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In Photos: Russian Su-35S Intercepts US F-22A Raptor In Syrian Airspace

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“F-22 was arrogant and was punished after a short air battle, for which of course it got f***,” an unofficial account of the alleged Russian pilot in Instagram wrote on September 24 releasing two photos confirming the interception.

The photographs of the infrared search and track fire control system of the Su-35S show a US F-22A locked by the Russian multi-role air superiority fighter.

These images are yet to be widely circulated in the mainstream media. However, they already triggered a wave of allegations that they cannot be real or do not prove that the Su-35S can engage the F-22A. Business Insider even wrote a big article on the issue. It can be read here.

In Photos: Russian Su-35S Intercepts US F-22A Raptor In Syrian Airspace

Source: instagram.com/fighter_bomber_/

In Photos: Russian Su-35S Intercepts US F-22A Raptor In Syrian Airspace

Source: instagram.com/fighter_bomber_/

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Maurizio Pucci

Smile, you are on candid camera

Nigel Maund

Well done RuAF!! Let’s hope its real soon as it would kill the myth of the F22’s air superiority at a stroke!!

Gregory Casey

I don’t suppose it will occur to the deniers to ask how the fotos taken by the Russian Pilot appeared? Another American Miracle ??

Red Pilled ThoughtCrimes

getting hot in the ME

Gregory Casey

Back at Foggy Bottom and in the Pentagon there will be many hours spent and many tears spilt as Big Brass considers the Billions upon Billions spent on the Raptor F-22A only to discover that the Russians have far superior Air Power despite spending but a pittance in comparison!!

Tudor Miron

Arrogance is arrognace no matter which side it is on. Those who know do not claim that Russia has far superior Air power as you put it. Truth is that RuAF is on par (some things better, some things worse) but it is good enough to do the job – defending its Motherland. Yes, there are areas where Russia is enjoying leading positions – hypersonic weapons as an example. But it doesn’t mean that it makes Russia immune. What it really means that western dream of total domination is still a pipe dream. Their hope that they can seat it out behind the ocean is false and this is downing on them but slower than desired.


Message: few days after IL20 was shot down and 15 crew members died, american “partners” are not afraid of breaching Syria airspace, not afraid to go for mocked dogfight and not afraid to be shot down.
If pilot of Su35 shot down F22, they will take Russian army more serious.
Now it seems it is only empty talking without any action.
It is all aboutPutin’s weak political line and trying to “make deals” with “partners” which is interpreted as weakness in Israel and US.
For God’s sake, allow Russian pilot shot down Israeli and US intruders already !!!!!!!!!!!

Red Pilled ThoughtCrimes

s-300’s being delivered, EW hardware going to the front line


You are an absolute MORON!
YOU SAID: “allow Russian pilot shot down Israeli and US intruders already !!!!!!!!!!!”
how old are u? 14?
So u want WW3 yes? Thermonuclear war is what u want? YES OR NO??
The last thing we need are STUPID comments like this! Whats wrong? U want some edorphins?
Russia is WINNING!


Why does it always have to be WW3 if Russia shot a US jet, are you the moron of 12 old.
Thermonuclear war WHY cuz Russia shot the US jet. Plz get your shit together, no one goes in WW3 just for a jet, even if its a whole carrier fleet, there is far more superior mechanisms to achieve conventional targeting a lot before Nuclear war. LmAO


Listen, “Escalation” is avoided MOSTLY between the USA and Russia for many important reasons! Firstly both have different goals in the war! But to achieve these goals u must also do it without killing anyone from the other side! The reason for this s because weakness can be exploited! So a show of strength must be shown with an equal response!
If a Russian Jet is shot own by the USA then the Russians will be obligated to do the same in return to either prove their tech can get back at a certain aircraft (to protect sales of military hardware, for their allies to remain allies, for the leader to remain the leader, so their enemy does not exploit a weakness and focus on it etc etc). there are many reasons, too many to list! So now russia is OBLIGATED to shoot down a US plane sooner rather than later OR Russia decides to instead, make a NO FLY ZONE! Well, now the USA must bring in anti-jamming hardware, smarter missiles, use more missiles than Russia could possibly shoot down, declare Russia’s response to be an OVER Reaction, the USA cannot be seen to be stopped by Russian Tech in the eyes of their enemy or their allies. So now the USA must test this NEW no fly zone because “NOBODY can make the USA look weak and stop the USA from flying where they want and that thier tech is not as good”! But what if they do fly into a no fly zone? Russia MUST shoot it down, otherwise it was a bluff! What if USA cannot enter this russian fly zone because of more advanced Russian Electronic warfare jammers! Now the USA looks weak! So now they must take out the Jammer and fly into the no-fly zone! But they would need to kill russian’s to take out the jammer! Now Russia must respond! ESCALATION!

This is exactly why they wont shoot or kill Russians or americans! Its starts a fucking world war! Either side cannot afford to look weaker!


Look do you know that the US is nothing in military power without nato countries I mean one big nothing, the US needs 30 states in NATO to counter one state RUSSIA I mean it’s to much pathetic to have so many states against one, that usually means FEAR big FEAR from Russia.


YOU SAID: “Look do you know that the US is nothing in military power”

Come on! This is just a stupid statement! If u want me to take u seriously, u need to be a bit more realistic please.

YOU SAID: “the US needs 30 states in NATO to counter one state RUSSIA”

Actually i do agree with this statement because they need NATO countries to enable the containment of Russia. Hence US missile defence (and offence) missile systems in Eastern Europe!

YOU SAID: “to much pathetic to have so many states against one, that usually means FEAR big FEAR from Russia”

Again, i agree but they DO need them to accomplish the containment of Russia! This is why i believe Russia is now containing Israel (little America and more important, JEWS) via their own SYRIAN “no fly zone” and Iranian surface to surface missiles in Syria! I believe this is no different to the Cuban missile crisis in the 1960’s! USA had Nukes in Turkey and the Soviet Union placed MRBM nukes in Cuba! Deals were made to remove them! I believe the same will be made re: Israeli containment and Russian containment!


Watch this clip and LEARN!


Russia is never winning, the ones that are winning in this fight are the ones that are not have been lost even 1 pilot or 1 soldier life on the ground. The KD ratio between the Zionists+Neocons in Syria with Russia is way above 5:1, Russia loses too many jets,from Turkey Su-24, from Idlib HTS Su-25 from the Zionists now IL-20, how many crashes in Khmeimim base of Jets before landing of after, in general Russia wins the war with Syria on higher percent but lost to much equipment and too many lives to achieve this, and the US bastards and the Zionists lost what nothing, just 1 F-16 from Syria shot and even pilots alive. You have to think on that, efficient winning in war is not to lose as most important Soldiers Lives and Military hardware as second priority, we have heard a lot of dead Russian in Syria planes, jets etc., how many deaths you have heard from the US bitches and the Zionists bitches – NONE. Technically they are winning in general, Russia just restored the Assad government to function properly, and look upto today, if Russia leaves Syria Western fuckheads and the Zionists will start to drill Syria in 1 week and ISIS 2.0 will be back again. Anyway first calculate how Russia is winning and how other achieve their goals, the Zionists are Attacking Syria on weekly basis now, look at the Zionist state 8 million people in 25,000km2 who the fuck are they, but everything is been given to them from outside as a presents,gifts. And that little state with active army of 130k men are doing what the hell they want….

John Whitehot

zionist losses are never acknowledged, if not directly photographed or filmed.

we’ve seen wreckage of israeli planes in pics, completely unaccounted by any news.

“And that little state with active army of 130k men are doing what the hell they want….”

actually, they can do nothing.
otherwise Assad won’t be where he is.

fuck your zio propaganda.


No shit! No trouble figuring out where that moron is coming from…it’s the familiarity of the lies he tells that give him away.

John Whitehot

no dice with me.


Nor me John. :)


Its just the NATO narrative Zman.
A Parrot does the same thing.

Njegos Maljevic

It is easy to save soldiers while not waging the war.

Israelis are fighting scary and dangerous 9 year olds all across Palestine, while did not fired one bullet towards isis/alkaida!

Russians are only side involved in fighting wahhabi scum.


Now who is talking BULLSHIT? What does ‘a lot’ amount to in your silly ass interpretation? If Russia is so weak, why would it take their leaving for Syria to collapse? You sound like a US military official, blowing smoke up peoples ass. ‘Technically they are winning’…what a load of manure. Technically you know how to type, but can only type stupidity. I’m sure the Syrians would be much better off with you running things…into the ground, that is.

Tudor Miron

Some times you sound reasonable and sometimes it’s just…. War is about objectives. We your ideas would hold any true than its Hitler that won against Russia, because he lost less men.
Again – war is about achieving objectives. US/UK/Israel objectives were to destroy Syrian state (Lybia is a good example of what they want to accomplish). Russia’s objectives is to preserve Syrian state, erradicate terroirst threat and have stability in ME (that’s oversimlification but still apply). So who’s winning the war?


Well said Tudor.
The US is again reduced to making threats about ‘chemical attacks’.

Fred Dozer

Puerto Rico deaths reported by USA from hurricane 43. Puerto Rico counted nearly 3000. USA reports many, training crashes and deaths. Like most of Seal Team died in crash that took out Bin laden. I think all their numbers are bogus. I would bet most of this happened in the war zone. How did that NFL star Pat Tillman die again ? I once thought we got the truth. Now I wonder if we got the truth ,even one time.


YOU SAID: “Russia is never winning, the ones that are winning in this fight are the ones that are not have been lost even 1 pilot or 1 soldier life on the ground”

Russia, Syria and Hezbollah
USA, France, UK, Israel, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, FSA, Al-Nusra, ISIS, Kurds (and other factions too) and at the time Turkey also!

The day Russia entered the war!
comment image

comment image

Turkey PAID for Russian s-400 systems!
Turkey working with Russia
Russia building Gas pipes toTurkey (instead of pipes to turkey from Qatar)
Qatar pulled out (Saudi hates them) and ought 20% shares in Rosneft
Russia controls some kurdish regions and US supported Kurds sell their oil to Syrian army very cheap (1/10th price) because they are land locked!
Iran, Iraq, Syria and Turkey SURROUND US back Kurds! They cant do SHIT with this oil they have!
USA leaving Al-Tanf soon!

Russia winning…. and u are complaining about 2 fucking aircraft! ITS A WAR!!

You are so wrong!


Turkey is the biggest supporter of Terrorism and Al-Qaeda terrorists, why if Turkey is obliged not entered to kill all that HTS with Syrian Army and Russians.


No, Saudi Arabia is the Biggest! Turkey can be in the list too! i think:
1. Saudi Arabia
2. Israel
3. USA (during Obama and Bush)

Turkey controls AASham! They were fighting against HTS! Turkey is not a great friend of HTS but they do however make money from terrorist weapons sales! Turkey had a choice at the beginning of this war! Help ISUS remove Assad and receive the Qatar pipeline to Europe OR help Russia and get Turkstream to Europe! after Aleppo liberation, turkey started to side with Russia because this was the turning of the war! When Qatar pulled out of supporting isis, Saudi Arabia turned against Qatar! Because Qatar shares the worlds biggest gas Field in the world with iran! Now they just decide to make % from Iranian sales! Saudi Arabia loses big revenue from this! Qatar also bought 20% in Rosneft after the Aleppo liberation (admitting defeat) so they could profit from russian gas sales to Europe. Turkey is a slave to Qatar! Turkey sucked up to russia after they decided to do what russia wanted! NATO air defence batteries in turkey could not be trusted anymore (controlled by USA) so they bought Russian S-400 IN FULL 3 years before it can be given to Turkey!

Turkey is scum! YES i agree! But they were acting in their own interests! Turkey is needed to and lock US Kurds so USA / Israel cant build pieplines from Iraqi/kurdish oil fields and then build pipeline to black sea and onto Europe. they would accomplish by creating a Kurdish state (starting kurdish uprising in turkey so this pipeline can reach the black sea).


And dont forget this happened after Aleppo being liberated!
It meant GAME OVER!
comment image?f=16×9&w=1200&$p$f$w=12f7984


This is what WINNING looks like!


Who has won the pipeline war to Europe?
Does the War in ukraine matter anymore? (Russian gas pipes to Europe)
Qatar gave up on their planned pipelines (bought 20% shares in rosneft)
Who wins, keeps and expands Euro energy market?
Who’s ass does Turkey lick?


Dont be stupid US or Israel will not dare to go WWIII just because their planes are shot down stupid.

Just as Russia did not go WWIII , US are even more cowardly to do so.

What makes you think if US planes are shot down WWIII will happen ?

US has no forces inside Syria and in fact US cannot defeat SAA inside Syria .. US cannot or dare to lose their planes inside Syria is a fact.

It is only who dares who.


Tudor Miron

Brave Joe :) US even more cowardly than Russia. Joe, lets us know about your own track record – what brave things you do in your life to feel that you can call others cowards?


Because the FUKUS retards seem to excel in doubling down on failure.

They refuse to comprehend reality and attempting to create their own reality with an opponent that has the power to strike back hard with their own nuclear weapons does not conform to the Wargames of NATO.


Doubling down is what they do..learning lessons…not so much.


It’s a simplistic view about who dares wins. The reality on the battle field does not simply reflect the strategic desire of these superpowers.

US and their allies are about to suffer some severe economic and financial problems from the effect of overblowing derivatives, dedollarization by russia, china and their allies. While at the same time, R&C has growing trades and significant infrastructure investment with EM and 3rd world country.

Most of time, war is always initiated to cover something else, e.g: Argentinian-British Falkland war was initiated by Argentina when Argentina was going into economic reccession.

Put it simply, the West definitely wants war to cover all the socio-economic problems that their elites made. While R&C will do their best NOT to give any reason for the West for a war.

R&C knows the best weapon is dedollarization will take away Western dominance in global economy,trade, political issue, and eventually its military. It will also break up the alliances within the Western power structure

John Whitehot

such hollywoodian masterpieces.
how could we get to the truth without them.


i think its a good example of what “Escalation” means! People on here seem to think its a good idea for Russia to shoot down a US plane and that the USA wouldnt react so badly. they think if the US did react, it wouldnt create a domino effect of reactions that could lead us to ww3. They believe this so much, that they think its worth the risk!

John Whitehot

ya ya.


Joe, u officially made the dumbest comment ive seen on this site and u have 1 upvote to my 10
I do not believe i need to explain why because it is DEADLY obvious as to why! Thats why anybody suggesting such a thing is 14years old or a MORON! You clearly dont understand the meaning (in terms of war) of ESCALATION and why it is avoided at ALL COSTS! As a matter of FACT, Escalation is THE VERY REASON why the USA and RUSSIA Specifically do not attack each other!
And to make my point even more clear for u to understand, this is the reason why PROXY WARS exist! Because it is a war without being at war with each other! Please tell me u understand this or do i need to explain?
Im sure u dont understand……
Vietnam war (War between Soviet union and the USA)
Korean war (War between Soviet union China against the USA)
US missiles in Turkey and Soviet Missiles in Cuba
Syrian war (War between Russia and the USA)
Ukraine war (War between Russia and USA)
If u do not understand this then u need to read!

If we started shooting down US or Russian planes, then why even have a war in Syria? Why not just USA and Russia have a war and the winner takes all??
Why bother to help syria or help rebels?
Winner between russia and America will be the one who decides what happens!

U ave ZERO understanding of war and escalation going by the comment u made! ZERO!


.Listen, “Escalation” is avoided MOSTLY between the USA and Russia for many important reasons! Firstly both have different goals in the war! But to achieve these goals u must also do it without killing anyone from the other side! The reason for this s because weakness can be exploited! So a show of strength must be shown with an equal response!
If a Russian Jet is shot own by the USA then the Russians will be obligated to do the same in return to either prove their tech can get back at a certain aircraft (to protect sales of military hardware, for their allies to remain allies, for the leader to remain the leader, so their enemy does not exploit a weakness and focus on it etc etc). there are many reasons, too many to list! So now russia is OBLIGATED to shoot down a US plane sooner rather than later OR Russia decides to instead, make a NO FLY ZONE! Well, now the USA must bring in anti-jamming hardware, smarter missiles, use more missiles than Russia could possibly shoot down, declare Russia’s response to be an OVER Reaction, the USA cannot be seen to be stopped by Russian Tech in the eyes of their enemy or their allies. So now the USA must test this NEW no fly zone because “NOBODY can make the USA look weak and stop the USA from flying where they want and that thier tech is not as good”! But what if they do fly into a no fly zone? Russia MUST shoot it down, otherwise it was a bluff! What if USA cannot enter this russian fly zone because of more advanced Russian Electronic warfare jammers! Now the USA looks weak! So now they must take out the Jammer and fly into the no-fly zone! But they would need to kill russian’s to take out the jammer! Now Russia must respond! ESCALATION!

This is exactly why they wont shoot or kill Russians or americans! Its starts a fucking world war! Either side cannot afford to look weaker!


It hasnt stopped! Why speed it up by shooting down US planes? Youre an IDIOT! Very hard to de-escalate after escalation! Tell me where below in examples u can see Russia or USA de-escalating? YOU CANT! Because u have no idea what u are talking about!


1. USA started to support FSA rebels against ASSAD! From this Al-quieda got weapons and isis was formed!
2. Russia must now enter into this war for matters of national interests and security (Energy market, pipelines and extremist threat in Caucus region)


1. Turkey shoots down Russian jet (USA request)
2. Russia brings in S-400 systems


1. USA fires cruise missiles at Syrian bases
2. russia gives syria much more Pantsir s-1 and radars


1. Israeli clandestine operations and sneaky moves cause Russian plane to be shot down
2. Russia gives S-300’s, EW support and advanced satelite, and automated firing systems for THE SYRIAN defence force to shoot down US or Israeli planes or missiles!

John Whitehot

in between the points there’s a number of israeli F-16s shot down and a fuckton of missiles and bombs destroyed in midair.

also an entire cemetery of F/A-18s and A-10C that misteriously fell in nevada, florida and elsewhere while the war in Syria was at its climax. Now it seems USAF/USN found a way to prevent accidents.

there is also the destruction of several ten thousands of ragheads, which you can list among israeli and us casualties.


“also an entire cemetery of F/A-18s and A-10C that misteriously fell in nevada, florida and elsewhere”

1. We can either believe Russia did this
2. China did this
3. USA itself did this

The information that i read is that USA did this to itself! Not accidently but purposely! Maybe u dont know this but their is an intelligence war taking place within the USA as we speak (since Trump was elected)

This video below is absolutely true! It has been proven beyond any doubt!

John Whitehot

“The information that i read is that USA did this to itself! ”

The US has always been hellbent of claiming that they are the cause of everything, especially when it comes to certain propaganda themes.

One of the greatest, if not the greatest at all propaganda object of the US and Israel is air-to-air combat and air-war in general.

In short:
if the US loses planes in air combat, they will tell 1000 times that they shot them down their own planes in error, even because pilots went crazy, or that they crashed and so on rather than admit they lost them from enemy action.

the noise the above interception news has made all over the medias is a clear example of what i mean, it reached even financial newspapers written by people who can’t make an aircraft from a balloon but they are immediately available to write bibles on the holy causes of US airpower.

Nowadays we are witnessing the lowest point of bullshittery, coming at the point of using CGI to put ufo-like objects on US carriers decks so to make US people think that after all they aren’t being robbed pantsless by the MIC and the most corrupt “democratic” institution of the entire history.

If it wasn’t a serious matter, I’d say that both the video-editors and their believers are clearly suffering from mental handicaps and severe intellectual retardation, because when you reach a certain point it’s not even propaganda anymore, it’s illness.

in shortest:
Everything the US says on air warfare is complete, utter, utmost BULLSHIT, if not proven by not one, but several pieces of objective data.


maybe their is truth to what u point out here! But they fell in america, not in a war zone! So the question remains, who made them go down? Certainly not other aircraft! So it was electronic warfare done by another nation or it was themselves.
To most people, its easier to believe that Russia or China caused this with some new tech. But if u are reading what i am reading, there is much more to this than meets the eye!

Did u know there is an intelligence war going on between the Military and the 3 letter govt intel agencies? Do u know about the FBI scandal? Clintons, Awan Brothers, huma Abedin, John McCain, Fusion GPS, Crowdstrike, North Korea, Muslim Brother hood, prince alaweed (and why the saudi prince imprisoned other saudi princes), Soros, Anthony Weiner, Peter Strzok, Lisa page, james comey, Andrew McCabe, Bill Preistap, John Brennan, the Five eye intel agenices, The FISA abuse, Rod Rosenstein, sally yates, Loretta Lynch etc etc etc etc….

Do u know of this?

THERE IS A WAR HAPPENING RIGHT NOW IN THE USA! Its a war between the Deep state and Military intel agencies!

If u dont know about it, if ure not interested in it, if u think its all a conspiracy, then u should go ahead and assume that Russia or China was able to down all these planes in the USA!
But what i can tell u is that the USA black hats (bad guys deep state) did this!

John Whitehot

“But they fell in america”

only according to america.

in fact, no proof has been provided, except the video of a SAR helicopter hovering above the “crash site of a F-18” in florida, in which no crashed aircraft was visible.

and this is a pic of an A-10C hit by an AAM over Syria

comment image


not the greatest picture but i’ll believe it if u say so!
If the USA lost an A-10 in Syria i wouldnt be surprised!
But i did hear about all those jets falling from the sky inside the USA! Even his ship John McCain was apparently rammed! I heard America fucked up that Chinese satelitte that fell from space last year as pay back for the ship ramming!
Anyway, if u really want to read interesting things, go to these links.
http://www.neonrevolt.com (this site translates the above site)

I was watching the Syrian war every day for 3.5 years, but this took more of my attention now! Now i understand he Syrian war even more now! But also other things happening in the USA!

John Whitehot

“heard America fucked up that Chinese satelitte that fell from space last year”

actually it was a space station that was regularly deorbited because it reached its natural end of life.

of course MsM wrote all kinds of terrorism on how it could endanger people and property on earth while reentering atmosphere.

of course everything went well and not even a chicken was hurt.


Wasnt MSM who reported it. And i was mistaken! it was this year!
Ref: HUSSEIN = Obama (Intelligence war. There is a lot more going on than u know John Whitehot. For your information Putin and Trump are not enemies! Since Obama left, there has been a battle between Black hats and white hats). For example! North Korea was totally and completely controlled by the CIA. CIA was a Mossad creation as the NSA was not! North Korean nukes were using American Uranium and RD-170 rockets (which are russian old gen rockets) but sold to them by Ukraine. North Korea were selling these ICBM’s to Iran with Obama’s help! Iran signed a treaty for inspections but they were creating the nuclear material and missiles in Syria. Their was a planned war! a real war with real nukes and real deaths. But controlled! America to be fucked, Middle east, Europe etc. Only truly safe place is New Zealand which is why all elites go there now! Population control and global takeover by the United Nations! United Nations planned to install space weapons to ensure “peace on earth”. total control and people cannot elect anyone in UN. Trump and Putin fighting for same cause! You will see. all i say is true! Obama works for Muslim Brotherhood! Vallery Jarrett his number one advisor is Iranian. richest family in iran! Hillary Clinton working for Saudi Arabia and Rothschilds! She sold out America to China and Muslim brotherhood! Russia was going to be destroyed! USA also! Thats why Trump and Putin working together! After 2020 elections, Russia and USA will become allies! Im not kidding! They know what was planned! they know what the UN really is! Why do u think Trump pulled out of UN humanitarian council? Because this council, along with the vatican and many others, were trafficking humans, mostly children!

Start from post 1 and READ!
comment image
comment image comment image comment image comment image comment image

John Whitehot

thanks for all the links, i’ll be reading them in the next few days when i have some time.


comment image


Planes going down everywhere!
comment image


CIA can down planes! All US made microchips can be accessed! Most plane crashes are not accidents! They are remotely controlled aircraft (Hijacked with real people on board). They kill who they want killed!
There is a large release of Intelligence information being shared to the public now because something BIG is about to happen in the USA and across the world! HUGE! Martial law MAY be declared in the USA depending on the release of a FISA warrant (long story). Arrests of many politicians etc!
The reason they are leaking this info is so that if martial law is declared in the USA, people will understand why and there will be civil rest rather than civil unrest!
Its called The Great Awakening!
You should read up on this! you will understand a lot more about this war and many other things!


John Whitehot

like the F-35B that crashed yesterday in SC?


comment image

Remotely controlled by good guys!
comment image

June 10 tweet to kill AirForce 1when Trump flew to Singapore to meet Kim Jong Un. Missile fired from a billionaires island in the pacific! Shot down by an F-15 with a classified strike package! (An anti missile, missile) to Protect AF1
comment image comment image

Intelligence war in america!
comment image

USB Stick inside this ball! MSM wanted to stop them meeting! WHY?
What does Putin know?
Putin said “the ball is in your court”!

comment image

GOOGLE “Uranium 1”. Where did USA Uranium go? North Korea? Iran? WHY? Putin gave PROOF! comment image


there is a difference between escatating taking advantage of the situation to actually dare go to WWIII.

Believe it or not … US or Israel would not dare .

Every escalation you mentioned are done by non Russian/Syrian side …but every reaction of Russia kept Western coalition licking their wounds.

It is just that Russia reacts to each situation and also do not want to escalate to WWIII but would surely you notice react to EVERY ACTION. Period.

Now let us see if Israel dare to attack Russian forces bringing in the S300 …

You see Russia disabled a lot of cruise attacks and US just kept quiet … no noise.

Go full length no dream on , it will never happen.

US does not even dare to touch Iran but would rather get those Arab forces to do the stupid dying like now proposing Arab Nato.

The evidence are all dare …

No US would not dare to start WWIII with Russia or iran.
Neither do Russia wants it.

Brother Thomas

Exactly right! Well said. Before any great war, there are testosterone soaked teenagers who cheer for war as though it is some FIFA organised event. They are the first of many fools to get killed.

Tudor Miron

Stupidity and arrogance of some individuals on this message board is simply astonishing. And when sh$t hits the fan they are like “what? I didn’t mean it!”. They don’t seem to understand that military work on prescribed moves i.e. things may escalate out of control way faster than politicians will even start deciding about starting the war or what not. What is funny is that 99% of those bravekeyboard worriors deep inside believe that it will not touch them…It will and most of them will quickly turn into a scared herd, yet they scream for some shooting.


Some of the teenagers actually get killed before that whilst competing in a Video Game jamboree :)


Russia gives Syria the ABILITY to shoot them down with S-300! much safer!
This little sky battle (which i am sure both the USA and the Russian’s know the real truth and WAS RECORDED) is plenty enough to send a signal!
EW warfare jammers plus S-300’s in SYRIAN Hands is plenty good!
Message sent!
Message Received
Response given!


Putin is trying to make deals, USA is trying to mak war. Which one is the good one and which one you choose to work with if you are a leader of a sovereign country


Yes it is very stealthy haha the US stealth imaginary stealth.

Gregory Casey

In answer to Telemetrie I believe these Fotos and the undoubted knowledge of the US Pilots that they were caught red-handed in their “stealth-bomber” over Syria my cause a rethink at the Pentagon …….. then again, American “Exceptionalism” has never seen military inferiority as an excuse to restrain the War Hawks ….. they will just pour more and more money into developing new weapons and new planes & break the US Economy!!


US economy already running a flatline. However, the weavers of government spin, Mnuchin, Mad Dog, Bolton and Haley, believe they have put blips on to the life support screen which conclusively prove the US economy like Lazarus is back-up and running. Unfortunately there are a number of analysts who have taken off their rose tinted glasses and see, trade conflicts escalating, budget battles growing, inflation inflating and recession looming. These economic surgeons know Lazarus is dead, ’cause they have a good sense of smell. It is as simple as that. We don’t need a little boy to shout out “the Emperor has no clothes, for we all have 20/20 vision. When the Implosion cometh we will all need to be somewhere else………

Gregory Casey

The US Housing Market has flat-lined or dropped over the past 4 months: generally speaking, in all Western Capitalist Economies, the Housing Market & its health, or otherwise, is the Canary Singing in the Coal-MMine


Russian aerospace forces cannot intercept any fighter plane over Syria because US and their stooges claim that Syria is a state of US. As they have taken other countries similarly US will take Syria too. For the last 3 years we have encouraged Russia that they will defend Syria if not for Syrians so at least for their own country security but Russia have shaked hands with Israel. Therefore, Israel defeating Russia in Syria and in other countries around Russia for which US, UK and France appreciate Israel.

John Whitehot

usual bullshit.

Nigel Maund


John Whitehot

this user don’t deserve a second of our time.


Russia is a toy country in the hands of Netanyahu.

Concrete Mike

Your also a netanyahu toy it seems.

You know alex jones???

John Whitehot

nice one.

don’t care much about the naysayers, they would say “nay” even if the f-22 was going down in flames.
the same people on instagram claim that the SU-35 OLS has a range of 5 kilometers (actually should be ten times that value, probably more) – in itself it means that if the pentagon claimed that the SU-35 is an helicopter, then these folks would believe it, and call fakers all those that says it’s an airplane.

Tudor Miron

Well said.

Kell McBanned

An oldy but a beauty comparing SU series with JSF and F-22


comment image

John Whitehot

i’d take 2D comparative charts with a grain of salt, especially since the battlespace is 3dimensional and nobody publishes accurate data on radars.

Vidivici Vidivici

99% of the below comments are just ….. bullshit propaganda on both sides . people are not yet ready for indipendent thinking .

Nigel Maund

Oh yeah! And, … what makes you think you’re the outstanding independent thinker!!! Talk about errant and arrogant nonsense! Who in the hell do you thnk you are?? Egotistical big headed SOB and that’s for sure!

Nigel Maund

He’s a 24 carat gold plated idiot! Love the picture – yep, looks about right. People are waking up. Read the latest on the Russian deployment of the S300 to Letakia in Syria. It’s game over for Israel despite Netanyahu’s postering.



The problem is of course that the US war hawks are now so hysterical that the blizzard of ‘toys being thrown out of the prams’ and the screaming and crying , are intimidating the few ‘adults’ that now exist in the USA.

The current US narrative that the Iranian leadership have amassed vast wealth is also questionable. If only for the reasons of ‘lack of any evidence’ and where would the clerics hide such wealth that would be safe from those who wish to seize it?


Do you have an opinion here?
Or are you just talking out your arse. :)

Promitheas Apollonious

the second as fact.


He ate too many Gefilte fish I suspect and is indeed word farting profusely PZ1VJ.

Concrete Mike

So thanks for the insults??

Its a forum wtf you expect.

Ill independently say something.
Maybe ill inspire others.

Fuck Off.

When you fall off your ivory tower youll notice that your moat has been become a road.


He will fond it hard to do that Mike, due to the Mote in his eye :)

Promitheas Apollonious

a way, to self flatter, your incompetent low mentality self. How pathetic.

Neo Feudal

Lets see an iaf f35 on camera


Highly unlikely they are not in Syria from fear that Russia will obtain intel on them, Raptors F-22 yes they are but F-35 nope, because F-35 it is an active selling program worldwide from the US and they cannot afford that shit to be compromised before all sells are finished, and that’s why they are defending them so much, and that;s why they are not giving Turkey chance to obtain Russian S-400 because the Russian will obtain all the intel on it with the very S-400 layer system. You must understand this before adding the F-35 in Syria. The Zionists received 2-4 F-35 and they start to fly with them in South areas in Israhell from fear that the S-400 in Syria will get its signature, why not the US or Israhell if they are so strong in their stealth on the F-35 as they presented why they don’t just give it a fly over the Khmeimim base over Syria, if the Aircraft is truly stealth cool it will pass and no one will be able to see it, but if it shows on radar the Russians to have chance to shoot it down if they obtain signature of it, why don’t they let the dice roll for the sake of argument if the US have a real stealth. Hah. They should play a bit poker though, or Russian roulette.

John Whitehot

“Highly unlikely they are not in Syria from fear that Russia will obtain intel on them”

I don’t think they need more intel than they already have.

Real Anti-Racist Action

Why not shoot down the F-22? It is probably responsible for the bombing death of the 200 retired Russian solders working as private contractors.comment image


How about giving up on the BS claim of 200 dead Russians? That’s troll BS.

Tudor Miron

He can’t. How he will be able to propagandize war than?

Promitheas Apollonious

you trying to teach a parrot not to repeat all he hears? Good luck to that.


Russia can always claim it didn’t see it while testing its guns.

Promitheas Apollonious

That is when you are a colony and pay contributions to the other slaves of your masters who are in the front line for them.


The F-22 may not have been trying to avoid Russian aircraft.

John Whitehot

The F-22 is clearly seen trying to climb out of trouble.

Promitheas Apollonious

yep… and their grandmothers have balls.


I don’t know what the agreements are between the US and Russia in the NE of Syria. But obviously they exist. What is open source is that the no fly zone for US aircraft is west of the river and evidently doesn’t apply to east of the river. If the incident occurred east of the river. It’s unlikely that the Russians would engage in these types of provocations. Unless it was cover for some type of spec ops where their people were at risk.

There hasn’t been any press about it that I’ve seen. But at the time that Dier Ezzor was liberated. I wrote quite a bit about the need to rebuild Syria’s DE air defense hub in preparation for clearing east of the river. I’m assuming that that’s well under way. Buk, S-200 and Pantsir systems can and probably do cover that entire area.

If the intercept occurred west of the river, the article may be genuine, if not then it’s of questionable veracity.

Promitheas Apollonious

Yes we all of the right mind we wrote what you saying, but unfortunately who is listening? Not because they dont get the message people write but because as you say is all agreed between the two forces that are in com[petition between them whose the boss.

In global affairs nothing happen because is fair and logical, only what is good for the national interest of the controlling powers. Sad but true. Even the predators against so many countries today claimed to respect sovereign rights of nations after destroying half the planet. So go figure.

Tudor Miron

It was funny to read BI article claims that IRST system doesn’t allow locking and missile guiding – even old system used on Su-27 was very well capable of guiding R-27T (heat seeking medium range) and R-73 (short range heat seeking). Lets first examine what that “invisibility” means. F-22 is very well visible in optical and infrared ranges. What it does is being less reflective of radio waves of particular frequency. (Reflection of radar signal is what pilot sees on his hadar screen). Many people think that stealth fighter only becomes visible when it opens its weapon bay. Opening weapon bay greatly increases radar signature but this is not the main thing. To fire a missile F-22 has to switch its radar on because even so called fire and forger AMRAAM 120 is not truely fire and forget :) Its active homing system is only capable to home on target at small distance to target, Untill than firing plane has to use it’s radar to guide the missile (i.e. he still has to point the nose of his plane towrds missile. In other words it can not fire and escape). As soon as any plane switches his radar on his stealthiness goes out the window because he’s actively emitting – it becomes a Christmas tree.
IRST systems can be sucessfuly used to lock and shoot down stealthy aircraft and that’s what we can see on this picture but this is well known for decades on both sides.


But what about the ultra-high frequency generally? These systems CAN detect even w/o the above conditions, yes???

Tudor Miron

Honestly, I don’t know much about UHF. Sorry.


I had a close encounter with something similar in flight in central New York State about 30 years ago at 3:00 in the afternoon. If I’d had a camera I could have gotten clear images. Whether it was one of ours or theirs I don’t know.

Kell McBanned

TR-3B or maybe the new model comment image comment image

John Whitehot

yeah, normally when robbers take someone’s wallet they distract him with a loud noise, or with some half naked woman.

with americans it’s much easier, just show them a spaceplane of some sort.

John Whitehot

or perhaps this:

comment image

I can imagine the fatso yank kid which between a brain fart and another fantasizes if the Il-20 was victim to “super-stealth” “8th gen” carrier based US UFOfighter

Kell McBanned

Word on the street is that the Serbs had a Czech VERA passive stealth system, thats what the “altercation” between NATO and Russian Airborn units at Pristina airport was about “alledgedly” https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/VERA_passive_sensor comment image

John Whitehot

ESM systems exist practically since radar has existed.

the “Vera” thing isn’t much more than marketing, and propaganda by the US to say that the Serbs downed a “stealth” plane because they had hardware produced by a NATO country.

John Whitehot

“Untill than firing plane has to use it’s radar to guide the missile”

Correct, although in Track-while-scan mode a radar outputs less energy to the target, it still operates at significant power, in general.

the reasoning behind the trick is to prevent the intended target to become aware of being targeted at the latest moment possible (which would be when the AIM-120 radar turns on to home-in), so to minimize the target’s options in regards to evasion.

In practice, the whole system is defeated when put against an adversary with similar generation technology and training.

In facts, this is represented by automated countermeasure stations, which deploy ECM and artifacts in real time.
Also, the pilot is immediately suggested the best evasion maneuvers to perform in the scenario (I reckon he would receive messages like “turn right and dive at 60 degrees”, if not a precise cue on the hud).

all western airforce material based on “stealth”, active radar missiles and TWS is bound to failure against anyone operating systems more capable than MiG-23s or Phantoms.

To add to the above, there are many signals from unofficial medias pointing at the ability of the Russian side to entirely blind AESA radars mounted on US planes (although this information could apply mainly to F-18E/F and F-15s, there is reason to suspect it’s valid for F-22s too).
This means that most, or all of Syrian airspace is covered by a “EW bubble” that makes all intruders severely disadvantaged, having to go against adversaries with functioning radar and relative missile only with their aim-9 Sidewinders.

Tudor Miron

And when it comes to employing aim-9 than it is not BVR anymore.


Yes, what you said is mostly true.
I just want to add that KNIRTI SAP-518 ECM that we saw deployed in the outer pylons in the wings of the Su-35/30sm/34 are DFRM (Digital radio frequency memory) capable, that diminishes a lot the pK of and any aim-120 model…. Even F-22 pilots recognized that in the Exercises RED-FLAG when tested that against f-16 with a ECM pod with DFRM they said than “sometimes even 6 AMRAAMs weren’t enough to destroy the target”

John Whitehot


what differentiates Syria from other theaters (like Yugo 99) is that it appears that US fighter radars can be degraded to a significant point.

that makes them unable to even launch AMRAAMs.

in regards to the AMRAAM capability against evading targets, it is known that a Yugoslavian MiG-29, without RWR, was able to evade 4 AMRAAM shots from an incoming barrage, only to be hit by the fifth but only because the MiG ran out of energy and altitude.

The AMRAAM probably (surely) has been updated since then, but its intended targets were as well.

Tudor Miron

Yugoslavian MiGs were in terribly sorry state even comparing to their initial old specification. Yet it was still very capable at actually flying.
BTW, there’s not much being said about NATO’s land operations against Yugoslavian army and that’s a very revealing story.

John Whitehot

yes, the correlation of forces was the following

14 Mig-29A, without functioning RWR, and mostly without Radars and related weapons against ~600 (six hundred) 4th and 4+ generation NATO fighters.

And there’s still (lots of) people going cowboys over 4 F-16 shooting down a Mig-29 with a spam of missiles.


It is undeniable the MiG-29 pilots of rump Yugoslav state showed great bravery flying out against against massed NATO superiority in 1999.

Tudor Miron

Yes, they did.


Ideal ROE for F22 is to stay a significant distance ( 150-200kms ) away from enemy aircraft, having full situation awareness and deciding its mode of attack using BVR AMRAAM missiles. The draw back is that the AMRAAM is not very capable, being an older missile that has undergone modernization in various stages.
In Syria the ROEs are a lot more complicated and the effective use of the Russian EW can confuse the F22 radar allowing Suk 35 to approach it and zero on it using IRST, its maneuverability allows it to easily turn and take the F22 from behind for an easy kill using IR missiles.

The engine exhaust of an F22 is minimized to IRST sensors because of heat shields that minimize the heat signiture, it is not so with the F35 that registers 1600 degrees at supersonic speeds.

John Whitehot

“The engine exhaust of an F22 is minimized to IRST sensors because of heat shields that minimize the heat signiture, ”

It’s still a fighter, and it needs to fly fast. Air drag significantly increase temperature on the airframe already at transonic speeds, at supersonic it becomes a lot hotter.

also depending on altitude, there is the intrinsic limit for air breathing engines – they need oxygen to operate, where there is oxygen there is drag. This to say that even operating at near space altitudes (operationally useless), they will be detected by a sensible enough device.


Yes, I am aware that air drag creates higher temperatures, Suk35S IRST with OLS35 based on publicly released figures can pick a F22 head on anywhere from 50- 90kms. Exposure of the F22 sides and rear can increase the IRST capabilities significantly.

Tudor Miron

Minimising is a nice word :) Reducing slightly will be more apropriate. However even “skin friction” of airflow and plane structures generates very significant temperatures at speeds above 500kmh.


The difference between exhaust temperatures of F22 and F35 are significant, making F35 a lot more vulnerable. I have to still find an analysis that breaks down in percentage the IRST signature caused by skin friction compared to engine exhaust.

Tudor Miron

Skin friction caused temperature rise is a lot less but still high enough to be tracked by OLS-35 at substantial distance. Can you give me a link regarding exhaust temperatures differences? As far as I know the main difference is due to geometry and shape of the nozzles and structures around it. Also as far as I know how turbofan engines work (I know little btw) there should not be significant differences in exhaust temperatures. I would think that may be significant difference at above sound speed due to F-35 having to use afterburner to sustain those.


Skin friction is determined by the aerodynamic design of the aircraft, F35 is not very aerodynamic, I do not have the exhaust temperature of the F22, I read the exhaust temperature of the F35 being 1600 degrees, very hot, I will try to find the info.
IRST and OLS 35 will pick F35 from greater distances than F22.


Skin temperature is also dependent on velocity, the F22 is much faster(supercruise) than an F35.
Comparing an F22 to an F35 is like comparing a Ferrari to a Fiat 500.

Tudor Miron

Supercruise is an ability to sustain supersonic speed (1224kmh +) without using afterburner (much higher fuel consumtion plus overheating problems so it is not a sustainable mode of operation). Supercruise is regarded as one attributes of so called 5th generation fighters which tells us that F-35 can not be taken as true 5th gen.

Tudor Miron

I’ve learned a little about aero – enough to design and build succesful race cars. Same rules apply accept that we don’t work with supersonic effects (compressible air etc.) as we normally don’t see speeds higher than 400kmh.
Skin friction is determined by surface roughness, air density and flow velocity. It has nothing to do with shape of the object.


Going over my statement about the 1600 degree temperature, i was searching for the link, it seems that temperature is attained at takeoff for VSTOL F35B.
.I do not recall my earlier reading differentiating between F35 A and B, maybe the text was somewhat ambiguous.


Here is a link about F35 analysis, if you go to airframe and engine, they say the Pratt and Whitney F135 engine is running hot, a deficiency that needs correction.

Gregory Casey

Thanks for this explanation Tudor! It certainly simplifies things for me and makes much of the technical jargon understandable for simpletons like me who never had the benefit of a career in today’s modern military …….. “benefit” being a questionable term I suppose:)

Nigel Maund

Good commentary Tudor; appreciated!

Brother Ma

Tudor,can’t the F35 simply use data sent to it by the LINK data comms with main Nato Awacs etc ? So it could fire and forget without switching on its radar at ALL?

Tudor Miron

In theory yes, it does. In practice it’s not that simple. Don’t have time right now but I will try to get back to it later.

Hide Behind

This war game has existed since shortly after WWIi when Russians flew first Chinese planes and later N. Viet against American planes, and in vast majority of cases lost.
To those who talk of Russian victories why no mention of Russias greatest defeat, “The Cold War and disolution of the USSR.
The defeat by US/NATO of what in reality was a Russia/Ukraine Empire , a defeat of such magnitude that Russia had to depend upon US/NATO finances in order to remove its military from Nations such as Latvia, Estonia, and other nations and to be able to build housings for those military within Russia and Ukraine.
US paid for destruction of Russian nuclear warheads.
This defeat began during Cuban crisis when Kruschev bliked and ran home.
The defeat came from internal westeard leaning oligarchs who seen wealth of West andvwanted and got that wealth, those who actually rule Russia today.

You can call me Al

mmmm, there is a pat on your head, for being a good Yanker. The US are the bestest, bestest at everything.

You do that we are discussing today’s news and not the past, otherwise we could ask why the US has lost all live wars in the last 2 centuries.

Hide Behind

I beg to disagree about US losing wars?
How many nations were allied with US during Korean and Vietnam “Conflicts”; for that matter are “today, not of past, allied in Afghanistan, Iraq, Ukraine, Syria and Libya conflicts?
I do not look at warfare as a child playing with toy soldiers, play airplanes and artillary pieces, who choose a side that wins the war by killing and destroyinv toy forts.; the victors trophy in “todays” world is a lot more subtle than that.
An US general, yes from the past, Smedly Butler once said and later wrote a book, “All Wars are a racet, and if one looks at what nations most profited, by what you call loses, and today their economies depend upon past uS military actions, you find those allies with the US leaders at the op of pyramid.
Two examples, well three actually in regards to Germany; The Balkans and Afghanistan whose economy today would be tanked except for the oils and natural Gas flowing in uninterrupted streams to them.
France, a huge gain by destruction of Libya by uS and euro financials that gained immence wealth of libyan oil and gas, with France once more marching in africa as in colonial days.
Go back to playing with toys of war, they are great for the basest depravity of minds, after all it is that mindset that joins and enjoys the gore and bloodshed.


Yes yes and Napoleon invaded Russia.
The past is a wonderful place to hide from today’s reality.

Dawn of Svarog

LoL :) load of crap..

Just 1 example:

“This defeat began during Cuban crisis when Kruschev bliked and ran home.”

The Truth: Kruschev did send missiles to Cuba as a response to installation of USA Pershing’s in Turkey. After the Cuban crisis (agreement with USA) Kruschev removed missiles from Cuba… And USA removed Pershings from Turkey (yeah, it is a country :)
So who the hell blinked??


Excerpts from Rolling Thunder:

“In December 1966 the MiG-21 pilots of the 921st FR downed 14 F-105s without any losses.”

“But in encounters with lighter VPAF’s MiG-21, F-4 began to suffer
defeat. From May to December 1966, the U.S lost 47 aircraft in air
battles, destroying only 12 enemy’s fighters”

The US never directly engaged with Soviet pilots except in early stages of Korean war, where there was relative parity until the better powered F86 F arrived on the scene. US cannot expect any big breakout technology next encounter.

Cold war was “lost” by resign – a country with an economy one quarter that of the US managed for nearly half a century to maintain military parity, in the end it actually collapsed due to treachery of the drunk Yeltsin, or its “fall” would have been a much softer landing.

Concrete Mike

A war can only be won if victory conditions have been met.

USA victory condition was to destroy ussr and ensure no rival emerges from ussr ashes.

Well guess what, russia was incapacitated, but she is back.

So in reality, USA did not win the cold war, because russia is again powerful.

PNAC doctrine is to ensure no rivals pop up. They failed, china and russia are peer rivals now.


usa f-22 got FUCKED

Promitheas Apollonious

but… R they supposed to be invisible, star trek type??


Star Trek is an American REALITY Promitheas :)

The US tax payer spent a fortune on this latest addition to the US squadrons.


Its a true Airship :)

Promitheas Apollonious

You see what you did my friend now I want one like this for my birthday.


Unfortunately I do not have the $ 500,000,000 dollars to buy you one Promitheas.

I can manage this plane I think. Its more in my price range of $10,000,000 dollars.



and the quarterback is toast!


Next on Instagram: Putin steps on Mars, then rides Curiosity bare-chested


Here’s a vid of a Rafale taking out an F22, American performance is all BS.



Wow, they really need to be fit huh!

Joe Stevens

Looks like the Russians have their electronic warfare equipment up and running in Syria sooner than expected. That F-22’s systems must of been jammed by the Krasukha-4 electronic warfare system the Russians just delivered to the Syrian theatre.


lol fake pics

Locking onto an F22 five feet away from it

So impressive lol

US hasn’t lost a single plane in Syria

Russian planes fall like bricks

Concrete Mike

Five feet away from it?

Holy fuck your stupid, ever heard of a lens?

US hasent lost a plane because they have done fuck all thats why.

Try a library white american traitor.


From the BI article “Even if the images are genuine, “it doesn’t alone suggest that the Su-35S is reliably capable of detecting and intercepting the F-22,” Justin Bronk, an air-combat expert at the Royal United Services Institute, told Business Insider.

“Furthermore, the F-22 will have been aware of the Su-35’s presence since the latter took off, so it isn’t really any indication of a diminishment of the F-22’s combat advantage,” he said.”

The F-22 is a stealth aircraft. The Russians aren’t supposed to be able detect it at all. Of course the SU-35 was detected because the USA has satellite and AWAC’s all over the ME. That still doesn’t explain how the Russian pilot got that shot.

Are we to believe that the Russian pilot was able to eyeball an F-22 in the skies over the Syrian desert …. an F-22 who knew the Russian was there …. then the F-22 allowed the SU-35 to get into a dominant position above the F-22. Pretty unprofessional for a pilot of a hundred million dollar aircraft in a war zone to let an adversary whose only way of detecting him is to eyeball him to get into a position to be shot down isn’t it?

I get a feeling that there’s a lot more to this that the yanks are letting on ….. and I get a feeling that the Russians know stuff about the EM spectrum that we in the west haven’t got a clue about. The Soviets had some pretty talented physicists back in the day and they did some pretty weird research into the EM spectrum. Perhaps they can track stealth aircraft at long ranges without using radar

Nigel Maund
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