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In Video: Another Ballistic Missile Is Intercepted In Skies Over Riyadh

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In Video: Another Ballistic Missile Is Intercepted In Skies Over Riyadh


On January 26, another ballistic missile was intercepted in the skies over the Saudi capital of Riyadh.

This became the second incident of this kind in less than a week. The previous incident took place on January 23.

Saudi sources expectedly blamed Yemen’s Houthis and Iran for the both attacks. Nonetheless it should be noted that the responsibility for the first attack was calimed by a new Iraqi group –  the Righteous Promise Brigades [Alwiyat Al Wa’ad Al Haq]. Then, the group also vowed to carry out even more attacks on Saudi Arabia.

“The second blow will be on the dens of evil in Dubai, with the help of the Almighty, if the crimes of Bin Salman [Saudi Crown Prince] and Bin Zayed [UAE Crown Prince] are repeated,” the group said in its statement.

Therefore, the January 26 missile may have also been launched by this organization.

While there are little doubts that the Righteous Promise Brigades are affiliated with Iran, the shift in the source of missile launches on Saudi Arabia from Yemen to Iraq shows an interesting trend. Now, the Kingdom will have even more issues with defending its mainland.


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Arch Bungle

I predicted this would happen a year ago.

The Houthi/Ansar Allah and their allies are all over the middle east, not only in Yemen.

It was only a matter of time before rockets started coming in from everywhere.

Now, if they can reach Riyadh, then can reach Tel Aviv …


These new drones are overflying Jordan and coming from Northwest and most likely pissed off Iraqis who know that CIA owned Wahhabis conducted the two suicide bombings at the Baghdad fruit market a week ago. The Iraqi resistance is now cooperating with Ansarallah in targeting the Saudi cowardly scum.

Potato Man

Saudi sources expectedly blamed Yemen’s Houthis and Iran for the both attacks.

How should I put it, it is not about them being right…who did what and for what. But to put more fake blame on Iran and Yemen to cover-up their ugly face. It is propaganda 101, Zion dose it 24/7…they never tell the full story and act as the victim.

The Saudis are not trying fool any-one but their own people, Satanic evangelical in US and ofc the Nazi in EU block. The main problem is people in US, EU and Asia are careless…they hear what MSM say and believe it. It is so fuking stupid to think Iran is the only player in ME – Iran help and have very strong place in ME as they had before, but PMUs in Iraq have their own goals and so does Hezbollah & Ansar Allah – ofc they work with Iran but Iran don’t order them 24/7, at some point the Saudis and Zion stories gonna fell on their ugly faces.

BUT the same time why so many fuking morons buys stories coming out from Saudis or Zion? I would die to say people are not stupid to believe what they hear…but fuk me they are stupid as fuk. The matter of fact is goys rat, evangelical rats and Nazi are the target of Saudis – Satanic shitwhores crying to other satanic states.


Frankly, does not seem to be much of an interception and many windows in Riyadh have been taken out and two loud explosions just a few hours ago, the Iron DUD is not working again.

Ashok Varma

2021 will be a nightmare for the Saudis.

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