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In Search Of Escalation: Ukrainian Armed Forces Destroy Two DPR Infantry Fighting Vehicles

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In Search Of Escalation: Ukrainian Armed Forces Destroy Two DPR Infantry Fighting Vehicles

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On October 28th, Ukraine’s Armed Forces destroyed two armored fighting vehicles, part of the Donetsk People’s Militia near the contact line.

Footage of the incident was published by a member of the Ukrainian volunteer battalions, Roman Donik on his Facebook account on the evening of October 30th.

The intelligence of the 93rd OMBR of the Armed Forces of Ukraine “Kholodny Yar” noticed three infantry fighting vehicles, which the DPR forces drove to the front line in violation of the Minsk agreements.

A UAV was used to correct the fire, while traditional weapons were used to destroy the IFV’s, not a Turkish Bayraktar TB2 combat drone.

Meanwhile, the Kiev government reported that the DPR and LPR forces violated the ceasefire agreement on October 31st 14 times.

Near Luhanske and Maiorskу, the UAF’s adversaries reportedly fired grenade launchers. In the area of ​​Novo-oleksandrivka, the invaders fired large-caliber machine guns.

“Our defense positions near Svitlodarsk were twice fired at with large-caliber machine guns and other small arms. Not far from Maryinka and twice near Shumy, the enemy opened fire using 82 mm mortars.

In addition, in Luhansk region, Ukraine forces spotted a UAV, likely an Orlan-10, breaching the line of contact.

A Ukrainian military serviceman was injured in hostilities, the report said, adding that the soldier was evacuated to a hospital where he is undergoing treatment in “satisfactory condition.”

Ukrainian troops returned fire, allegedly using weapons allowed by the Minsk agreements and forcing the adversary to cease fire.

On the Donetsk People’s Republic side, the militia claimed that UAF violated the ceasefire agreement twice since the morning of November 1st.

UAF shelled the 6/7 mine in Gorlovka, and the settlement of Alexandrovka near Donetsk city, with 82-mm artillery.

The conflict in Eastern Ukraine is constantly simmering, with various provocations attempted by the Kiev government in an attempt to exacerbate the situation.

On October 29th, Kiev reported that 19 ceasefire violations took place, and 5 Ukrainian soldiers were injured.

“Near Prychepylivka, the invaders fired automatic machine grenade launchers. In the direction of Zaitseve, the mercenaries twice used automatic easel-mounted grenade launchers and small arms. Toward Starohnativka, the enemy opened fire with small arms. Enemy troops used grenade launchers of various systems and small arms near Maiorsk and twice near Novotoshkivske. Outside Novoselivka, the occupiers fired 82 mm mortars. Toward Katerynivka, the enemy fired twice, employing grenade launchers of various systems, large-caliber machine guns, and small arms,” the statement said.


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Time to liberate Novorossiya from the Kiev nazi regime, Wake up Russia!

Putin huylo

Your articles regarding Ukraine always make me laugh profoundly. It’s hard to be more biased as you are. Get your heads out of Putin’s ass.

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