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JUNE 2021

In Video: Al-Quds Brigades Unveiled New Ultra Heavy Improvised Rocket

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In Video: Al-Quds Brigades Unveiled New Ultra Heavy Improvised Rocket

Al-Qassim IRAM, screen grab from the al-Quds Brigades video.

On May 16th, the al-Quds Brigades, the military wing of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad, unveiled a new heavy improvised rocket-assisted munition (IRAM) dubbed “al-Qassim”.

The faction, that is the second largest armed formation in the Gaza Strip, revealed that the al-Qassim IRAM was used in an strike on a gathering of Israeli troops to the east of Khan Yunis on May 15th. The faction claimed that the attack resulted in human losses. This is yet to be verified.

Al-Qassim IRAM is armed with a 400 kg high-explosives warhead. The munition’s rocket booster has a diameter of 350 mm.

The design of the munition is identical to several IRAMs, which were spotted with the Syrian Arab Army, Hezbollah in Syria and Iranian-backed forces in Iraq. The Islamic Jihad is a key ally of both Damascus and Tehran, which may have assisted the group in the development of the IRAM.

Similar heavy IRAMs, which typically have a very short range, are used against troops gatherings, fortifications as well as hardened buildings.

Since the outbreak of the battle in Gaza, the al-Quds Brigades fired hundreds of rockets at southern and central Israel. In the last few hours, the group targeted the settlement of Nir Yitzhak as well as military positions in Nahal Oz, Amitai and Kosovim.


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jens holm

It will kill arabs there 10 to 1. Very good contraseption. As long as You kill each other, You wont come here.

pens holm

Don’t worry jens, they will come there and shove one of these things up your ass 😁

Last edited 1 month ago by pens holm

Ok it is a big rocket. What would be very useful would be to know the guidance technology. Because if they are unguided they might as well not even bother.

Jens Holm

Who cares as long as joos fry. They used to cook with gas but that seems to be in short supply.

Love Penis Holm

Don’t forget me pens you know I don’t care where .


soon you will see 10 jews die every 10 minute and that globally so dont worry things will heat up where you are aswell and even children will not be spared by the infuriated masses and this is what you created for yourselves it will only get worse


there is a large population of muslims in europe they are infuriated right now and i cant imagine jews being able to get away with their crimes without alot of losses basically all places showing off a zionist flag all places of worship all jewish schools etc it will all not be safe anymore for any of you jews and sayanim lackeys

jens Holm

If you can’t kill all jews you can come live with me and my sister ,penis lover holm. Guess what she likes :-). I have plenty room and it is warm now so I can sleep on street. All arabs welcome please come.


You can kill 10 Muslims in one minute. But in one minute, 30 new Muslims will be born who will fight for Allah.


uncivilized night porter living in US colony devoid of morality

S Balu

Jens holm

Arch Bungle

When all this is over a lot of these Al Qassam Brigade guys are going to work for SpaceX.


Iron dome will shoot this piece of shit down. Now, if the Pantsir was tasked with protecting air space, then you know this rocket will hit its target hahaha


And my dildo is much bigger hahaha


Of that we have no doubt.

Jens Holm

Going by size of your mouth we know where you stick it after using it on your butt.

Arch Bungle

Rusty Dome is failing like a champ:

Seven Badr-3 rockets were launched towards West Jerusalem, 60km away from Gaza.

One was intercepted, the other six found their targets.

All Plastic Dome is good for are Hamas old rockets made from sewage pipes.

Once they newer rockets are used, Rubbish Dome is close to useless.


poor fool the paper dome isnt made to intercept such a kind of weapon the range of this weapon and the fly path are obviously in a way in which the paper dome would just in an useless manner fire in the air above these projectiles


Palestine buys large bottle rockets for $25 each, shoots them by the thousands, Israhell uses their Mud Dome defense at $100,000 each until we (US) run out of phony money to supply Israhell with and then the Palestinians can use catapults to crush them with….. ha ha ha… Israhell is finally doomed.


i find you creatures amazing you are so delusionally in the believe that you can deal with everything but you cant deal even with gaza right now you fools even if you accept defeat and ceasefire than still you cant deter gaza anymore and because of that fact mayority of palestinians are undeterred now even in the westbank and other places


Tyrone is just some dumb attention seeking troll, probably that demented idiot Tzatz again (psycho is obsessed with this site)

Last edited 1 month ago by Antitrol

Yes, the increase in troll traffic is another sign that all does not go well.


Yes, their vaunted abilities are reminiscent of those of KSA. Of course, that Phony Dome is not at all designed to stop this type weapon is beyond your knowledge. As well, Russia’s base in Syria has never been seriously hit, ever…but don’t let that fact interfere with your manure spreading. Israel misses hundreds of rockets (Israels own words), but miraculously no real damage. Just like KSA…until videos emerge showing what liars they are. Which is also in keeping with their tradition.

Iron Dud

Exactly. Remember Patriots. During the First Gulf war back in 1991. Army & CNN were ecstatic, President Bush claimed success rate of over 97%!

Only after the war some of them told the truth – “April 7, 1992 Theodore Postol of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and Reuven Pedatzur of Tel Aviv University testified before a House Committee stating that, according to their independent analysis of video tapes, the Patriot system had a success rate of below 10%, and perhaps even a ZERO success rate!!!”


they are still 0% efficient

Toronto Tonto

A few syrian Pantsirs, not even connected, intercepted majority of the BEST israeli missiles.
Iron Dung integrated defense, basically ENTIRE Israeli Air Defense can’t even intercept most of these cheap, home made projectiles. Not even when they know when and where is the next attack. Two days ago it failed to intercept a single cheap drone lol.
So the only piece of shit is in your head.


Sure it will; how’s the weather in Tel Aviv cunt? Hot? Soon will be much hotter.


My feeling after reading the article and watching the video is that this IRAM is Jewish disinfo.


These guys are more serious than Hamas, attack troops gatherings and military installations instead of doing light show over Tel Aviv


Who cares what weapons Iran buys, they are too afraid to use them. I half expected Iran and Hezbollah to get in the current fight between Hamas and Israel, then I remembered that they are both cowards who do nothing. Watch them both do nothing while Palestinians are being slaughtered in 3… 2… 1…

jens Holm

Iron Zion said he would sort them out so they are afraid of Iron Zion . Well he once frightened a six year old when he smiled at him so one scary Zion. You would be to Anus if you met him. Did I spell your name right.


Iron Dildo working fine for Gal Gadot!!!


Haha, look at that. Non wonder that the Jews are laughing at those Arabs ^^

Potato Man

“Non wonder” indeed, do you really talk like that or what?


Black men and Arabs have been killing each other with knives and swords for hundreds of years. An intelligent white man calculated by selling modern weapons to the illiterate, they would kill each other faster. My heart beats faster in pure joy at seeing the madness and killings that illiterate worshipers commit in the name of God.


Damn, I thought they would fire the 400kg but it didn’t or maybe they did, inshallah! Go ahead Quds defend what is your, defend your freedom from zionists Jewish operssion.


the intractable conflict—due to amerikans that subside their colony Israel 3.8 $ billion per year
only USA refuses to permit UN condemnation

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