; and keep open the roadways and lines of communication/trade.

    M4 highway is critical in the long run.

    I would like to know what’s going on in Kobani right now

  • Johan

    Great news Pence on behave of Trump agreed on a cease fire with Erdogan; Sdf has l120 houres to leave the region of the border 20 miles deep, leave their weapons and then his highness the Sultan promise to lay down weapons for 5 days. This must be a bad joke: the Sdf has 120 houres for an unconditional surrender! First America/Trump betrayed the Sdf and now Trump wants them to transfer their land, unarmed as sheep to two unreliable, irratic and cruel nitwits. That is real betrayal a judas worthy. And as a gift to that dictator ALL SANCTIONS WIIL BE SKIPED, that’s a present ( one way) to Erdogan not a cease fire. The final result is that Trump gave Erdogan N-E Syria on a plater 30 miles deep and as a extra present the inhabitants must clear the region and kiss the Sultans feet. Trump is the president who is able to stab you twice in one week in the back and be proud on it.

    • Ivan Grozny

      Sadly, it’s not up to The Hairpiece to decide upon sanctions – that would the the House (full of democrazies). Proving, yet again, you cannot trust U$.
      NE-Syria is NOT Trumps to give away – Erdogan knows this. The real danger, for the ‘Sultan’ would be to clash with the Russians. Erdogan knows this. The United $nakes will throw the Sultan under a bus, without breaking a sweat, if it suits their (or rather Israhells) purpose. Erdogan knows this.
      As Peter the Great remarked – ‘You cannot trust a Turk’ – one must be careful with Ankara, and keep a close eye on the Sultan. The REAL decider – Putin – knows this.
      Erdogan is no fool, and have personal experience of U$ friendship (coup – Gulen), and have also seen, with his own eyes, how Russia honors deals and friendship (saving Dr. Assad).
      Sure is interesting times!

  • Joe Dickson

    Turkey captures SDF Grad rockets, SAA brings up more. lulz