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JUNE 2023

In Photos: ISIS Terrorists Train On Fighting, Sewing & Pizza Making In Libya

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In Photos: ISIS Terrorists Train On Fighting, Sewing & Pizza Making In Libya

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On October 18, ISIS news agency, Amaq, shared photos of a number of terrorists who recently completed their training and joined the group’s branch in Libya.

Amaq said that the terrorists completed a “military course”. In the news agency’s photos, the terrorists can be see training on fighting as well as on sewing and oddly enough on Pizza making. Apparently, the terrorists like their pizza with green olives and tuna.

ISIS cells in Libya are mainly based in the southwestern region. Earlier this year, the terrorist group launched several attacks against the Libyan National Army (LNA) from there.

On June 6, a suicide bomber of the terrorist group targeted a checkpoint of LAN security forces near the city of Sabha. Four people, including Captain Ibrahim Abdel Nabi Director of Criminal Investigations in Sebha, were killed. Amaq shared footage of the attack.

On June 14, the commander of the LNA’s Waw Martyrs Company, Ali Muhammad Othman al-Tabawi, was killed when a landmine that was planted by ISIS terrorists ripped throw his vehicle in the Haruj Mountains. The LNA released footage showing the aftermath of the attack.

The LNA conducts combing operations in the southwestern region on a regular region in order keep ISIS cells at bay. Despite this, the terrorists group is still attempting to expand its influence in the desert region by plotting attacks and recruiting more fighters.


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Chris Gr

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Chris Gr

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Peter Wallace

Courses on fighting , sewing and cooking are understandable . A suicide bomber needs to learn how to fight to get to where he wishes to spread himself around. All fighters need to cook to eat and most important is the need to learn to sew for when they get shot and need to stitch themselves back together again. It is a bit tough having to carry one of those sewing machines on your back into battle but war is hell so just get on and do it.


Look at black jihadist on fucking $2 per hour making pizza! You seeing this? These are all subsaharan black muzlim jihadist migrants recruited along the way to go the EU if they pass the mercenary test no?…forcefully too no?……this is da truth!…you wanna go to the EU…you fight your way thru, or no deal.

Last edited 1 year ago by Ahson
Peter Wallace

What are you dribbling on about. Do you understand ” taking the piss “. Not by looking at whatever you wrote. Need to get out and see the sun .

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