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MAY 2021

In Video: Ansar Allah Attack On Positions Of Saudi-backed Forces In Yemen’s Al-Jawf

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In Video: Ansar Allah Attack On Positions Of Saudi-backed Forces In Yemen's Al-Jawf

A screenshot from the video

The Houthis (Ansar Allah) media wing released a new video showing their operations against Saudi-backed forces in the Yemeni province of al-Jawf.

Clashes in the areas of Al-Aqsha and Al-Jadafar:


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  1. DO.NUT says:

    Russia is desintegrating from inside, again, like CCCP 30 years ago. Milions ppl unemployed, people starving and homeless.

    1. Lone Ranger says:

      You spelled the U.S. wrong tho Trollstoy ;)

      1. DO.NUT says:

        Lol US is the leading superpower. All russians who have money emigrate to US, or at least send their children to the US.

        1. Lone Ranger says:

          Was the case in 1991.
          Not anymore.
          U.S. is a crumbling Empire, a sinking ship.
          People are fleeing.

          1. DO.NUT says:

            Where in the world is better than in US ? maybe EU but that will change soon …

          2. Lone Ranger says:

            Almost in every developed nation.

          3. cactus says:

            “the state of arizona is currently registering as many new cases of covid as the entire european union wich has a population 60 times greater”….the yankees are so retarded and brain dead they can’t wear a fucking mask to save their own lives…the american empire is falling

          4. Jim Allen says:

            Anywhere is better than US. Perhaps you haven’t noticed our beloved Government is destroying the country from the inside, and that their practicing genocide on US citizens is getting very difficult not to notice.
            There’s this thing called USMCA, that’s been kicking around the Congress, that anyone that God gave a lick of sense have been screaming their heads off to get stopped. Trump signed off on this month’s ago, the Mexican President, and Queen of Canada as well. This little slice of Globalist Heaven was passed in US Congress last week as the people silently adjusted their masks, and “Social Distanced.” The sovereignty of these three countries was handed to UN without having a shot fired.
            North America is just the same as EU, and you my pitiful troll, are not a US citizen anymore. You’re a subject of the Globalist One World Government, awaiting your execution under UN Agenda 21/2030 Sustainability Development Guidelines.
            Go ahead, keep cheering, and assisting your masters cause, you non-useful idiot.
            Pity you’re oblivious to the fact that US Government is a wholly owned subsidiary of The City of London, and serves it’s masters as the loyal puppets they are. US military isn’t acting in US interests worldwide, what it’s doing to the countries it’s invaded, and razed to the ground, is directed by it’s masters interests. What US military has done to these countries, their people, it’s just getting started to do to you, and the location you park your sold out carcass. You’re not “American,” you’re anti-American.
            A disgrace, and embarrassment to US Constitution, the flag, US citizens, (you sold out) and humanity.

          5. DO.NUT says:

            “Anywhere is better than US”. Really? Afrika where some warlords army burn you alive based on false accusations? Latin america where cartels skin you alive just for the fun of it? Russia where you cannot protest against government? US is not perfect, but still one of the best places to live a peaceful life.

          6. Jim Allen says:

            Live in US, do you ?

          7. DO.NUT says:


          8. Jim Allen says:

            Same thing, The City of London owns them both.

          9. DO.NUT says:

            Ehmmmm … How ?

          10. Jim Allen says:

            You’ve been telling us what a genius you are, and now you wish to play dumb ?
            Get the Hell outta’ here, go to Googleville, and search it yourownsillyassself.

          11. DO.NUT says:

            What shall I google ?

          12. Jim Allen says:

            Either prove me wrong, or shut the fuck up stupid.

          13. DO.NUT says:

            There are higher missions/objectives in life than to prove something, persuade someone.

          14. Icarus Tanović says:

            You are mentally retarded prick.

          15. DO.NUT says:

            And even I can have a good life in the EU. EU is best place to live in. US second best.

          16. DO.NUT says:

            Noone is fleeting from the US lol … They even closing by their borders because everyone wants to go in … U are spreading bullshit ..

          17. Lone Ranger says:

            Only third world rapefugees want to get in.
            Meanwhile 12million Americans are living as expats, up from 6million in 2008.
            Many even renouncing their citizenship.(Thanks part to the rising cost of living, no Universal healthcare, IRS terror, gangstalking and crime waves)
            I live in the EU.
            Its a mass exodus.
            They come here more and more every year to stay for the rest of their lifes.
            Buying up property on the countryside where its dirt cheap.
            I know Truth hurts, but try to handle it.
            You are probably a 14 year old ukrop kid educated on the Disney channel.
            Thats the only reason Im polite with you to a degree…
            Time to wake up kiddo.
            Uncle Sam is toast.

          18. DO.NUT says:

            Wtf, they are driving the world, they decide where we all headed, 91% state of the art technology companies are US … Very rich americans evading taxes does not mean mass exodus lol, they are capitalists who got rich in US and flee from taxes ….

          19. Lone Ranger says:

            Ok Kiddo, time for your afternoon nap ;)

          20. DO.NUT says:

            Yes I can take a nap, but the world will not. World goes on, life goes on, and the domination of the US and deterioraion of Russia continues every second. One day when I woke from my nap, CCCP was desintegrated, and this will happen again one day when I wake up from my nap …..

          21. Lone Ranger says:

            U.S. aint dominating anything nowdays.
            Its one defeat and failure after the other :)
            Next time you wake up from your deep slumber you will read about the end of the U.S. Empire.
            Its already on its knees and crumbling.
            Bye Trollstoy…

          22. DO.NUT says:

            Lol, what area of the world they do not dominate ? They are best in almost everything …

          23. Lone Ranger says:

            In a parallel Universe maybe…
            Go to sleep kiddo :)

          24. DO.NUT says:

            It is very hard to argument with arrogant ignorant like urself …. 95% cars in russia imported, 100% computers smartphones IT equipments imported, 91% home appliances imported, software imported … There is no added value in russian economy

          25. Jim Allen says:

            “They” are not the best at anything.
            Terrorism maybe. Your super power has not won a war since 1945. Then only with allied assistance. That was the war in the Pacific Theatre.
            It was Russia that won the war in the European theatre for the allies. England knew it couldn’t beat the Germans, so brought US into the war. US quickly learned it couldn’t beat the Germans either. (why not Germany is a little country with a little military the allies excluding Russia is like a gazillion times bigger in all respects. shoulda’ had Germany’s ass whupped before lunch it’s what all you trolls say about US military the superpower)
            The allies had to talk Russia into doing it.
            Russia did do it, at a huge cost. Also for the honor of having US steal the credit. What Russia gained fighting Germany was, the Germans taught Russia how to fight. Something the arrogant sociopaths should have realized, but their arrogance predictably allowed the Zionist’s to continue to grossly underestimate the Russians in all respects. Russians sometimes seem a little sense, however they’re not, but much quicker than the West thinks. In the 70 years since Russia graduated from the German University of Whuppin’ Ass. It’s expanded on this, surpassing it’s professors by incalculable measures today. A forme rsuper power as USSR, The Russian came from zero to world power in 25 years. It does not seek super powerspower status, is not out to conquer the world. Russia cannot be compared directly with US, militarily, economically, or purpose. I know you’re far too dull, and inarticulate to understand a syllable in my comments. The fact that there’s not a nanoparticle of truth in any of your comments, that there is no positive, useful input, and you lead with the most pitiful ad hominem I’ve ever encountered, identifies you as a Western propaganda parrot troll. A subspecies that should’ve gone extinct as clearly unable to avoid the ordinary dangers of life. You fuckers must breed like rabbits. Your presense on this rock, serves only to define the reasons US Government has become the most hated country on earth today. Having taken the top spot from Israel. Relegating it to second place in being the most hated country on earth.

          26. DO.NUT says:

            Why is Russia so backwards technologically ? Compared to US, russia is 50 years behind US, and the gap is getting bigger. In the end only the most advanced civilisation will prevail, others will be asimilated. This is the universal truth – if we get in contact with another more advanced extra-terrestrial alien civilisation, it will be our end.

          27. DO.NUT says:

            Btw watch what happens in the US : they let the demonstrations go on, only when violence arises national guard steps in. And also some changes in society happened now following those demonstrations. That means it is a healthly live society. In russia – the army immediately steps in and puts demonstrants inbto jail, beats the shit out of them, assasinates political opponents — happy life in dictatorship country….

          28. Lone Ranger says:

            You are a mental midget lol.
            U.S. police forces kill 1200 people a year on avg.
            More than in 28 EU countries +Russia combined…
            U.S. also has more people in prison than any other nation, both in total numbers and compared to the number of population.
            Better luck next time Trollstoy ;)

          29. DO.NUT says:

            In russia only political opponents are in prison, criminals roam free and terrorize innocent population. Trulky a great country to live in … For criminals …

          30. Lone Ranger says:

            Swap Russia with Ukropisstan and its legit ;)
            In Russia there is law and order.
            Either way Im done with you.
            You are either a two digit IQ teen or a elderly suffering from heavy duty dementia.
            Get well soon…

          31. DO.NUT says:

            In Ukraine there is at least some progress, revolution, forward movement … In russia it is stale-mate …

          32. Lone Ranger says:

            Ukraine is going backwards.
            Energy prices trippled pensions were cut in half.
            Neonazis are at every street corner.
            Funded by the cia and local oligarchs.
            Aside from that you mixed up Russia with the U.S. …again…
            Bye bye….really bye…

          33. DO.NUT says:

            There is always some temporary price to pay for revolution, but long term the gain is multiple times larger. Without change you become stale mate in some local maximum …

          34. Jim Allen says:

            Who’s crack pipe you smokin’ ? Everyone that can afford to leave the country, that’s not a Zionist Khazar Atheist pretending to be God’s Chosen Ones, (and some that are) that have a country that will accecpt them are leaving this country like rats leaving a ship that’s about to sink without warning. (could be described as
            US Government did not close it’s borders to keep “them” out, as the arrogant sociopaths proclaimed, (and you believed unquestioningly) it closed it’s borders to keep “us” in. Every single action our beloved Government has taken in it’s short history has laid the groundwork for what is unfolding as you watch yet fail to see. In the last 30 years US Government has made no law that benefits the people. Laws it has made serve only The City of London’s interests, and it’s interested in stripping all the rights, and liberties of the people, including God given rights. Including the right of self-defense.
            To strip citizenship, religion, means to sustain independence, and survival. The masters most coveted interest is the subjugation of the US population, dependent entirely upon Government to provide the simplest of existential needs. USA, is now an open air prison, (Government closed the borders) created a large number of alphabet agencies to secure the country, surveillance that intrudes deep into every aspect of people’s lives, stripping all privacy, and recording every movement, listening to every word, has full access to all personal private records ever kept. Using the “heatlcare” system, our beloved Government created in secret, exempted itself from, instead voting itself the finest healthcare available to man, including their whole families, for life. All on the taxpayer dime. Fat raise in pay, with a pension for life, too.
            Mandating the ultimate in surveillance and limited healthcare based on “Social Status” of the individual in need of care. “Death Panel” included. Public outrage caused the Globalist masters to state this segment of their treason is removed, including a voting record as evidence. Outrage evaporated, a couple years later this segment was quietly, and nefariously inserted into an unrelated legislation at the last minute about midnight on a Friday of a holiday weekend, as the Bill went to vote.
            The Bill, (including this segment) passed the Congress unnoticed. Signed into law, and returned to it’s place in the non-healthcare mandate. This must be the single biggest act of treason in US history. Affectionately called “Obummercare.”
            Following the long tradition of our esteemed pollutitians penchant for labeling laws wit with a title that is the exact opposite of what the law actually is, and does. This mandate’s official title is, “The Affordable Healthcare Act.”
            It is neither affordable, or healthcare.
            Your life is hanging by a thread held by a healthcare system that sold itself out to the Zionist Khazar criminal Banking Cabal, under threat of the lives of the Doctors sworn to the Hippocratic Oath.
            Totally cowed, Doctors are forced to comply with Government requirements to ask patients deeply personal questions unrelated to healthcare, record answers, and turn these reports over to NSA, FBI, DEA, Home Land Security. These agencics have recently been assigned the duties that have traditionally been the duties performed by WHO, CDC, and a couple other UN alphabet agencies that have “Health,” or Humanitarian” included in their title. FEMA has been reassigned to other duties. Can you explain the reason US healthcare is being managed by surveillance, and law enforcement agencies, today ?

          35. DO.NUT says:

            This is the future of humanity. Get used to it.

          36. Jim Allen says:


      2. Icarus Tanović says:


  2. occupybacon says:


  3. Joaquin says:

    Marib city is being evacuated!

    1. TammyGlass says:

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    2. Al Balog says:

      Who evacuated? Saudi fascists? If so, that will be a great win for Ansar Allah. Marib is one of the big fish that need to be secured. Looking forward to it ??.


      1. Joaquin says:

        Yes, according to a report published in Uprising Today saudis are fleeing and withrawing their heavy equipment and… bonus detail: this is widening the rift with the Islah Party!

      2. Joaquin says:

        I think they are doing this in order to cut the way for Turkey to have a say in the war since there were reports lately that Turkey was getting involved (I don’t know to which degree), and the Islah Party is Muslim Brotherhood oriented. Obviously this will backfire against Saudis anyways and it’ll be positive for Houthis!

  4. Assad must stay says:

    great videos great work

  5. Icarus Tanović says:

    Juat go on boys, Wahhabis fleeing Maarib.

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