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In The Islamic Emirate Of Afghanistan All Get What They Deserve, Except Women

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In The Islamic Emirate Of Afghanistan All Get What They Deserve, Except Women
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A new dawn has come to Afghanistan, under the “new and reformed” Taliban rule.

In it, the former communication and technology minister Syed Ahmad Shah Sadat has left the country and works in Germany as a pizza deliveryman. Likely seeing in which direction the wind was blowing, he left his post in 2020 and left for Germany.

Syed briefly worked as a CEO of a telecom company in London, and then the Oxford Graduate moved on to bigger projects, namely feeding the hungry (who can afford pizza).

Just months later, when former Afghan President Ashraf Ghani fled the country, he allegedly did so with millions of dollars lining up his pockets.

Ghani didn’t lack Sadat’s foresight and made sure that he would not have to work a mundane job. Still, in the spirit of the past days, the former communications minister said that “work is work” and every position needs to be filled, in a very romantic recall of communist times.

The Taliban, after fighting against the USSR for years and ultimately pushing it out of the country, seems to be applying its lessons in practice now.

Each Afghan citizen is safe, will have a job and will get what he needs, will be judged according to his abilities.

A vivid example of this is the new Interior Minister – Sirajuddin Haqqani, head of the brutal Haqqani Network and deputy Taliban military leader. As soon as he was made into a state official, the bounty on his head was raised from $5 to $10 million, clearly he is deserving and worthy. He serves as a beacon of those opposing the US.

Meanwhile, many around the world are concerned that terrorism will be on the rise in Afghanistan, but that is a small price to pay for progress.

So far, the society that’s forming seems rather “fair” – the former communications minister has a job abroad, Ashraf Ghani has millions, and one of the most wanted terrorist gets a ministerial post.

But these are all men, what about the women?

Women should feel safe in Afghanistan, according to the Taliban. On September 9th, a group of women protested the hardline, all-male Taliban government, calling for diversity in governance.

The response they received was surprising, due to the Islamic group’s claims, but was expected. The women were attacked with sticks, stones and even whipped for attempting to put forward any form of demand or opinion.

Female cricket was banned, and curtains were introduced in universities so that male and female students were separated. Of course, the Taliban could say that being able to attend university at all is good enough. Women have nothing to worry about now, apart from the traditional European values of children, kitchen and Church (or in this case, Mosque).

With the indirect assistance of the United States, democracy and traditional family and community values were promoted! To make sure that all are satisfied and happy, the Taliban banned all protests that are not pre-approved by the movement.

The equal and safe society that the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan is building is becoming a reality with each passing day.

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Tommy Lee

I wanna make one thing crystal clear
When I want an ice cold beer
Get it real fast and say “Yes, dear”
Those are the word that I wanna hear

You’ll see it’s the way to be
Focus on takin’ care of me
You gotta make me a priority
‘Cause I’m a pretty bitchin’ commodity

Dear old Dad, now he’s dead
But when he was alive, he always said
“Make those bitches take care of you
“‘Cause that’s what women were born to do”


F, you

Tommy Lee

Hey, bitch, I do the fucking around here.

Last edited 8 days ago by Tommy Lee
Lilly Haynes

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Last edited 10 hours ago by Lilly Haynes

Than why does the government force´s us to pay as if they were our resposability in any divorce? Why does one isn´t allowed even to talk one accused of agression toward´s them?


Παραληρημα σχιζοφρενους το σχολιο.

Tommy Lee

ίσως να καταλάβαινες αν ήξερες αγγλικά.


taliban emirate is a joke they will learn how to govern justly or they will fall and somebody more fit for the job will take their place until now i have seen walls been put in schools and universities and them acting as if it is smart and right to put walls in the middle of a classroom


Ditto for the rotters in Qom


the taliban are good for warfare but not for governance they will get controlled easily if they continue with this idiotic behaviors of theirs they got no chance but to let others in to do a 1000s of jobs for them


And you know this how? Taliban wee never given a chance to govern the country in a peacetime situation. Your analysis is 99% prejudice and 1% fact


just today i talked to an afghani who just fled 4 months ago to iran this is basically what taliban has brought to itself the youth of afghanistan is scattered all around and they are themselves far to incompetent to govern a nation without all this young people


They are jahel people and can’t do shit other than ask for sadaghe from everyone then fight among themselves. You saw how they ran their country from 1996 to Sep 11th……lol. Iran needs to keep its distance.

Last edited 8 days ago by Ahson

iran will be very close in fact iran will be right beside their ear and we will make sure that afghanistan doesnt turn into a balkanized mess neither does it turn into a problem for iran inshallah we will fix this because we more than anyone have control over the situation for me an important thing is that there isnt any spilling of blood from the beginning in my view only zionist rats were basically targets to hit and iam not blaming taliban if these people die and massoud is still a target in my view until he stops the balkanization plans and demands of globalist ruled afghanistan the same with all of those who seek to do this kind of stuff

Last edited 8 days ago by farbat

again you are not in iran this is the problem how am i supposed to keep distance to something which is so close and this is why we iranians act differently than the diaspora like you but there are many other reasons aswell anyway afghanistan is our problem aswell but iran is actually unlike many thing perfectly placed these days to have these problems solved entirely and again it needs all patience and most of all it needs the pashtuns to understand that they are incompetent fools and only destroy things even further

Last edited 8 days ago by farbat

again please watch this if you can understand farsi maybe the professor can explain things better to you


دوست من فکر نمی کنید ما در 40 سال گذشته تلاش کرده ایم این کشور بدبخت را مرتب کنیم؟ آیا خودمان شوخی می کنیم؟


“jahel” is the worship of Ali and Hussain you cultist shia dog. Your “islam” has nothing to do with the Islam of the prophet


We’ll see how long you last. It was only 5 years last time…….lol……remember?

Last edited 7 days ago by Ahson

Those that ran, ran for their own reasons. There’s far too much proof that the only beneficiaries of the “enlightenment” brought by your White Masters were those who live in Kabul; The rural folk (80% of Afghan population) were pro Taliban. How the Fck would Taliban sweep to victory and remain relevant for 20 years if it wasnt for overwhelming popular support from the rural folk

Andrea Gaspardo

The Taliban has never fought against the Soviet Union. During the period of the Soviet-Afghan War of 1979-1989 the Taliban didn’t exist. They were created afterwards, during the ’90s… Do better your research. You cannot make this kind of colossal mistakes!


the taliban is incompetent in truth they didnt fight even america


there is no serious military force in west asia besides iran and the resistance connected to it and central asia is laughable they are all a bunch of incompetent depleted backyards of other bigger powers and i dont say this because i want to insult any of them its just the situation afghanistan is no different the entirety of taliban doesnt amount to much watch how laughable the government will look they dont have enough people who are competent to begin with less trained people among them are to many people who cant even read

Last edited 8 days ago by farbat

Taliban didnt fight America? really? then who did? You are drunk on Shia bullshit


iran was a century ago 10 million people from 20 million 10 million were killed in the famine the british caused to iran went from 10 million people mostly uneducated and poor rural population to nearly 100 million today with one of the best educated societies on the planet and the last 40 years after the revolution the greatest work was done irans current leader is basically somebody who made the most impossible things possible so compare that to taliban who got funded by america all the way til america leaving being basically military equipment for taliban worth more than what many nations have still taliban would wet their pants infront of iran so would anyone else who tested us


the truth of the matter is the precursor is iran to the entire region and therefore whatever happens in afghanistan will only mean something and only has sustainability if iran stands behind it and this should be taken notice of for future events


btw the talebs are the pashtun deobandi ethnic extremists and they exist for quite some time atleast since britain is in this region just to give you an example of who the talebs are they are basically a splinter group from the whole mess britain created in india and afghanistan is basically therefore part of the pakistani indian conflict aswell in the view of pakistani pashtuns there is no legitimacy to this durand line or how its called the taliban dont recognize borders at all in their ideology in afghanistan maximum 40% around is pashtun and 60% is different groups basically its 40% of afghanistan being close to pakistan and atleast 50% til 58% close to iran

Last edited 8 days ago by farbat

60% is pashtun get your facts correct


Don’t lie muzlim dalit.


to put it very simple the biggest pains on afghanistan are brought by british and france while the soviet union was behaving like a fool zealously fighting its atheist crusade and america is just a lackey so what to say about them

Last edited 8 days ago by farbat
Rodney Loder.

Family institution is not that old probably only about 8,000 years, mankind has been on the scene for about 3 million years, so 8,000 years at most is not much, also family institution was not in anyway common to humanity, the homosexual Sid Loder that handed me over to the magget Freemason jews believed parental rights should only apply to women and the father be unknown, this is typical in Western Society because of the evil spread by the jew maggots using the power of the Holy Ghost that I brought to Earth. Thank God (swt) for the Taliban its a pity brother Assad can’t be a bit more like them.


Hijab is necessary for men and women both in the Middle East because of the weather environment.

In the areas where sunlight is rarely available like Europe, there people don’t need a hijab because they would suffer from Vitamin-D deficiency. Then they would not be able to walk or do daily routine work.


Allah says in the Quran respect and don’t hate and don’t discriminate. Women are 50 percent of Afghanistan’s population and ignoring them is not wise. Taliban like Satan, ignoring the Allah rules and think their rules are better than Allah rules that mentioned in the Quran will lead them to destruction.


Mohammad’s uncle was a christian. Now you know why all stories in the Quran are the same as in the bible ^^


Fear not. Balance is being restored.


Do you think that´s bad? try to be a negro or an african in europe and try to protest against racism there, be caught by the police and taken to the police station to see what happen´s to you!! In Rt today they are reporting the government in France is ending the group that fight for african´s there since they consider them racist´s for demanding and protesting aginst the exploitation!!!

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