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In UN Speech Trump Threatens Syria Wtih Strikes, Slams Iran, Boasts Of Accomplishments

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In UN Speech Trump Threatens Syria Wtih Strikes, Slams Iran, Boasts Of Accomplishments

Nicholas Kamm/AFP

During a speech at the United Nations General Assembly on September 25, US President Donald Trump once again threatened Syria with further strikes, slammed Iran and triggered unexpected laughs, when he was boasting of accomplishments of his administration.

“We urge the United Nations-led peace process be reinvigorated, but rest assured the United States will respond if chemical weapons are deployed by the Assad regime,” Trump stated adding that the UN-led Syrian peace process has to be relaunched.

The US president also slammed Iran over its involvement into the Syrian conflict claiming that “any solution to the humanitarian crisis in Syria must also include a strategy to address the corrupt dictatorship in Iran.”

He recalled that his strategy includes working with other countries to isolate, including a reduction of the oil purchases, Iran.

“We will ask all nations to isolate Iran’s regime as long as its aggression continues,” Trump said.

The president stated that the US has launched a campaign of economic pressure to deny Iran the resources for its regional behavior in Syria and Yemen. He also promised more sanctions after energy-related restrictions are introduced in November.

As to the war on ISIS, Trump stated that the US played a key role in the defeat of the terrorist group.

“Thanks to the United States military, and our partnership with many of your nations, I’m pleased to report that the bloodthirsty killers known as ISIS have been driven [from Iraq and Syria],” Trump said.

Trump’s claims that the US economy is “booming like never before” and that his administration accomplished more than “almost any administartion” in the US history.

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Trump, you sound like a windbag, all talk and no actions; your military threats and sanctions are meaningless since they are mere BS.


The world sees Trump as Israel’s chihuahua yapping away. By now he know’s what the truth is but he’s either too much of a coward to take a stand against the Cabal or they truly have something on him or his children that is keeping him pliant.

Harold Smith

Either that or his whole campaign was a calculated fraud from the beginning, which is really the most plausible explanation.


Russia is a toy country in the hands of Netanyahu…

Poor Turk

Russian actions prove something else.

Tudor Miron

That poor thing has no choice but to repeat what he’s ordered to translate.

Promitheas Apollonious

But then the debt of america still rise. by give or take few change, 6 trillion more than when he took office. The rest he says is plain BS and he knows it.


” I’m pleased to report that the bloodthirsty killers known as ISIS have been driven [from Iraq and Syria],” Trump said.”

Well Trump is indeed saying part of the truth here BUT he omits to say that large numbers of ISIS ‘commanders’ have indeed been driven ( transported by US transport) to other parts of the globe in order to keep the world chaos going and the US/UK military industrial complex busy. :)

Promitheas Apollonious

and who created them and send them to invade syria because definitely what is happening in syria is anything but a civil war.


Scchhhh. That’s a secret that only Israel ,the UK and the US know :)

Hide Behind

I would suggest that one look at real politic of those nations seated at UN that day.
US has military presence in over 130 of them, the markets of resources is controlled by US and its Eurocentric Financial allies, some members do not even have own sovereign banking systems and many have Eurocentri NGO’s within them.
Almost all the nations, even some within Eurocentric Bloc are indebted to World Bank and hundreds of their banking firms,
All of that group know what economic hardships will follow for not obeying US embargo and trade sanctions.
US can demand any and all nations surrender one or more of their citizens to be prosecuted in US Federal Courts for numerous US defined violations of its choosings; and those national leaders will comply.
The UN body has no in house leaderships outside of Security Council members, they are but petty bureaucrats, many of whom depend upon European loans to their nations in order to support their lavish and fraudulent lifestyles.
That is the real world, not one where limp wristed educated fluffs from largely the wealthiest and most educated upper class of their homelands, pampered from birth wihin Eurocentric imposed matrix.
The happiest slave is one who does not know he is a slave is an old saw with best part left out, but happier yet is the slave who overlords his fellow slaves in his masters service.
Trump told UN to kiss US ass and they will.
Personaly I do not like nor do I gloat as if a masters chief slave, but then I have been fortunate enough in life to not having to kiss any man or womans ass.

Promitheas Apollonious

You missed the whole point of it and you think US because they have manage to make all this military bases around the world and bankrupt in a very short time based on history time and not human time, that have an expiration date and die before they understand why they come on earth. Us had that when most people around the globe believed the brainwashed that US is the land of the free and the brave. So they fool temporarily all who trusted them but the world is waking up to this scam.

As for the wealthiest as you say brains dont come either with what humans mistake as education, or ability to achieve. Educated people are trained to be slaves of the system they serve and more high they get less fortunate they are.

Let me know when you dont pay taxes to any master either in your property or your income and then I believe the rest you said. In the mean time keep dre4aming you are free. I am happy for you that you been financially fortunate in your life. It helps to see clearer your surroundings.

Todd Allen

Undoubtedly the US drove some ISIS out of Syria, but we know they also flew some of the commanders out in helicopters.

Tudor Miron

You drive some in…you drive some out…That’s what US/UK/Israel always do with their irregular armed forces (ISIS/Nusra etc). In this instance driving out means rebranding and relocating to new areas.

Concrete Mike

Irregular armed forces= boots on the ground.

I became aware of how this concept was used by reading on foreign affairs magazine website.

For simplicity its an off the books army unaccountable to the us taxpayer.

This is essentially treason.

The fact that this strategy was discussed in the wide open shows…i dont know how to describe it…supreme contempt to the american people and world at large. Its saying we will do what we want to when we want for our own reasons. We are smarter than you so you must trust us.

The arrogance….

Promitheas Apollonious

The real arrogance is his claim that they respect sovereignty of the nations around the world whole they attacking and genocide them. The jerking off in this whole speech is he used Putin`s words almost verbatim, from his last speech in the meeting of SCO, where I happen to be present.

So what gives with this idiots?


ISIS defeated in Syria due to SAA/RuAF/Hiz, in Iraq, PMU wing, and Iraqi Army with minimal USAF help, really, the ‘enemies’ of Trump are the ones doing the actual work.


I suspect that all the UN diplomats with an IQ higher that that of a fish would understand that :) but the US allies would dare not say it .

Hide Behind

You may presume too little of UN Diplomats IQ, they have a high enough IQ that at the beginning when Trump stopped their laughter they shut up,they are smart enough to heel and sit like the dutiful puppies they are.

Promitheas Apollonious

you got it wrong kid. And Florian does not presume, he got it 100% right the one is presuming in this case seem to be a single digit poster with a real stupid comment as response.


They have rat like cunning I think.
Rats as yet do not endear themselves to other species and live by stealing and exist in filth.


Watching his speech live one could see the face expression of the audience and recognize astonishment and disbelieve. But none raised his/her voice confronting him about his blunder and false statements. Unbelievable!


I’m sure that the laughter came in when he took the credit for driving Isis to other countries… err I mean out of Iraq and Syria.


I think a fair number of them went to Europe on rubber boats and are now terrorising blonde Swedish and Danish women.


I’m sorry for you having to have listened to his speech. The Deep State owns him; you could say he’s their bit*h. I learned long ago not to bother listening to what the Deep State’s mouthpieces in Washington have to say. The only thing that ever changes with them are the sock puppets and I refuse to subject myself to such torture…. besides, when you’ve heard one, you’ve heard them all.


“Cows they come and they go, but the Bull goes on forever”



Jim Bim

As Putin once stated listening to someone from the Trumps admin. “I can`t take anyone serious who confuses Austria with Australia”.


“it’s difficult to have a dialogue with people who confuse Austria and Australia” more precisely

Jim Bim

Thanks :-)

Richard M

Wasn’t Obama the only US President fluent in Austrian?

Henk Poell

President Schwarzenegger might be one day.

Richard M

I’m afraid that Ahhnold may be past his “Use by” date! :D

Jim Bim


Geoff Griffiths

Iran is that country between Canada and Mexico


“Thanks to the United States military, and our partnership with many of our fascist friends & ofcourse NATO, I’m pleased to report that the bloodthirsty killers known as ISIS have been transported & relocated by our Special Forces to safer areas than Iraq and Syria,” Trump said.

Trumpster…. You are the Biggest idiot I’ve heard talkin’ in a very VERY LONG TIME…. I’d like to remind you that you are also President of the Caliphate….you USraeli-Terrorist-Cunts make me wanna Vomit….Throw a couple of Nukes on Washington & Hell Aviv to make these Retards shut up forever…thanks in advance

Promitheas Apollonious

I second this.

You can call me Al

I was going to post a few links to prove your comment; but I deleted and all I can say now is “They are Americans”, end of.


This moron Trump just shows low low the US has sunk, even the polite Swedes openly laughed at this narcissistic idiot. US is turning into an isolated joke.

Carol Davidek-Waller

Dear President Twitter
Russian defensive technology has just cut off Israel’s ability to do your dirty work, leaving US bases isolated and at risk. Blovating won’t solve that problem.
You really need to stop whining about a perfectly good deal with Iran that you walked away from. It makes you look weak, petulant.
If you look behind you, you’ll notice no one is following..

Promitheas Apollonious

some do. Like the ones who issue the directives from city of london along with their puppets in UK and france.

Geoff Griffiths

They may be leading

Promitheas Apollonious

maybe? the been doing that since the 16th century.


In order for US to start fighting terrorism for real, they would have to bomb Washington to bits. But I must admit it takes balls and no morals what so ever to publicly and proudly cooperate with the likes of Al Qaida, ISIL, Muslim Brotherhood, MEK, Saudi headchoppers, Bahreini minority Suni dictators, Israeli racial supremacist, Libyan, Tunisian and Algerian islamist gangs, South American fascists etc. and be able to scare monger about “Iranian aggression”. Let me guess, it was Iran that formulated and implemented regime change strategy that destroyed Iraq, Libya, Syria, Yemen, Ukraine, Afghanistan and almost took out Egypt. And it’s Iran trying to sanction half the Globe into submission. I wonder did the Neocons actually started believing their own BS…

Promitheas Apollonious

Been a degenerate and pathological liars comes easy for the zionist puppets. On the other hand when you are a servant of the NWO you stick to the scenario they give you or else.

What really make me burst out in laughter is when I hear him speak of the economy of amerkan, and how bad, the before him done and how brilliant he is. Obviously he did not see the memo that the last 2 years amerkans are in the hole another 6 trillion. But then again morons of the west thing the more in debt the richer they are.

Richard M

Stranger sh/t has happened. Heavens Gate cultists sliced off their own wangs to buy a ride on a comet. People’s Temple drank Kool Aid to have an afterlife with Jim Jones ruling over them. But, yeah. As far as “allegedly” sane/normal people Neocons are batsh/t crazy mofos.


Anyone seen a movie called Idiocracy? Should be required watching when dealing with Trump.

Raptar Driver

Sure, “I like money”.

Richard M

Hilarious movie. As with all great comedy it has to be based on truth.


Trump’s speechwriter :
comment image

Sid Finster

Either Trump is exceptionally weak, stupid and easily manipulated, or he knows full well that Syria has no chemical weapons and would be foolish to use them.

“Chemical weapons” are an excuse to attack, nothing more.

Promitheas Apollonious

nope is just a controlled jerk off. If in doubt all you have to do is search the deeds in his life always he been sucking c**k too late in this age to change his habits.

Allan Greedspoon

Pride always comes before a fall . .


Please God, deal decisively with the corrupt regime in the USA, and make the people of the earth aware what is really going on, help the truth to come out and let many voices speak up against the lies.

Promitheas Apollonious

I think who ever pretend not to know what is happening around the world, is either a retard clone, by product of the western system living in denial or brain dead.


Go ahead start another war Donald. I hope that bunker is deep. That’s where you’re going to get buried.
Then maybe the human race can concentrate on building a better world for all. Not just the rich.

Promitheas Apollonious

So you think if a temp employ to the system dies, all is corrected?

Because what you suggest to happen, a nuclear holocaust must happen and then most of the population of earth, will not exist. So who cares if a pervert, or all this subhumans die when good family people die and the earth goes back to the stone ages?

Robert Duran

Better the stone age than people like Bolton around..

Promitheas Apollonious

That is the talk of a loser and one who dont know where the four corners of the earth are kid. Try to think like a human being that has average intelligence rather than one who has suicidal tendencies.

Brad Isherwood

Vietnamese knocked 5000 US aircrafts out of the skies,
Killed US military over 50,000.
Iraq resistance killed over 5000 with the disabled/injury tally well over 100,000.

This US will nuke you if you try to stand up play… is a canard.
The flip side is you do nothing while Uncle Shlomo torments you,humiliates you,
Steals your land and wealth.
Syria’s totally FUBAR now that Partners deals = Partition.
Iran can expect US/Israel start directly attacking them.
They can stand up…..or be plundered like Syria.

If it’s me….I’d put Combat jets up and shoot down the IAF over Lebanon to send a clear message.
When Israel freaks out….I’d sink a warship/sub near Syria and tell them it’s your Airbases next .

Richard M
Promitheas Apollonious

well they threaten to nuke many but have they ever done it? Beside the japanese? Because it will come retaliation before their nukes hit target and they been warmed and know it.

It is not you it is the russians and the chinese and I am sure they know better than both of us what to do and when.

Luke Hemmming

Whenever Trump talks of these things about Syria and Iran just remember this. He is doing a thing in psychology called ‘projection’. Psychological projection can be defined as unconsciously assuming that others share the same or similar thoughts, beliefs, values, or positions on any given subject. According to the theories of Sigmund Freud, it is a psychological defense mechanism whereby one “projects” one’s own undesirable thoughts, motivations, desires, feelings—basically parts of oneself—onto someone else. Thus, projection involves imagining or projecting the belief that others originate those feelings.

Hide Behind

The man whosof thatee UN body wants to be Emporer of world spoke as if he was, and right off the bat he settled down the snickering children in front of him, and for rest of his, not a speech but orderings of what he wants, they obediently sat, much like well trained dogs do when their master speaks.
He slapped their organizational faces and kicked in a few members butts, by telling them when he says sit they sit, heel and they heel and no one, not even all of the UN pack, shall interfere with his commands.
Threatens to cut off their funds from US, that they are no more than stupid mutts for thinking ill of US actions towards Iran and
gets away with saying US will unilateraly determine that bodies reaction towards his economic warfare and threat of overt war
against Syria, Venezuela and Iran.
All while they sat like bobble head dolls, and clapped politely when he finished admonishing them.
All the while the Man who would be Emporer, stood there telling bald faced naked lies, and saying how magnificent he and US were clothed, and missing any child, not one of those dared tell him he stood there as naked example of viscious viper.

Promitheas Apollonious

You did not get it right kid. It is exactly the opposite of what you understood plus you only listen to him and not the ones who answered what he said.


How much of a complete waste of skin must you be, to be the president of the U$A and not be taken seriously by anyone in the world…this clown wouldnt cut it at Walmart …just a worthless person

Promitheas Apollonious

Considering the people in real power as the russians and chinese are, know all about trump and his pervert character as well all he did in his life, I think any average intelligent person would find hard to next to impossible to respect him or any of the other stooges who are supposed to be the western elected leaders.

In short hard for any real boss, to take seriously, moronic employees of the nwo. The cat is out of the bag now all the real leaders of nations outside west all they try to do is avoid if possible WW# and destroy what they try to save.

jabirujoe .

Trump the idiot can hardly put two coherent words together let alone make a speech.



John Mason

That man is a deadset, deadbeat wanker, trust the US public to keep on picking them as their POTUS.

Real Anti-Racist Action

Trumps foreign policy is totally wrong.
His domestic policy is totally right.
Why can’t we get a president who does the right thing on both.
America’s founding fathers said we must stay out of all foreign wars (It was wrong and immoral for us to get involved in the First World War, and by doing so created the 2nd World War)
We are not suppose to have a single ally ever. Not England and not Israel and no body else.
We are only suppose to be friendly with whoever benefits us. Like Germany in the 19/teens.
Like Ireland, like Iran and Russia.
Screw Europe.


Americas founding fathers were greedy businessmen, just like Trump.
The only reason they were against war, was they had to pay for it.
When they worked out that war could be profitable they were all for war.

Richard M

It’s like he is two different people. He seems to have outsourced foreign policy to Mattis, Nikki and the Evil Walrus. All of them Deep State Globalist Soros-ites.


Trump is good entertainment and a global laughing stock.

leon mc pilibin



“On September 28 – October 7, the Mavi Balina-2018 military exercise,
hosted by Turkey and participated by the country’s naval and air forces
together with NATO, the United States, Azerbaijan, Bahrain, Algeria,
Qatar, Kuwait, Pakistan, Romania and Saudi Arabia, will take place
in the eastern Mediterranean. The goal of the exercises is
anti-submarine defense training. Four Turkish frigates, five submarines,
two corvettes, a logistics support ship, three aircraft and six
helicopters will participate in the drills,” the statement read.


so let me get this straight…..turkey the supposed allied nation of russia(i dont believe that)…is in a training exercise with the enemies of russia and iran and syria where they train war against russia….and if its not russia , for war with which nation are they training for??? switzerland?marocco?


a one world government with jerusalem as its capital, under satanic jew leadership.
thats the goal.Thats the agenda.All nations that recognize the illegal satanic entity named israel are part of this agenda, including usa,uk,russia,china,eu, etc..

Right now they are finishing off those nations that show pride and honour..that will not continuosly talk about the “great friendship” with israel like russia,like usa,like uk etc… dont nobody here see a pattern..get serious…….its the nations of syria,iraq,iran,jemen that will not recognize the illegal satanic entity, on the contrary…they know they are satanic through and through…might i quote the leader of the north american freemasons, a satanic man, the creater of the KluKluxKlan Albert PIKE ” without the jewish kabbala there would be no freemasonhood, its at its center of believes”

maybe u folks forgot about the news a couple of years ago, about how the IDF shoots paledtinians only in that way, so that they can use their various organs ie. liver,heart etc… thats satanic
maybe you folks forgot how in claer skies for the whole world to see, shown on various and numerous news channels including bbc or cnn or rt were the IDF (in the last gaza confrontations) used forbidden illegal phosphor ammunition several times even on UN buildings…small kids beiing burned to their BONES..all to see for the whole fucking world..so what happened?? nada
maybe u folks forgot about the various UN security council resolutions concearing jemen including the ban on weapons for the houthis?? well russia signed on their as all others too
maybe u folks forgot about the security council resolution concearing Libya?? well russia signed off that as well…
I could continue on and on and on…its a pattern….which clearly shows…..
1. israel is above the law on our planet.period.
now ask yourselves in seriousness without having radio or tv on…in silence and start to think

why why why…. a small satanic nation built on theft and murder why why why

because they, them satanic jews control our planet
they control the monetary sytem( banks..and i bet u folks know the well known rothshild quote dont u? “let me issue and control a nations money and I care not who writes the law”

they control the information(media….look at cnn for example lol its more than obvious 97% are jews at cnn)

jews are satanic , always were always will be…..Jesus”your father is the father of all lies.Satan arihman”

AM Hants

He needs to change his medication.

AM Hants

US, supports, funds, trains IS IS. Russia, Syria, Iran, plus friends, erase them from Syria. For the US to take the credit. The masses, nod their heads, like those vintage dogs, you used to find on the back shelf of many old cars.

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