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In “Surprise” Turn, Former CAR President Takes Lead Of Rebel Alliance

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In "Surprise" Turn, Former CAR President Takes Lead Of Rebel Alliance

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After months of speculation, it turned out that the rebel alliance in the Central African Republic was, in fact, led by former president François Bozizé.

In a statement by the spokesperson of the alliance, it turned out that he had “taken charge” weeks before being admitted on March 21st.

Bozizé seized power in the former French colony in 2003 and was ousted a decade later, an act that sparked a civil war along sectarian lines.

The government has accused him of being behind a failed offensive against President Faustin Archange Touadera in December.

Bozizé’s spokesman Serge Bozanga confirmed that he had agreed in February to become “general coordinator” of the so-called Coalition of Patriots for Change (CPC), which attempted to block Touadera’s reelection, only to see their offensive repulsed.

Bozanga confirmed the authenticity of a document dated February 18th stating that Bozizé had accepted the CPC’s leadership “call”.

The constitutional court earlier blocked Bozizé’s bid to stand in the December presidential election, on the grounds that he was under UN sanctions over his alleged support for militias held responsible for war crimes and crimes against humanity committed during the 2013-14 conflict.

Bozizé, who voiced support for the CPC in December while urging a boycott of the elections, denied allegations of heading the group.

But now he heads it.

On January 4th, the government launched an inquiry into him for “rebellion”.

Up against a 12,000-strong UN peacekeeping force as well as hundreds Rwandan soldiers deployed in late December. The CAR government forces also received support from Russian military specialists that were requested to assist. The rebels have been in retreat since a January 13 attack on the capital Bangui was thwarted.

In "Surprise" Turn, Former CAR President Takes Lead Of Rebel Alliance

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  • The CAR former president, Francois Bozize reportedly took direct command of the rebels against the government, according to pro-rebel sources
  • On March 20, Georgian peacekeepers completed its peacekeeping duties in the European Union training mission in the CAR and have returned to Georgia.


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Jihadi Colin

I have my doubts about any government that is supported by the “United Nations ” and I have extremely grave reservations when said government is also backed by the war criminal genocidaire Paul Kagame regime of Rwanda. I do hope Russia knows what it is doing.

viktor ziv

“François” is his name… WTF!!! :D

John Wallace

It used to be a colony of France so many of the Africans were given French names which has continued. Just like former British colonies where the native take English names. Sixpence or days of the week were common names


Don’t forget ‘ Moneypenny’ as well :)

John Wallace

I will have to ask James about that one.. :-)

The Objective

Russia meddling in Africa again.

cechas vodobenikov

pervert looking for boyfriend at SF again

John Wallace

Are they called CJTF-HOA and USAFRICOM

John Wallace

Is that why they changed the name of one of their Universities to Lumumba University.. You know Patrice Lumumba the first democratically elected leader of the Congo 1960 who was assassinated by the CIA so they could bring democracy to Africa..

mocracy too th



John Wallace

Wow .. that worked .. :-)

Potato Man

LOL, what do you have to say to EU and US?
Fun fact, you do know it was West that fuked Africa.

Jihadi Colin

Are you sure your name isn’t “The Object”?

John Wallace


John Wallace

Looks like you upset him..

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