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In Video: Amazing Adventures Of Ukrainian Soldier Junkie

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“Kasyan Ivan Pavlovich, born in 1984.
I was drugging in all possible ways. At one time, for about 1.5 years I lived in Kyiv with a drug dealer who sold salt (note: narcotic substance). I had unlimited access to these salts. At the market, I got in touch with one addict, he offered me heroin. I don’t know where he bought it. Before that, I did not use heroin.

But in 2012, I really wanted to go to prison to test my strength.

When you inject yourself hard drugs and veins have such properties, if you prick it five times, the vein hides.
It was clear to me that this was not a joke.

This year, at the beginning of summer, I came to the military enlistment office and said: if you are thinking of taking me to the army, then take me away, if you don’t think, then don’t touch me, because the poppy will ripen soon (note: drug-containing plant) and I will not be in touch.
In the military enlistment office, they highly recommended me as a serious fighter. I don’t know why. As a result, I saw that in the last three days of my service, I was even appointed a squad commander.

I took 12 Methadone pills with me, but no one knew about it. I saw that some there used pills.
They say: “I have a contusion”, “I have a very sore head” or “My tooth hurts and that’s why I drank it.” But I understand that this is just an excuse.

Also in Kiev I was stealing. At night I was climbing the trading points and it was interesting to me. They said to me: “Why are you doing this?” And I replied that I was preparing for war. I don’t know why.

I looked into the thermal imager – there is no one, I make a hook, turn around, I see the basement and three meters away from me, a machine gun sticks out of the basement.
The question: “Who are you?”
I say: From Ukraine!
– Hands up, on your knees!
And that’s it!”

Interviewer: “Did they beat you?”

Prisoner of war: “No, they didn’t beat me. I threw the machine gun aside and said that I also had a grenade so that they (note: Russian soldiers) to take away this grenade.
They asked: “How many of you?”
I said, “I’m here and in meters 50 two more people”.

Interviewer: “What do you think, when the war will end?”

Prisoner of war: “I would like this to happen as soon as possible, but it seems to me that this is just the beginning!”

Interviewer: “Do you understand that Russia will enter Ukraine and completely take its territories?”

Prisoner of war: “I don’t know. I met live with the enemy, talked with him, they cannot be convinced and we cannot be convinced. This meat grinder will continue and in the end it will end with agreements anyway!”


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Florian Geyer

Russia cannot back down as the West plan to genocide all Russians.

The US/UK refuse to back down as both countries are hopelessly bankrupt and they need to loot the vast wealth of Russia in order to further enslave the world.

Slava Rossiya.


Geyer, that’s untrue resp. bullshit you write. Nobody wants to genocide “all russians”. Fucking jews want to genocide all white people, sadly that’s indeed true. But in this Russians are just a minor group. UKR just want to erase all russian invader troops on UKR territory. But those who go home, or surrender and not try shoot or throw grenades at them(UKR troops), are spared from being killed see:

GoPro footage released by Ukrainian forces captures the attempted detainment of Russian POWs. Everything is smooth until one of the detainees attempts to pull a grenade on the Ukrainian troops.

It’s unclear when and where the footage above was recorded. That said however, the professionalism of the Ukrainian troops in this video is worth mentioning. Shortly after the grenade detonates, the Ukrainian with the pistol can be heard telling his partner “don’t shoot these ones” in reference to the Russian Soldiers still remaining compliant. He then moves to the Russian POW who attempted to kill them with the grenade and ensures that the Russian is entirely incapable of mounting a second attack. See:


Last edited 4 months ago by Bridgeindawater

Jews you are mentioning here are whites as much as you are – blue eyes, fair or red hair – these are the one controlling world affairs not some darkie Sephardic jews from Iraq, Syria or Iran. Ashkhenazi jews are from Eurasia – mostly Georgia, Ukraine which is former Khazar country. Ihor Kolomoisky, Zelensky and similar scumbags runing show in Ukraine together with other very white jews like Anthony Blinken, Nuland and Boris Johnson aka The roasted pig fucker who has Ukrainian origin. Capital of Askhenazi jews is Odessa. So you are either totaly ignorant or an idiot who doesn’t know a shit. These Ashkhenazi jews run war in Ukraine and issue orders to Zelensky. You are bpught and payed by them and you are in their service. We have all had many opportunities to see “professionalism” of Ukrainian bandits…errr..soldiers with POWs – shot in legs, abdomen, calling families of the killed soldiers and mocking them, gouging out eyes of 19 year old soldiers, burn them alive and finally hanging them, beating shit of of wounded POWs and laughing, obviusly enjoying it. So please, cut the crap of Ukrainian soldiers “professionalism” that is almost non-existing. If they treated prisoners well it more of exception than common practice as among 400 000 soldiers there must be few who are still human. This war is made possible through existence of idiots like you are.

Tommy Jensen

Because Putin thinks he can keep all the gold for himself while the American people are suffering. Thats why!


Sad to see people like yourself. So heavily brainwashed. Hard to believe people can be so far gone. Lay off the flouride and mainstream news.

USA is a shithole, EU is becoming one

US army is using amphetamines etc. officially, en masse. No wonder Ukrainian army is full of junkies. This one was lucky and still wise enough to surrender.

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