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MAY 2021

In Photos: Taliban Shot Down Black Hawk Helicopter Of Afghan Army

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The Taliban announced that its forces had shot down a Black Hawk helicopter of the Afghan Army in the province of Helmand.

In Photos: Taliban Shot Down Black Hawk Helicopter Of Afghan Army

Click to see the full-size image

In Photos: Taliban Shot Down Black Hawk Helicopter Of Afghan Army

Click to see the full-size image

In Photos: Taliban Shot Down Black Hawk Helicopter Of Afghan Army

Click to see the full-size image


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  1. guest says:

    Graveyard of Empires. Afghanistan is costing the US impoverished taxpayers as their is nothing to steal in this barren land. Iraqi and Syrian oil theft is paying for the occupation of Afghanistan.

    1. Iran has many surprises for the US occupation of Afghanistan, we’ll see in the coming months of 2020..

      1. guest says:

        Iran should help all resistance forces as it weakens the US. Iraq and Syria so far are low cost for US in terms of casualties.

      2. MikeH says:

        The surprise downing of the E-11a spy and command plane earlier this year is entirely off the news now.

      3. occupybacon says:

        Indeed Iran closing ties with Pakistan now, everything is possible.

        1. Treacherous Pakistan, not only do they send Balochi terrorists to Iran, they also allow the US a stronghold in Central Asia

          1. guest says:

            MEK, Zionist and Saudi terrorists are also operating from Pakistan.

          2. MEK headquarters is in Albania

          3. Zionism = EVIL says:

            Indeed, 15,000 of the arseholes were kicked out Iraq by the PMU.

          4. Ashok Varma says:

            Pakistan is a failed state and terrorism hub and friend to no one.

          5. occupybacon says:

            Iran is improving the relations with them and their support of those terrorists is lower now. With the Americans, they had no other chance…

          6. Zionism = EVIL says:

            Iran is now in a stronger position as India and Afghanistan are supporting the separatist Baluch and Pashtuns who are facing the Punjabi cunt corrupt army repression. The Chinese are fed up with feeding the Paki cunts and have sighed off on the Iran deal and will by-pass Gwader. India has a very strong and growing presence in Afghanistan. Kabul is full of Indian products and the first major trade train via Iran reached the Afghan border last week “as I had posted” :)

          7. occupybacon says:

            You are talking about names that are total stranger for me, if there is a site with these maps and news I’d be grateful.

          8. Zionism = EVIL says:

            Sorry which names. I will give a list of sites and names if you point me to what you are looking for?

          9. Zionism = EVIL says:


            Baluchistan is a historical part of Iran and the Pashtun areas of Pakistan always belonged to Afghanistan, and the British cunts gave them to the fake Paki state in 1947.

          10. occupybacon says:

            Thanks man, that’s a good map and is oppening a new perspective for me, always happy to learn. Do you have a direct link to that site? I have found only their wikipedia page…

          11. BMWA1 says:

            Tajiks have the prettiest girls…look Perssian to me!

          12. occupybacon says:

            Those regions and the separatists, don’t bust your ass for me, one would be enough for noob me

          13. JIMI JAMES says:

            Rail link from india to iran to russia,formely agreed,cia in akk tatters now,
            also huge russian pipe from pakistan-agfhanistan-russia vica versa on the cards too,medis will try everything to het pakistan on their side,but china+iran= too huge to overcome,either way cia/usa/petrodolla is on death row now,pending!

    2. occupybacon says:

      Syrian oil is not paying at all, Mexico has 4 times more oil than Syria.

      1. Zionism = EVIL says:

        Seriously kiddo, think before you post. Mexico has 128 million people and a large economy and acute nationalism against the hated gringos, you think the Americunts and Jews can steal Mexican oil? me thinks not. The Mexicans are burning down half of AmeriKKKa. Most of US was stolen from Mexico anyway.


        1. occupybacon says:

          Lol. Unlike Syrria before 2011 Mexico was never an united country, they get a lot more money working in USA and sending money at home, than from the oil.

          1. Zionism = EVIL says:

            Mexico was a Spanish colony, only in the 1900s they developed some form of nationalism. Syria is much smaller and was not a state until the end of Sykes-Picot. Think carefully or a downvote is coming :)

          2. occupybacon says:

            I’m the magnet of the downvotes, babe. Do as you please, I have plenty of downvoters. Mexico is split between cartels andcseparatist regions.

          3. BMWA1 says:

            I think the nationalism became strong around time of Juarez…a bit earlier….around time of Max the Austrian.But I find the Mexicans to be quite pro-Russian.

    3. Zionism = EVIL says:

      Kipling summed it up after the British arseholes lost their whole garrison, but the surgeon left alive. Most of the Brits were skinned alive.

  2. occupybacon says:

    My two cents are on taliban will be 10 times stronger after Americans will leave than 20 years ago, before the invasion. Now they have a lot of experience, better intelligence, closer military ties with neighbours and now won’t need to hide their financial relations with Gulf kingdoms like before the invasion. Well done America!

    1. guest says:

      America has the Midas touch in reverse, everything it touches turns into merde.

      1. occupybacon says:

        Not everything. ME actions had hurt ME and them equaly, I mean their nation, which was fooled by their oligarchy and MSM.

        1. Zionism = EVIL says:

          Holy shit, another upvote :)

          1. occupybacon says:

            They will burn things until national guard will shoot a dozen, then they will cry on MSM for a while and proclaim that day free food stamps holyday. But the circus will be fun, we’ll see anchors crying and pulling their hair off and ‘comedians’ calling Isis to behead trump. America is crazy but won’t fall because of a bunch of antifa and poor blacks used for audience.

      2. Zionism = EVIL says:

        No doubt US is a shithole, literally now and their own media now openly acknowledges that .

    2. Lazy Gamer says:

      But will they be willing to reform their strict way of life or will they bring Afghanistan back to the medieval ages? Im in support of the Americans leaving but i fear the rollback of basic human rights.

      1. occupybacon says:

        Americans unfortunately didn’t improve any human rights there, it was just propaganda. So they won’t change anything.

        1. Lazy Gamer says:

          There was a bill of rights. It is in paper but practice may be different. But in any case, that still would be much greater than what the Taliban is likely to impose.

          1. occupybacon says:

            Currently there is no woman in Afghanistan that is allowed to walk with men, talk with strangers, uncover face, there are beheadings and lapidating, what can Taliban do more?

          2. Zionism = EVIL says:

            That is RUBBISH kiddo, in urban Dari speaking areas there are plenty of women in jobs. I was there just a few months ago. Don’t post idiotic nonsense. Yes, in rural areas there is purdah. It always has been.


          3. cactus says:

            western dummys get their infos from american movies…i bet he also thinks moroccan people live in the desert and travel with camels

          4. Zionism = EVIL says:

            Seriously, these guys are fuckwit ignorant arseholes, they are testing my patience, ignorant motherfuckers, I feel like slapping the dumbasses :) If my sons were so stupid I would have whipped them LOL. Thankfully they turned out smart.

          5. occupybacon says:

            So I guess my pal was right, the taliban will forbid them to work?

        2. Zionism = EVIL says:

          Another upvote, you gave up drinking today or what :) Americunts are worst violators of human rights, both at home and abroad. Why do you think their mean streets are burning? they have made matters worse by fucking up a conservative tribal society.

          1. occupybacon says:

            In USA at every 30 years blacks and whites have the talk, Seattle was burned before a lot worse, Detroit never recovered. New Orleans I remember was also looted after Katrina. Guess what, America didn’t fail, after 2008 chrisis they recovered in only 3 years so better slow down your high hopes :)

          2. Zionism = EVIL says:

            These are different times, the US is in very bad shape as economic power has shifted. China is now the global economic powerhouse and many actors are moving in on declining US power. The stupid fucks started wars they could not win. This is just the beginning. It will take a couple of decades and perhaps in my lifetime. Nature abhors a vacuum.

          3. occupybacon says:

            No, actually November will be far more violent but not even close of the USA collapse. When there is a gulf hurricane the damage is far worse than you see on their hysterical MSM done by antifa or blm.

          4. Phoron says:

            While natural disasters can wreak more devastation than the riots, the damage done by communist mayhem in the USA cant be quantified in monetary terms. It’s paid off by the social cohesion slipping away, whatever semblance of commonality that undergirds the US polity.

            Coming civil war is now a common topic on the street- ten years ago, this sort of talk was only the purview of ‘cranks’…

          5. occupybacon says:

            I strongly believe that arms keep peace and as loong the good people buy more guns, that is the best deterrant for gangs and if the police gets defunded that’s even better cause it will revive the civil militias and people conscience.

          6. Lazy Gamer says:

            But look at Mexico. See the future when there is a weak police. Even when it was pre-defund police, crime was already rampant.

          7. occupybacon says:

            Not all civilisations reached the same level, if you waere alone on a mountain, what would be the most dangerous for you to meet, a group of armed Swiss or a group of armed Somalis? A rethoric question. But anyway, it’s just what I believe and I am aware that over 95% of the population disagree with me.

          8. Phoron says:

            Arms are essential for self-defense, but so is the will to fight.

            I envision a scenario where the globohomo government apply the laws in a severe manner against those who defend themselves against the Mob, especially in cases where the defendant may have run afoul of political correctness codes, such as poasting comments, or having possession of items associated with the ‘far right’. This already exists and is bound to grow worse as western ‘democracies’ slide further down the demographic slope.

            The shitlibs who run these countries use the law to intimidate normal people into compliance with their mandates; to not resist the Mob when it comes to reassign their valuables, and to check their privilege…

          9. occupybacon says:

            This is happening for many years, one of the first sign of any tyrany is when they disarm their own population under diverse pretexts but the real goal is to make people feel defenseless and weak, that leads to less accountability, glorification of stupidity and self hate – a lot more easy to control the sheeple. But I hope the actual events in USA will sound the alarm, I also agree with armed BLM, armed Antifa whatever… Even Marx said that workers class should be armed.

    3. Mate if Taliban just gets air defense then it’s over for the US
      But the reason Iran and Russia don’t do so, is because they might turn their weapons against them
      It’s a dilemma, but every occupation comes to an end

      1. Furkan Sahin says:

        bro Taliban is like Isis

        1. Not really, they are Hanafi

          1. Furkan Sahin says:

            they are almost the same
            The Taliban also use a lot of car bomb like Isis
            of course Isis is worse

          2. I don’t say they’re ideal, but still better than US backed Afghan government forces, IEA needs to come back

  3. Ashok Varma says:

    Even to a military novice, it is apparent that the US and over 60 nations have failed to subdue the Afghan tribes as the British and Russians found previously, the US may end up like the USSR if it does not end these counterproductive sapping wars as its domestic situation worsens.

  4. Wizzy says:

    So the Afghan government trying so hard to derail the peace process huh. Win win for the rest of the world cuz a protracted war with the Taliban only ends one way.

    1. Zionism = EVIL says:

      There is no united Afghan government. Ashraf Ghani is a CIA stooge since he was recruited from the Americunt University in Beirut in the 60’s. The Northern Alliance and the more educated co-president Abdullah Abdullah are allied with Iran. Afghanistan is a historical cluster fuck and the Pakis created the Taliban and will lose leverage and aid if there is real peace. 90% of the “taliban” are Paki Frontier Force.

  5. <> says:

    Important Update: 3-5 Hezbollah members tried to enter Israel to hurt our forces, they were killed. Any more Hezbollah rats trying to test us will die.

    1. Crusader says:

      fake news

      1. <> says:

        Let’s see, that is what our media claims.

        1. Crusader says:

          so you want to correct your statement and revoke the negative rating?
          Because it looks like IDF shoot each other :D
          Dont worry, Im just kidding, I dont think you will do that, and thats ok for me.
          You will repeat a lie again and again, as long as it fits the zionists agenda ;D

          Guys, just for clarification

          Zionists are pooping their pants, they are in full paranoid modus

          -> No Hezbollah retaliation as of yet
          -> IDF units shoot each other (friendly fire) because of paranoia
          -> This idiots added one more retaliation for Hezbollah because they shelled an civilian house in Lebanon

          1. <> says:

            Nope, our media still claims 4 of them tried to cross into our border and were killed against the IDF. Hezbollah denies any involvement, they failed really hard.

          2. Lazy Gamer says:

            Israel and Lebanon seems more trapped. They both have limited options to deescalate after what just transpired. That shelling for 30 mins just cannot be ignored.

          3. <> says:

            Hezbollah will drag Lebanon into a war they will regret, we will not back down.

          4. Furkan Sahin says:

            how regret ?
            Hezbollah have Hamas

          5. <> says:

            They will both die.

          6. Furkan Sahin says:

            if Hezbollah and Hamas cooperate in continuing the rocket against Israel and they can win against Israel

          7. Furkan Sahin says:

            try just think
            Hamas has 10,000 rockets and Hezbollah over 20,000 what will happen when all the rockets hit Israel?

          8. <> says:

            They won’t live enough time to shoot all of the rockets.

          9. Furkan Sahin says:

            lets see :D

  6. Traiano Welcome says:

    “You have the clocks, we have the time …”

  7. johnny rotten says:

    The Ayatollah Mike along with all the Middle East CIA command on will be turning over in the grave, if only someone had buried them.

  8. JIMI JAMES says:

    They are not smart as they onced thought they used to be,right onto them vile vermins all broken up!

  9. cechas vodobenikov says:

    insecure amerikans fear death—they lose all wars…after 20 years in Afghanistan the US controls little territory…while the USSR w Najibullah that asked the USSR for assistance was defeating the al Qaeda /amerikans…unfortunately they withdrew seeing little benefit to remaining in the internally divided afghan state—divided by Tajiks, Pashtuns, Uzbeks, Hazara

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