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JUNE 2023

In Special Operation: Syrian Army Frees Remaining Al-Suwayda Hostages From ISIS (Video)

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On November 8, the Syrian Special Forces freed all the remaining al-Suwayda hostages from the ISIS hands during a special security operation in the eastern Homs countryside, according to the Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA).

“In a heroic and precise operation, a group of heroes of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) clashed, in the area of Hamimah east of Palmyra, with a group of ISIS terrorists, who had abducted women and children from the governorate of al-Suwayda weeks ago … after fierce battle our heroes managed to free all the hostages and killed all the terrorists,”the  SANA said in a short press release.

The state-run news agency didn’t provide further information about the special operation. However, Syrian pro-government activists believe that Russia Special Forces may have played a role in the supposed operation, especially that they were deployed in al-Suwayda earlier.

The hostages were abducted on July 25 during a brutal attack by ISIS terrorists on several villages in the eastern al-Suwayda countryside. Back then, more than 250 civilians and local fighters were killed.

Last month, ISIS released six of the hostages after reaching an agreement with the Damascus government, under which twenty-five people affiliated with the terrorist group were released from Syrian prisons. However, the agreement collapsed few days later forcing the SAA to resume its military operation against ISIS cells in the heavily fortified area of al-Safa.

Now when the hostages are freed, the SAA and its allies will be able to use all their fire power against the remaining terrorists in al-Safa.

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Promitheas Apollonious


Concrete Mike

No deals made here…take notice trojan fool


Good news! Finally !


Of course, without Russia help SAA does not know what to do. Now, it is time to erase totally the terrorists from Al-Tanaf withou any mercy. Ca you do that SAA ?

Luke Hemmming

Of course they can. “The force is strong with this one.”

R Trojson

Best news from Syria in weeks. Finally Russia has no excuse not to bring the full weight of Russia’s military down on ISIS. Go get them Putin, make us all proud. When you finish with al Safa this week how about starting on the huge ISIS base Southwest of the Euphrates

Jim Bim


Pave Way IV

WTF?? Hamimah (Humaymah) in Eastern Homs?? That’s almost at the T2 pumping station.

I thought the starving hostages were being held in the al Safa volcanic fields 200 miles away – that’s why the SAA couldn’t just pound the besieged headchoppers into dust. Why would the SAA have any more luck getting these hostages back in a battle with ISIS in Humaymah without ISIS killing them first?

Makes me think this was a negotiated release and the hostages were transported to and being held in the U.S. safe area. That’s the Hajin – Al Bukamal corridor where CENTCOM’s Operation Failed Roundup just LOST all of their gains since May. Probably shouldn’t have back-stabbed our SDF cannon fodder until they were done dying for our (US) regional ambitions and our Saudi/Israeli masters.


In this series of tweets by @NorsForStudies, they say 19 Druze were released via negotiations with Iranian Militias, not the SAA. Take it for what it’s worth. Garbled translation:

As we have already mentioned, the release of the detainees was done through a deal, not through the matroge of his Assad militia from the dunkshoot battles in the intimate agreement with the Iranian militias in particular, without intervention by the Assad militia, and without details of the deal



“I thought the starving hostages were being held in the al Safa volcanic fields 200 miles away” This is what ISIS wanted everybody to believe to slow down operations at Al Safa, and it worked. The hostages where taken well before the area was sealed off I think. Good to know they are freed. Now pace of operations might pick up, this situation has been going on for WAY TO LONG.

AM Hants

Brilliant work. Brilliant news. Were they the hostages they took, trying to create a CW false flag, to blame on Syria?


Double good news … these terrified victims can return to their loved ones and SAA & Russian special forces are now finally able to wipe their captors off the face of this earth.

Luke Hemmming

Looks like BBQ’ed jihadis are back on the menu boys.


Great job, congratulations!

alejandro casalegno

Congratulations.!!!!……..but only a syrian operation??….no Spetsnaz there??

Hard to believe………….


In such cases, Special forces always make the difference.

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