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In Video: Another US Supply Convoy Vaporized By Iraqi ‘Resistance’ Forces

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In Video: Another US Supply Convoy Vaporized By Iraqi ‘Resistance’ Forces

File image.

On July 30, a convoy moving logistic supplies and armored vehicles for the US-led coalition came under attack in central Iraq.

A heavy explosive device hit one of the convoy’s trucks as it was passing in the province of Babylon. The truck was carrying what appears to be a mine resistant ambush protected vehicle, most likely of the US military.

Saryat Qasim al-Jabbarin [The Breaker of Titans Company], a pro-Iranian group, claimed responsibility for the attack. The newly-founded group also released footage of the attack.


A day earlier, the group’s cells attacked four supply convoys of the US-led coalition in Babylon as well as in the southern provinces of Dhi Qar and al-Diwaniyah.

The attacks came following an attempt by the US to rebrand its military presence in Iraq as a “training mission”. Pro-Iranian forces, who wants US forces out from Iraq, were not fooled by this attempt.

A source in the “Iraqi resistance” told RT on July 31 that they may soon begin attacking US forces directly because Washington is not serious about withdrawing from Iraq.

“We are fully prepared for the confrontation, and we are the ones who determine its beginning and end, because the US wants to circumvent the will of the Iraqis and their demand to end the occupation of Iraq,” the source said.

A serious confrontation between the US and pro-Iranian forces in Iraq may indeed break out soon. The result of such confrontation will not likely be in favor of Washington. Tehran’s allies in Iraq are well-armed, informed, experienced and highly-motivated.


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‘Vaporized’??? lol

Peter Wallace

It might have blown out a back tire so close… I think they might have an underpants stall just down the road and are just selling clean underwear to the truck drivers.


You unbelievers stay in your countries and Muslim Shia stay in theirs. Promise.

Last edited 1 year ago by John

You come for Muslims, Muslims come for you. God willing.

Last edited 1 year ago by John

Atheism = faggotry


I agree EXCEPT for something which makes me suspicious of you and that is,YOU never mention those FAKE ( Ashkenazi) JEWS who are pushing all the WARS, using UNITED STATES to do the fighting, dying and killing

Oncle Ozz

You need to be burned with fire! Western civilisation is Christianity. Not Atheism.


If it were only that simple. Research the degenerate garbage from the tavistock institute. Mind controlled programming, 5g, remote neural monitoring, (RNM).

Why do think san fran and toronto are faggot centers? Not a coincidence…

Lone Ranger

Only out of curiosity why dont they have air support or something?

Jim Allen

I’m thinking that with Iraq’s recent military alliance’s with Russia, and it’s neighboring countries, there’s probably the threat of EW, and shoulder fired guided missiles being present. Also the lack of a clear target as the IED’s are detonated remotely. US has seen Russian EW in action, and that it’s counter-measures are ineffective against it, so far. Having F-16’s, and attack helicopters littering the ground in Iraq simply doesn’t give the appearance of cool, either.


Because it costs. I see a lot of people on SF that write absurd comments about the US killing muslims in the thousands, kicking Iran’s ass, this and that. But the reality of war is that it costs, in terms of human life and money.

The US has defaulted. They have a debt that is impossible to repay. They have China at their throat. They have an enemy out of Russia.

Escorting each and every convoy with choppers, would mean that each shipment will cost millions. A cost that the US cannot sustain anymore. And the iranians know that.

Tommy Jensen

Russia and China will forgive Americans because their religion says, “forgive your enemy because they were not knowing what they were doing”. Otherwise they cannot get into heaven if they dont forgive their enemies for what we have been doing. Therefore we know we can just be friends again with Orthodox Christians and Confucius anytime we want it………………………..LOL.

Last edited 1 year ago by Tommy Jensen

Phoron, not sure what you mean by atheism is fagotry, Im guessing your moslem and you attempt to insult christians, or vice versaa? in any case they both are worshippers of the same. god

Personally I wouldnt worship that god, he/she/ it promotes slavery, pedophilia and a whole lot more immoralities.

Far from worth any kind of worship imo.

Icarus Tanović

You’re Snake vulture.

G2 Man

Iraqis are quite united in their determination to expel the ruinous US and NATO occupation of their country. The humiliating defeat in Afghanistan has not gone unnoticed in a region adept to reading tea leaves. US mired in the regional bog also suits China and Russia as they have benefited immensely from the US wasteful lost wars and greatly expanded their global soft power at virtually no cost.

Ashok Varma

US suffered a $7 trillion humiliating defeat in Afghanistan and Iraq will cost even more. Time to go home and deal with growing domestic problems.


Those are Jihadists, man wtf. You talk for Muslims, in general, straight up your head.

Oncle Ozz

Atheism is a jewish subversion tactic. Atheist want you without God, without culture and tradition so you’re defenceless. Eventually atheist will always promote degeneracy like drugs, pornography, paedophilia, adultery and call it freedom. They are deamons of Satan. Atheism is not Western Culture. Christianity and Aryan traditions are the pillars of Western civilisation.

Tommy Jensen

Saddam Hussein’s forces still refuse democracy and freedom. Therefore our job is not over yet, and US will continue to enforce peace not only in Iraq but also inside Russia and China and all over the world……………….LOL.


Very good. Kill the murican war criminals.

diaper tard run for shelter

american pig trash are finished in the Middle East.

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