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JUNE 2023

In Photos: Nigerian Army Sustained Heavy Losses In Fierce Attack By ISIS Cells

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In Photos: Nigerian Army Sustained Heavy Losses In Fierce Attack By ISIS Cells

A T-55 battle tank. Click to see full-size image.

The Nigerian Armed Forces (NAF) sustained heavy losses as a result of a fierce attack by ISIS terrorists in the northeastern state of Borno.

The attack, which took place on April 25, saw ISIS terrorists storming a large base of the NAF near the town of Mainok. Sources in Borno alleged that the terrorists disguised as NAF troops had entered the base.

According to ISIS news agency Amaq, 14 Nigerian service members were killed and several others were wounded as a result of the attack.

In the base, the terrorists burned two T-55 battle tanks, a BTR-4 armored personnel carrier as well as ten motorcycles and three pickups. The terrorists also captured two Isotrex Legion mine resistant ambush protected vehicles and six motorcycles.

Amaq claimed that ISIS terrorists had also entered the nearby town of Mainok and had stayed there for around 15 hours before withdrawing back to their hideouts.

The attack was the most recent one in a series of operations by ISIS in Borno. On April 16, a base near the town of Camuya was stormed by the terrorist group’s cells. On April 18, the terrorists raided a second base in the town of Dikwa.

In a recent report, ISIS claimed that its cells in West Africa killed 61 soldiers and civilians between April 13 and 22 only. Most of the attacks took place in Nigeria’s Borno.


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John Tosh

Silly Nigerians. So the CIA sets a camp up in Niger and Chad plus several other ISIS camps by Mozambique.

CIA trains ISIS listens to Nigerian military communications and relays the info to ISIS So ISIS is effective at killing Nigerian solders.


Gee whiz, I wonder which country with a history of deconstructing other sovereign states rich in oil wealth (with a view to using the chaos to leverage some degree of control over those resources) and with a history of supporting Islamic terrorists since 1979/80 (and with a history of electing quarter-to-half-wit presidents unable to truthfully address this fact) and with military intel posts already well-established in sub-Sahara Africa might be involved with supporting these terrorists? Can someone please help me with this conundrum? I’m pretty sure it’s not Iceland.

Mike Fink

Strange a people who are so personally violent can’t effectively organize and implement State controlled violence.

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