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In Photos: Monument To Hero Of Russia Roman Filipov Established At Khmeimim Airbase In Syria

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On February 4, a monument to Russian pilot Roman Filipov, who died in a battle with terrorists in Idlib province in 2018, was unveiled at the Khmeimim airbase in Syria. The pilot’s bust was installed next to the bust of another hero – helicopter pilot Ryafagat Khabibulin, who died during the liberation of Palmyra from terrorists in 2016.

In Photos: Monument To Hero Of Russia Roman Filipov Established At Khmeimim Airbase In Syria

Click to see the full-size image

In Photos: Monument To Hero Of Russia Roman Filipov Established At Khmeimim Airbase In Syria

Click to see the full-size image

In Photos: Monument To Hero Of Russia Roman Filipov Established At Khmeimim Airbase In Syria

Click to see the full-size image

The video and text below was originally released by SouthFront on February 8, 2018:

Heroic Death Of Russian Su-25 Pilot And Operation In Idlib

On February 3, militants of Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (formerly Jabhat al-Nusra) shot down a Russian Su-25 attack aircraft with a MANPAD, over the village of Khan al-Sabil in the Syrian province of Idlib. The attack aircraft was on a combat patrol, carrying out airstrikes on facilities belonging to the terrorist group in the area of Saraqib.

The warplane’s pilot, Major Roman Filipov ejected before the plane crashed. Injured and surrounded, Filipov fought with the militants on the ground. During the fight, he fired at least 40 rounds from his Stechkin automatic pistol at the enemies. Then, Filipov allowed the militants to approach him, shouted “This is for our boys!” and blew himself up using a hand grenade. This explosion likely killed or injured a few militants.

Following the incident, the Russian Aerospace Forces carried out a massive strike on the area where the militants downed the warplane and where they attempted to capture its pilot. According to the Russian Defense Ministry, the strike killed at least 30 militants.

With help of Turkey, Filipov’s body was handed over to Russia and was brought to the country on February 6. Major Filipov was posthumously awarded the title of the Hero of Russia, the highest honorary title of the Russian Federation.

According to the local sources, Russia deployed additional units  of the Special Forces at frontlines in Syria following the shootdown of the Su-25. It appears that the incident triggered an increase of both ground and air aspects of the Russian military involvement in the Idlib operation. This may become a turning point in the standoff in this part of the country, similar  to the operations in Aleppo, Deir Ezzor and Palmyra, when Russia shifted its strategy from regular support ofthe Syrian Army to direct active actions. If this occurs, it would significantly influence the dynamic and the nature of the military operations in Idlib.


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Tudor Miron

Горит на склоне сбитый 25-й, Осколок Родины среди сирийских скал. Три магазина, АПС, граната – И это весь мой грозный арсенал.

Очередями лупят, не прицельно, Патронов, видимо, им некуда девать, Но невдомёк врагам, что офицера Живого в плен они не смогут взять.

Я огрызаюсь выстрелом и матом, Такая тактика, минутный перекур. Уже готова на подрыв граната – Успеть бы только выдернуть чеку.

Обидно, да… греха таить не буду, Хотелось многое ещё бы совершить, Но здесь сейчас, за каменистой грудой, Я знаю точно, братья, будем жить!

Мелькает ближе свора бородатых, Нюх потерявшие, споткнутся невзначай. Вот и настал черёд моей гранаты… Обратно в небо… Родина, прощай!

Вечная память Герою!

viktor ziv

Сергей Ефимов “Обратно в небо”

Hasbara Hunter

Major Roman Filipov was a Brave & Honorable Man just like Senior Lieutenant Alexander Prokhorenko…not many Men like them to be found in the West…

Владимир Р.

In the West, there are few such people, because the Armies of the West are made to plunder, there is no honor and people will not respect you and remember whether you will die or not if you are a murderer and marauder.

The essence of a warrior is to defend life and if you have to give your life in battle for peaceful civilians, and if you take lives for dubious purposes, you are a demon, a murderer.

Hasbara Hunter

The only thing necessary for the triumph of Evil is for Good men to do nothing….

johnny rotten

In the West the heroes can only be blacks or homosexuals, what a shit figure for Westerners to confront with real brave people, dedicated to their homeland and to the war against those terrorists that the West considers heroes in its delirium.

Rhodium 10

George Floyd was a fraudster who used fake currency!..he is an hero of the USA.


US is a great place to be a criminal, you can even become President. It is actually as asset to be a criminal in US, Australia, Canada and UK.

Zionism = EVIL

From one aviator to another, REST IN PEACE Roman Nikolayevich Filipov, a brave son of Russia. (Russian: Рома́н Никола́евич Фили́пов; 13 August 1984 – 3 February 2018)


There are old pilots but no old bold fighter pilots.

cechas vodobenikov

for an homage I suggest, “sky of slavs”. ALISA on youtube


Russia has some of the nicest looking female soldiers in the world, not like the fat raggedy ass slobs we have in the US military. Most US soldiers look like they just jumped out of a broken clothes dryer.


Ashok Varma

Shaanti se aaraam karaan Major Filipov RIP.

Great Khan

Respect for brother Filipov. Good warrior.


Make it a road with lots of space on the side to reserve space for further martyrs..

Black Waters

God bless Roman Nikolayevich Filipov, rest in peace hero.

Mal Akas

If it wasn’t for Putin’s love affair with Erdogan the War in Idlib would be over and this hero would still be alive.Turkish proxies killed him and you say “with the help of Turkey his body was handed over”. Putin has lost a lot of respect from his former admirers.

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