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In Video: Al-Quds Brigade Fighters Uncover, Destroy ISIS Hideouts In Central Syria

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In Video: Al-Quds Brigade Fighters Uncover, Destroy ISIS Hideouts In Central Syria

File image.

On August 20, the al-Quds Brigade, a Palestinian faction that has been supporting the Damascus government since its formation in 2013, shared a video documenting one of its recent combing operations in central Syria.

The video shows al-Quds Brigade fighters uncovering and destroying several hideouts of ISIS cells in an unspecified part of the central region. Several vehicles of the terrorist group were also destroyed.

The al-Quds Brigade, which is reportedly backed by Russia, has been operating against ISIS cells in the central region side by side with Syrian government forces for more than two years now. The group sustained some heavy losses on the hands of the terrorist group.

Over the last few days, ISIS cells launched several attacks in central Syria. An officer of the Syrian Arab Army and an Iraqi fighter were killed.

The Russian Aerospace Forces have been also supporting the ongoing operations against ISIS cells in central Syria. Russian warplanes conduct reconnaissance and combat operations in the region on a regular basis. Last week, a Russian drone crashed in the region.

The situation in central Syria improved over the last year. Nevertheless, more efforts and time are still needed to end ISIS presence in the region.


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the jimmy legs

very nice work al quds!!!!!!!

Sunni versus Sunni verus Shia versus Goat-God

The beards concern me, are they afraid of being raped as young girls by their comrades if they have a clean shaved face? It is sad that after 2000 years of being exiled by the new government they must still call themselves Palestinians? Are they not Syrians by now? Or are they keeping the blood lines pure through inbreeding like the Jews did for 2000 years while holed up in ghettos throughout Europe? Who is ISIS and why are they using the name of a goddess are they secretly gay like their jewish masters and taliban heroes? One may never know for sure, though we wish these ragtag band of desperate bandits the best! Goat-god willing you will find a home someday that isn’t trying to kill and rape your children every generation they are born.

Last edited 1 month ago by Sunni versus Sunni verus Shia versus Goat-God
Icarus Tanović

Is that’s the way you’re crying for your beloved monsters that,we did well in Homs?
Be sure we will continue! Inshallah.
Fake ‘Muslims vs Muslims.’ That is your name. Zio waste against the World.

You kikes are crude and pathetic cowards, with sewer outfalls for mouths.

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