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In Video: Another SAA Artillery Convoy Moved Towards Syria’s Aleppo

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The Syrian Arab Army sent another military convoy towards the town of Tell Rifaat in northern Aleppo governorate. The SAA’s military buildup in the northern Aleppo has been going on for several days.

According to the footage, more Syrian T-90 moved to the North-Eastern part of the country.

In Video: Another SAA Artillery Convoy Moved Towards Syria's Aleppo

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The SAA reinforcement follows reports about the Turkish military preparations to launch an operation against Kurdish forces in the region.

In Video: Another SAA Artillery Convoy Moved Towards Syria's Aleppo

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Luis A Barreto Suarez

SAA need some air defences …


They have it. Research their equipment purchased from Russia.


They could use a modern airforce.


True but momentarily, not required. The Russians have managed to exterminate approximately 150K foreign extremists.


Yes but i am thinking of the bigger picture,when those Zionist thugs violate Syrian airspace it would be good to confront them with modern jets.

Michel LeBlanc

The zionist cowards avoid saa ad all the time.

The either attack with glide.bombs from lebanon using civilian airplanes as cover, or like last week from the american colony at al tanf.

Liberate al tanf for starters.

It would be nice if the russians flew su35 cap on the syria lebanon border, lock radars on the kike planes as soon as their airborne.

I trust the russians, very few mistakes from them since 2015. They know what they are doing.

Thanksgiving is approaching in america, time to roast some turkeys!!!


True but Pootin cannot be trusted when it comes to isrealhell as he worship the jews, children of lucifer


Think as big as you like. The reality on the ground and in the air is of importance during war. Of note, the Syrian Air Force are being trained on various Russian equipment. Of course it will take time.


Syria actually has MiG-29’s, but rarely see them as interceptors not are not best use for ground attack, they are more than capable for warding off uninvited Turkish F-4 and F-16 though.

Last edited 1 month ago by GoldStandard

Agree SAA need 10-20 more air defence


Air defense is more important than air force


What they need to combat Turkish drones is EW to cut ground links to the drones … after the last sucker punch by Turkish drones I’m sure the Russians will make sure they have it. The other threat are loiter munitions however it’s a big risk for Turkey to use drones or loitering munitions if the SAA are no longer willing to trust that Turkish drones are there for more than ceasefire observation this time..

Drones dropping like flies isn’t good for sales.


It will happen later. They are provided with it by the Russian now which is the best.


Syria and Russia are calling Turkeys bluff. Same as when Ukraine amassed their army on the contact line to Donbass and Russia put their military at their border too earlier this year. Ukraine then had to back down and accept their defeat. It was stupid of them to do this in the first place anyway. They never were a match even for Donbass.


do not forget TURKIYE is not Ukraine … Just watch this space not long now

Idlib's coming home

nice english man, i genuinely wonder what you meant in the last part of your comment. please write it in turkish. i legit wonder (i speak turkish btw)

Michel LeBlanc

Turkey is the number one enabler of salafist trash like isis and al.nusrah front.

These groups work together as an unofficial army of the west, because our politicians know the people dont want war, but business does, so as a work around we westerners have found local trash to do our work.

You are that local trash. How does it feel to be employee of the month at zionzon?

There is no greater treason than muslims working for the west/israel.

Shame on you!


Ukrainians learnt the hard way at Debaltseve. There was ceasefire and Novvo-Donbass troops made offer to Ukrainian forces – extended ceasefire to allow UA passage to withdraw from their hopelessly surrounded positions, on condition the Ukrainians left without their heavy weapons. Ukrainian’s started withdrawing in the allocated time, obut with all their armor and heavy equipment. The Novvo-Donbass troops had heavy artillery pre-sighting the road system out, and since the Ukrainian’s did not remotely follow the rules of the withdrawal offer, they were hit with devastating barrages of Grad missiles and heavy mortars and howitzers. It was serious lesson.


The turk backed hts extermination nears…

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