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In Photos: Weapons And Equipment Of US-backed Militants That Surrendered To Syrian Army

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On April 15, a unit of the Maghawir al-Thawra militant group, funded and trained by the US-led coalition in the al-Tanf zone, surrendered to the Syrian Army with all of its weapons and equipment.

According to the Russian Defense Ministry, 27 members of Maghawir al-Thawra, which is both funded and trained by the US-led coalition, surrendered to the Syrian Army with all of their weapons and equipment. These included 9 vehicles, 11 weapons including 4 heavy machine guns and 5 grenade launchers, as well as up to 7,000 rounds of ammunition of various calibers for small arms, more than 20 RPG rounds, and 6 high-tech communication devices.


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Neo Onh


John Wallace

Well it is a start but 27 out of how many hundreds / thousands. Maybe word will get back to the others that may induce many of them to do the same.. The US have absolutely no right to be there. If they want to control that road then they can go into Iraq and do it there and fight out that occupation with the Iraqi government.

Peter Jennings

That’s good news, but one has to ask why they have thrown in the towel. Is this the thin end of the wedge and a complete collapse of the US/nato/isreali effort to destroy Syria is imminent? Those who are still flogging this dead horse for the yankie dollar and isreali ‘security’, it’s time to cut and run before the american’s leave them behind as a rear guard.

From the images, it doesn’t look as though this group was well armed. Maybe the dollar isn’t buying what it used to. The intel gleaned from those who no longer want to play terrorist will be very useful for when the SAA head to al-tanf.


April 17th, the independence day for Syria, Eid al-Jala’a.

Live free forever Syria. Proud to have you as a friend.

comment image


Not only this tweet by AndrewBritani is deleted, his whole account does not exist anymore. Wonder what dangerous and awful material he published that warrants an account termination. Probably ruining the narrative that these people aren’t actually a family of smugglers. Free speech my foot!


I can still see him Garga – maybe a little COVID-style internet sensorship! And you’re Persian of course, so you’d qualify for special treatment because you’re part of the “axis of evil”. Which always reminds me of Dr. Evil in Austin Powers


Oh, thank you. I see it now through a proxy. There are a lot of deleted tweets, YouTube videos and accounts so I thought it’s just another day in Free Speech paradise.

Strange, because I could see other accounts and tweets, TheDailyDon was open on another tab.


I’ve noticed that Youtube has been “sanitizing” – they don’t remove videos, you just can’t watch ’em!

northerntruthseeker .

What we are looking at is millions of dollars worth of US taxpayer bought weapons! It does make one wonder what the amount of physical weapons the US actually has now built up and stored at their illegal forward base at Al Tanf!

And all this has been going on while Americans are locked up in their homes thanks to a bullshit ‘VIRUS’???


The worms of the desert were NOT the ones who surrendered but another group. The worms of the desert were trying to stop it as they are made up of drug smugglers and worse than the maffia and are paid by the US invaders.


It is telling that they’d rather trust in the Syrian government than in the USA


Are they being abandoned by their masters and decided to go themselves early? This could be interesting.

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