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In Photos: Israeli Warplanes Drop US-Made Bombs On Gaza Strip

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In Photos: Israeli Warplanes Drop US-Made Bombs On Gaza Strip

A two-ship of Israeli Air Force F-16s from Ramon Air Base, Israel, head out to the Nevada Test and Training Range, July 17 during Red Flag Exercise 09-4. Photo: Master Sergeant Kevin J. Gruenwald

The Israeli Air Force is using US-made guided bombs in its ongoing bombing campaign against Palestinian groups in the Gaza Strip.

On May 13th, sources in the Palestinian region shared photos showing US-made GBU-31 and GBU-39 bombs, which were dropped by Israeli warplanes.

The GBU-31 is a Mk-84, a BLU-109 or a BLU-119 bomb equipped with the Joint Direct Attack Munition (JDAM) guidance kit, which relays on an inertial navigation system (INS) and GPS. The bomb has a range of up to 28 kilometers.

The GBU-39 Small Diameter Bomb (SDB), which was first introduced by Boeing in 2006, is a glide bomb with a range of 110 kilometers. The bomb also relays on an INS\GPS guidance system.

In the last few hours, Israeli warplanes struck several targets in Gaza, including five apartments, which belong to senior commanders of the Hamas Movement, a compound of the group’s intelligence and a long-range rocket launcher.

One of the targeted apartments belonged to Samer Abu-Daka, head of Hamas drone force. The faction carried out two attacks with suicide drones at Israeli targets in the last 48 hours.

Israeli warplanes have carried out nearly 1,000 airstrikes on targets in the Gaza Strip since the outbreak of clashes with Palestinian factions on May 10th. In response, Palestinian fighters launched more than 1,750 rockets at different parts of Israel.

So far, Israel’s extensive aerial operations have failed to stop rocket fire from Gaza. According to a spokesman for the Israeli military, a ground operation against Palestinian factions may begin very soon. The military has called up 7,000 reservists and cancelled leave for all combat units.


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Arch Bungle

Tel Aviv gets Hamas missile in the keister:


Rusty Dome nowhere to be seen. Full of holes.

Nazi Zion

Where do you think they get weapons and money from SF? Where ISIL gets its weapons and aids? US and NATO.
Nazi Zion are not different GayObama paid 38b and NATO send free weapons with money to Nazi Zion, Nazi are from EU after all.
“US-made” – The US feed Nazi Zion, the food they eat is paid for by yankee’s taxpayers, and British-made Nazi State (Camp) in M.E.

Benjamin Satanyahoo

Zionazi child killers

None of you

Well done Israel…
Let exterminate the jihadist scum of the world..
Even God won’t accept them ..
For killing in the name of God.. they will burn in hel for eternity… Next to their Muhammad.. a disgusting and anarchist “”let say profet “” but he is not even near a profet.. he is as well a scum of the earth

Md Ishfak

I was thinking to support SF, but your reports on Gaza bombardments are biased! You are not reporting civilian casualties, destruction and possible war crimes of isreali forces!

None of You

Well done Gaza
Let exterminate the scum of the world..
Even God won’t accept thieving Joos
They kiled Jesus now they must pay and rot in hell.

Cheryl Sanchez



Let’s see: It’s “hate” to question the Jews’ genocide scams, and it’s “hate” to question their genocides against others?!

“To understand who rules the world, only ask who we are not permitted to question or criticize.”

jens holm

Systems like that and others telling they are very good are true. Your mistake is You expect some 100% and if not You even declare fiasco.

The Dome seemes to work well but dont takes all, when many missiles are send.

jens holm

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I wonder if Allah was from Allabama.

jens holm

What happend next.

jens holm

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You neve have :(

jens holm

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Free Palestine l
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Because everyway Palestine WILL win with time
Ithe colony live in a ghetto in war ,and the palestinian in bail,


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