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In Picture: Syrian Air Defense Troops Send Message To Trump’s “Smart” Missiles


Syrian Air Defense troops are sending message to US President Donald Trump’s “smart” missiles, which, according to the President, “will be coming” soon.

In Picture: Syrian Air Defense Troops Send Message To Trump's "Smart" Missiles

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Just a reminder:

By the way, on April 12, the White House Press Secretary officially stated that the US does not rule out striking Russian forces in Syria also.




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  • World_Eye

    hah nice

  • alejoeisabel

    Once the Anglo/Zionist fail, the Syrian coalition can march into the occupied Syrian Golan Heights, and liberate it. Everyone is ready to address the root problem in the Middle East and liberate the great Jewish people form the shackles of Zionism.

    • Judith

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    • Joe

      SAA can actually start attacking the US bases …. as the air force would would too spread out and go in Houthis style with lots of ATGMs.. Not only that Russian and Iranian sams will make short of any A10s…

      Curise missiles from ships cannot do much damage to Hezbollah fighters.


    • Enkidu

      “the great Jewish people” don’t you dare come here with that bullshit.

    • Hisham Saber

      Jewish people need to liberate themselves from the shackles of the Talmud and Kabbala. There is where the source problem exists.

      Zionism is but a small part of the problem , and only recently came about in 1895. While Jews have been starting wars for 2000 years now, as Mel Gibson said.

      Its the sick and racist supremacism and complete hatred of the said two volumes I mentioned for you that need to be banned on earth.

    • Justin

      yeah i believe the kurdish areas will be the first arts to be liberated as these areas are a direct threat to iran!
      Think Kurdish state! that would includes Iraq’soil fields and also bases right next to iran’s Kurdish region!

  • Russie Unie


  • mhtsaropinigitakis

    actually it should be FUCK neocons…Trump is just a stupid 8 year old doing their dirty work

    • john

      I believe it is two years old . . . not much more . . . maybe less . . .

      • Promitheas Apollonious

        drugs and booze will do that to an old fart.

  • JEinCA

    We don’t need to bait the President. There are actually strong voices of reason in the US (who got Trump elected) who are trying to talk him out of this reminding him of his campaign promises to make peace with Russia and to not pursue regime change in Syria. Lets pray he listens to Michael Savage, Pat Buchanan and Alex Jones who are imploring him to not do this thing.

    • 1691

      Are you ok? Those are the representatives of the controlled zio- opposition. Don’t you have normal people in America?

      • Promitheas Apollonious

        No they dont have normal people in america just brainwashed clones with very few exceptions, just to prove the rule.

    • Promitheas Apollonious

      You are still on the cover of the book kid. I strongly suggest you open it and understand your facts straight. You just mention all the people they use to brainwash you telling you very much what you want to hear, just like trump did.

      Wake up to reality not because you can do something about it, but just to know the truth before all america become a no land man.

      • paul ( original )

        Sadly I think you are totally correct. There will be some who might speak
        up but the idea that some how the ‘people’ can put a stop on what has
        been decided is just to walk into disappointment. Now why this is
        happening now is a question. You have some insights I think. For me I
        can see that Russia is becoming militarily strong very quickly but
        needs may be two more years to get to the point they are aiming at.
        Sensing this I think the usa seeks to confront Russia before its
        power becomes overwhelming and such a thing would be impossible.

    • Vitex

      I admire the chutzpah of the Syrians to give the Donald the fingers. Especially when they are facing death – but perhaps they have been facing death for long enough that they laugh at it. That’s what constant war does – it produces warriors. Fuck you Trump!

      • Promitheas Apollonious

        trumpo, only follows the instructions of his masters in UK. Same as every one else. I hope they make the mistake because the only thing that can clean this shit world as the NWO created is a good war.

        It give us a chance to clean our countries form the trash called west and the islamist they have bring by the millions in our lands.

        High time for the guns to be free. And if they dont free them we will.

    • nshah

      hahaha.. he was the chosen idiot since the 1st day of election.. Americans had been duped again by that bastard conman.. lol..!

  • Ted

    So are these the same guys who were obviously asleep the other day when Israeli pilots came by? Less time on face book more time on the radar scopes would be my suggestion.

    • RichardD

      Even low and slow baby raper missiles traveling at 500 mph are only in the air for a few minutes when they’re launched from Lebanese airspace at the Syrian border. Taking down 5 out of 8 when they’ve got one hand tied behind their backs because they can’t shoot at the planes or the missiles at launch is respectable. If the gloves come off and the Russians get involved, those pilots would be dead and no missiles would have reached their targets.

      • paul ( original )

        I want to see those gloves come off and the mailed fist brought to bare.

        • RichardD

          Not me, I want to see Trump let the inspectors do their job and get out of Syria and Afghanistan like he said that he would.

          • paul ( original )

            Well it’s certainly a hope but not one I have high, indeed any , confidence in.

    • Promitheas Apollonious

      a suggestion of an idiot who can not put the dots together has very little value.

  • LR captain

    guys the Donald cook as moved away from syria according to this source https://twitter.com/bjoernstritzel/status/984307302391050241

    • Joe

      That is the symbolic ship to sink . Everyone in the world knows that shipl’s incidents.

  • Rancho Deluxe

    I guess they dont Twitter, but they text their threats! How many, I skeered!!! HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA

  • That Guy

    Oooh saucy, but the language used is kind of unprofessional. It’s ok though.

  • rmarbertin

    got to appreciate his tweets though, like a bell around the deep state’s neck. (that’s what cat owners do when they don’t want their cats killing birds)

    • Promitheas Apollonious

      yes remind me of a moron who took more than he can bite and think that by threatening as a bully in a kindergarten yard, any one take him seriously. A puppet who farts very loud, with the mentality of a 2 year old.

  • Starlight

    Day and a half late for this ‘news’ – hardly worth reporting when not timely.

    Anyway Baghdad Bob amused the world with his tales of Iraqi defiance as Tony Blair tore thru the land and murdered hundreds of thousands of innocents in the first few weeks of his invasion. And Bob was given honored status by Tony Blair, unlike the innocent leaders of the Iraq government who were hunted down one by one by the Americans and their Iranian allies and eventually executed.

    So brave words from our ‘boys’ are really not worth reporting in ‘joke’ form. If we are decent Humans, we take the infinite bravery of all the men and women defending Syria as I type as read. And a sizable number of thes these wonderful people will be DEAD in a few weeks at most, as ball-less Putin completes his sell-out of Syria.

    Craven zionist appeaser Putin will live on- such people exist to walk on the bodies of the dead they sacrificed for their own personal needs. And the dead will be silent, unknown and forgotten by most.

    I once hoped Putin would be the man to save Humanity- what a joke that turned out to be. Yes, I knew about the jewish monkey on his back, but honestly thought he could rise above that limitation. Sadly not.

    How many innocent people, friends and family of those brave Iranians slaughter by the filthy filthy jews, had their lives shattered for all time when Putin gave Israel the greenlight once again to mass murder and maim in emulation of their true god, Adolf Hitler. But few here feel the pain of the living victims of the jew filth that Putin so willingly serves,

    Yesterday Putin’s man in Israel told the jewish people that Russia would destroy Iran if Iran ever dared to try to protect itself against the jews neo-nazi war crimes. That’s where your hero Putin stands.

    I wish bravado like the above pictured note meant something in the real world, but it does not. The greatest blitz in Human History is about to fall on Syria and not one person in a real position of power is going to do a damned thing to stop it, least of all Putin.

    And our tears of rage and disbelief should be enough to drown the planet. The most curious statement in Hitler’s Mein Kampf was the one that said the jews, unstopped, would lead to the end of all life on Earth. Hitler was a lesser demon- no where near as bad as Tony Blair, for instance, but a demon nevertheless. Yet he felt inclined to mention this prophecy that would have not made sense to any nazi follower at the time.

    And when I say ‘demon’ I mean that which comes about when a Human invites a demonic force into his or her corporal body. The demon integrates with the Human Soul and the two become one while the body still lives. All demons are evil (anti-life), creating the circumstances for mass murder and mass terror, like a serial killer on a planetry scale. But as Hitler became a full demon, he clearly had visions, some of which appear in mein kampf.

    Anyway Human existence requires we locate and fight the demons as they appear on the Earth. When we fail to do this, as in our time, the Human Race begins the the final twilight. And then we let down the final defenders- let the monsters take them as we have witnessed in Syria, and will witness again to a vastly greater degree in the next few weeks,

    The jews directly relate to the end of Humanity, which is why they can always be found cheering the most vile acts of purest evil. See the jewish laughter at the atrocities in Syria, or the jews who rushed to be spectators as fellow sniper jews sniped so many unarmed protestors in Gaza.

    The jews don’t do the best work for the demons- no, that’s Blair’s FABIAN team (you lot really must learn about the history of the fabians). The jewish job seems to be to goad and mock Humanity. To make Humans feel worthless and helpless.

    To end, let each of us here take a moment and imagine the pain and misery of a dying syrian whose only ‘crime’ was to be a target of the jews and the fabians and the wahhabis. And then the never ending pain of that victim’s mother, father, son, daughter, wife, husband, lover, friend etc. The demonic evil carried out by so many willing Humans in the name of jewish supremacy, or greater Saudi Arabia, or the unstoppable power of the American Empire. Let us NAME our friends and NAME our enemies- worship good and despise evil with all our soul.

    And one dead innocent Syrian, betrayed by Putin, is worth a BILLION Putins.

    • Caesar

      I find your contribution sobering.

    • 1691

      Having wet dreams, starlite?

    • AJ

      You really need to reduce the size of your posts they are becoming rambling monologues which whilst the effort may seem worth it to you I doubt anyone is reading them – be concise & to the point. NB talking of demonic forces makes you sound insane

      • GRAHL

        Lol, true. Couldn’t agree more. But there’s a couple of whack jobs on here who go on plenty of rambling monologues and even claim that aliens are talking to them, but as long as its anti-Semitic, anti-American rambling then the only response on this forum is accolades and upvotes. So I guess it should be open forum for anyone’s opinion, eh?

        • zman

          And then there are those who try to sound as if they are the voice of reason. But you know them by their words…such as denoting all comments that are applauded are only for anti-American comments, which they would like one to believe is not warranted…which they are. Then the anti-semitic tactic comes, as if it represents everyone to be ‘anti-semitic’. No matter many here refer only to Zionists and not ‘semites’ or Jews. Regardless, one should realize that those 2 entities have earned their scorn from the rest of the world…whether one uses left hand compliments to belittle those who are aware or not. This is an open forum…witness your own comment.

          • GRAHL

            Boy that was rambling, but I get what you’re trying to say. Let’s just say I agree on the wonders of an open forum, and my original comment is as truthful as it is concise!

    • ashley

      where do you get off calling your only strong ally a traitor and a coward?
      what do the Russian people owe Syria?
      When has Syria come to Russias defence?
      You are either a troll or a foreigner…real Syrians are grateful for the true friend Russia has been.
      You are definately delusion with wild fantasies of conspiracies that only exist in your corrupt mind.

      • GRAHL

        You just described 90% of this forum in that last sentence. Btw, just because his post takes a slight anti-Russian tone doesn’t make him a troll. It’s an opinion just like everyone else’s.

        • zman

          …and you sound just like those here in the US that continue to bleat the same old rah rah USA no matter what crimes they commit. Your tactic of demeaning those that do not drink the kool-ade is recognized as well. Since you seem to dislike the flow of conversation here, might I suggest you go to Breitbart for a more enjoyable experience for you.

          • GRAHL

            I bleat the same old rah rah rah? Lmao. You gather that from what? Just pointing out some hypocrisy that’s all. If my comment doesn’t pertain to you then don’t get offended. You don’t like it, that’s fine.

  • Elisabeth Jenders

    “You shouldn’t be partners with a Gas Killing Animal who kills his people and enjoys it!”
    And you shouldn’d be partners with a country run by money and power greedy Wall Street and Neocons who let their own people and land be burned, drowned, or affected by droughts, caused by weather manipulation and electromagnetic weapons, who poison people with vaccines, fluoride, GMOs and MSG, and make them homeless by fraud and deception, like happens in the USA.
    To call someone an animal is an offence to animals. They are creatures with a soul.

    • Brad Isherwood

      Citizens globally are really getting scared by the Insanity which they see thru and recoil from.

      Globalism agenda has gone from Ghia to full war for Bankers and Israel.
      People recognize this now.

      The Left who really did protest wars since Vietnam is now recognizing it has been corrupted by sycophants who stand by Money at the movies end.

      It’s shocking. ..yet it’s good.
      A person recognize they were deceived is highly motivated.
      Trump and Clinton Crime family reveal the con on society

  • Dušan Mirić

    Don’t boast. Just – make them to smell fresh grass

  • Dušan Mirić

    Don’t boast. Just – make them to smell fresh grass from close range

  • velociraptor

    Trump sure got diarhoe.

  • Pavel Pavlovich

    Everyone should be aware that in a new nuke missiles crisis the USA would certainly loose.

    The difficulty is the lack of readiness of the Russian “people”. Yet after the 50+ vote for

    our great leader the hope is growing.

    • paul ( original )

      You may well be correct. Here is a thought for your consideration. People
      always assume that a nuclear war would be on the strategic level. But
      my assessment is that the usa has no stomach for this and would not
      do it. Rather there would be some targeting of military assets
      outside the ‘homelands’. By this I mean overseas bases outside
      Russia and America would be attacked. But the point is Russia has
      very few such bases while America has numerous bases.

      This notion is at least worthy of consideration. For example I think the
      usa is restrained for attacking N Korea because of the many us bases
      in the region which are not protected and are easily in the range of
      whatever missiles the N Koreans do have.

      • Pavel Pavlovich

        Indeed, and history provides us with ample evidence to make such statements.
        The bombing of the US barracks in Lebanon, for one, whereupon the Yankee Doodle Dandees skittered home. And do we not all remember how the Cuban Crisis ended? (Keeping in mind that the number of nukes the USSR had at that time was one order of magnitude less in number).

      • Pavel Pavlovich

        What is more, the N Koreans are in fact ready for such a drastic action. They are one of the few truly independant nations in today’s monopolar world.

  • Marcos Edder

    Lol! this was amazing!! hahaha

  • Davki

    Strange how so many people whish to have intercourse with the current US president… I certainly don’t. But yes, صاحي، صاحي، صاحي

  • nshah

    Yeah.. fuck u swine Trump..!