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In Photos: Hayat Tahrir al-Sham Members Publicly Use Turkish-supplied Military Equipment In Battle Of Idlib

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Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (the al-Qaeda-linked terrorist group that Turkey allegedly does not support) publicly uses Turkish-supplied military equipment in the battle against the Syrian Army in Greater Idlib. The Hayat Tahrir al-Sham media wing released photos showing the terrorist group’s members equipped with M113 armoured vehicles that Turkey sends to Idlib en mass.

In Photos: Hayat Tahrir al-Sham Members Publicly Use Turkish-supplied Military Equipment In Battle Of Idlib

Click to see the full-size image

In Photos: Hayat Tahrir al-Sham Members Publicly Use Turkish-supplied Military Equipment In Battle Of Idlib

Click to see the full-size image

In Photos: Hayat Tahrir al-Sham Members Publicly Use Turkish-supplied Military Equipment In Battle Of Idlib

Click to see the full-size image


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fu*king hypocrite snakes calling the syrian arab army “occupying forces” and “mercenaries” they reached a whole new level of retardation and delusion i think that’s what happens when you only get L’s you start to lose your mind a bit

Porc Halal

They can even wear Rio carnival outfit…nobody gives a shit…all it matter is they will be wiped out from the face of the earth together with their suppliers

Porc Halal

Anyways, it look like their turkish supplied military equipment is not immune to the russian / syrian bombardments…not even the turk-kebab soldiers…

Hanny Benny

turkey = REAL ISIS !!! (500 years of devsirme childabduction)



defeat them, take the equipment and sell to PKK

Concrete Mike

Kurds are next on the shitlist, they get 1 deal: reconciliation .

I hope the kurdish leadership is smart enough to take the deal. Sadly all I have seen is corruption from them.

Turkey will destroy itself, no need to stir the pot more.

Guibus Guib

kurds are lead by a dinasty of mafiosi that is called the Barzani clan (together with the talabani), a dinasty of jewish rabbi working hand in hand with israel

Jens Holm

Thats only correct in Iraq. Those Barzinis are thrown out of Syria by force and majority rule added killing both ways.

Be a rabbit Yourself.

And You lie about jews too. Israel do support any opposition to Assads and Iran. So we have only seen symphaty for kurds there.

You also ignore that the Israelien military forces actually has learned the Turks how to fight Kurds in Turkey.

But that of course doesnt matter in Your se´lf created dark, where some tanks and a little more hard stuff is forgotten too. Try Merkava on google.


PKK is in turkey.

Hanny Benny

everybody see this are ISIS-videos

ISIS and TURKS are ONE !

Zionism = EVIL

Turkeys and all terrorists in Syria are mutually inclusive. Now they are wearing their real uniforms, i,e Turkish military. Nothing new here.


Looks like Erdogan wants to appease his weapons dealer buddies, who said:
– Hey Erdo! Its time to get rid of your old military junk. We will give you new vehicles at a premium price!
Looks like the entirety of the Middle-East is an weapons dump. Anything you don’t need anymore, just shoot, throw dump right there on the heads of people!
– Do you need to see our new missiles in action? Hey, there is the never ending Middle East conflict, a perfect demonstrations ground for our new weapon-industry products.
– See how big bang it made? Yeah you like it? Buy it, buy!!

Jim Bim

Turkey is a terrorist state and should be dealt with.
Turkey also supplies the terrorist in Libya.

Xoli Xoli

Both Turkey soldiers and Turkey terrorists are using same artillery and uniform. So bomb any Turkish armory.Same USA game plan with SDF=ISIS wearing same unifor to avoid detection.Sometime wear USANATO uniforms to be airlifted.


So what happens when a plane drops a bomblet on these almost unprotected vehicles?

They cannot even resist cannon fire.

Pave Way IV

M-113 Tracked Crematoriums.

[Sound of RuAF bombs outside the APC]
Head-chopper: “Is it just me, or is it getting hot in here?”


Packing jihady’s into APC’s only serves to kill more of them in one hit. Attacking at night and closing with the enemy on foot can be a better way to stay alive :)


APC – Armored Packed Crematorium.
M113 made mostly of Aluminum. I bet the rats don’t know this! :)


They don’t, so shhhhh!!! The plan is going perfectly!


I thought Turkey will integrate ISIS into it’s forces but looks like ISIS is integrating turkey into itself lol.
It’s like turkotards are doing the best they can to justify the killing of their droid soldiers. Ideologically speaking there was never a difference between turkish terrorist army and actual Al Qaeda, but now they even erased the difference in appearance too, now they’re the same both inside and outside.


lol well said

Jens Holm

The last is about getting supply. Its well known. Fx it was like that in the second Tjetjenian war.

The tjetjenians in their last period had their supply from the Russians taken in ambushes. That was uniforms, weapons, food – anything.

So its no suprice the unifoirms has to be replaced from where its possible. If those uniforms are from the Turkish reserves, they are for kind af free already paid.

Erdogan probatly think its a gift from a flower to a garden:)


Very true.

Lone Ranger

Turkroaches will be roasted.
Im usually not that antisocial, but for headchoppers and rapists, well….roast them slow and full through please…

Jens Holm

Nice pictures, but no news even nice pictures sometimes are news comapred to bad ones.


Erdogan deems the Turkish army a terrorist force.

Jens Holm

As usual not a single here know anything about making any peacefull solutions. Not a single of 800.000 are even mentioned.

You are either bend over or bended over. Its a matter of culture and religion or a lack of same thing.


We all know the solution, kill every single terrorist twice and the peace will follow.

Jens Holm

Yes. You all are terrorists against each other. I hope all You killers kill each other so the 10 million none fighting Syrian can come and live in peace from all of You unified in big coffins and graves putting a minus on the top of them. Mybee some ruin bricks and concite will do as recycling.

If You need money for more bullets, You should be sponsered by European rightwings. They say, that as long as You kill each each other,the dead ones probatly dont come here as well as they make no children.


More…comment image

Jens Holm

550.000 or more is dead too as well as several 100.000 has lost and arm or the mind.

People fighting in Idlib all are barking mad. When You come to heavens door Christians, Jews and Muslims will be told: Become a Hindu and its it written, Ypu will be reborn as a worm.

Furkan Sahin

Idlib is Isis

Jens Holm

Thts not even the point from me and the rest of the world.

Right now there are up to 900.000 refugees and more then 1/3 are children. Those are unarmed and most of them not even has a tent but lives in ruins with no roofs and heat. There is a lack of food too.

Whats the matter with You. How many more millions should Assads and Russian kill to get majority ????

I thought Barbarians were Berbs in Marocco. I was wrong.

Furkan Sahin

It is not Assad’s fault it is Hts Isis and Fsa who use shields on children and show attention
it is not a civil war it is a religion war
Assad and Russia are not going to kill many more that will max 1000 people until they capture the entire Idlib area

Furkan Sahin

sorry i say Hts Fsa Isis is much worse than Assad they kill less yes but their ideology is very terrible and bad and no freedom of speech and if Assad falls he will become like Gaddafi
it’s going to go to war many more years more like Libya
and more destroys then rather he sits in power than going to war 10 years more

Furkan Sahin

sorry i say Hts Fsa Isis is much worse than Assad, they kill less yes but their ideology is very horrible and bad and no freedom of speech and if Assad falls he becomes like Gaddafi
it will go to war many more years more like Libya
and more destroys
I choose he sits in power than go 10 years more war


Civilians were dying in Aleppo every day by terrorists strikes – did you cry for a peaceful solution?? Assad did negotiated with any sane party in Syria for a peaceful solution – many accepted.. Terrorists didn’t and kept killing civilians! What kind of peaceful solution with terrorists are you ffs talking about??

Jens Holm

As written above my attacks are at all killers in that region and anywhere else. That also say the Leaders leading this should go first.

I like none of You. Get it. I am for a fence around all of You. You sell us oil and gas, and we only sell You food and to fair prices.

We only should be in contact by sober radio, TV and Internet.


We knew all that already.

Isramerica and Turkey together created, trained and provided medical assistance, logistics assistance and everything else isis / al-qaeda and all those small and bigger terrorists groups in Middle East needed..


Who Supports ISIS ? Who is the real terrorist ?

The Kurds want their independence from Turkey (25 million living in Turkey).
The Turks hate the Kurds… but somebody else has to do the dirty job (Hense ISIS — Daesh is created).
Turkey provided Daesh with NATO weapons, military equipment and chemical weapons such as sarin.
Turkey Supported Daesh Financially Through Purchase Of Stolen Oil and assists Daesh recruitment.
Turkey Offered Medical Care To Daesh, Daesh militants go to Turkey frequently to rest and take a break from fighting.
Turkey Provided Transport And Logistical Assistance To Daesh.
Turkish special forces have fought alongside Daesh and helped Daesh In the battle for Kobani.
Turkey And Daesh Share A Worldview.

Erdogan’s bank accounts in Switzerland and elsewhere are made of Kurdish and Yazidi blood, stolen Iraqi and Syrian oil and the money made by human traffickers smuggling illegal immigrants to the EU through the Greek islands of the Aegean Sea.
It shouldn’t really come as a surprise these dirty Turkish tricks … they are the ones that committed genocide against the Armenians, the Greeks, the Assyrians, the Bulgarians and against the Kurds in the past.

Jens Holm

Very mush of that is very incorrect. There are only 20 million kurds – I counted them myself. Next Kurds dont want their own state as You write.

Kurds are not one. They want the centralised Turkish state decentalised, so local matters and tax are done by locals by local parlaments.

Here You also have the several million kurds, which were given 7 million votes, where You even jailed their PMs. Those thought they were accepted and respeckted not being PYD/PKK.

Even PKK dont want as You wrire. Only the Turkish parlament can make those needed changes to unifie the country. In the other hand those people define themselves as non kurds and would nothing and hardly Osmans, if they lived with kurds in peace.


You have written the reality of NATO member ,Turkey.

More people world wide are now scratching their heads and saying ‘ What the fuck is going on in Syria, NATO and the US are holding hands with ISIS and Alqaida’. :)

Traiano Welcome

“Mercenaries and auxiliaries are dangerous and unreliable. If a mercenary is talented, he will always be trying to increase his power at the prince’s expense. If he is incompetent, he will ruin the prince. Only
princes and republics that can field their own armies can succeed, for mercenaries do nothing but lose. Those who are well armed can live free.”

— The Prince, Machiavelli

Jens Holm

Thats often true, but no always.

Traiano Welcome

Could you provide some examples? Asking for a friend …

Jens Holm

I have one. Vikings took the entrence to Paris at the Seine river and even plundered Paris.

The French had bigger problems then and therefore bought them as frontforces for his armies.

They did very well and got a lot of land and also tiitles and money. They never was illoyal.

Actually they later on took England known as Normans.

And nuber 2. If You need friends, You should try anywhere else.

I do have some few friends here at internet on a debate side for windturbines, electric solar cells and energysaving in housebuilding.

That kind of people are nice. We debate, read and learn from each other and sometimes as we are in the same school. Those people are quite different from tne ones here. They debate in a nice way and only a few lie a little sometimes.

So if You have a hobby, it can be anything, try that: Motorcycles, gardening, how to take well care of pets, making wine or raisins Yourself, making Your own clothe, raising You children with no violence.

I wish You luck, but You has too look around before You find. You can ask google or the other seach macines and get almost any wish, You want.

But do remember computer protection. Maybe You should start with that, if You are a relative new user.

Traiano Welcome

On #1 Good information. Took me a while to decipher it.
On #2 There may be a misunderstanding …

alejandro casalegno

The Byzantine “Varangian Guard” was a mercenary force.


Vikings I think ?

alejandro casalegno

Many Vikings……and after Hastings, many british!!!!!!


English I think :)

alejandro casalegno

Yes, at the time, english is a better word.

Jens Holm

I have never heard some of them should be brittish. They crossed down to Konstantinople by Kiev by the Dnjept river, where they according to almost facts were named as Rus being good controllers of the rivers against robber.

The also came in where St. Peterborg is today into the big river and lakes.

But it is true some of the viking kings went far and traveled a lot. I would say most vikings came from sweden and Denmark, but other etnicities joined them here and there.

The Briitish vikings mainly was danes and norweigins but was mixted up and integrated with the GB ones.

DNA tell they were more Co founder in Iceland and Greenland then we thought. Maybee they even found america too.

But the expansion from GB and Normandie went all the way to Sicilia where they made a kingdom for many years. But at that time they were more brittish/french then Scandinavians.

alejandro casalegno

As i say, after Hastings, many english don´t want to live under the Normands, Constantinople was rich……….and ready to pay good soldiers!!!!

Jens Holm

I have never heard and seen that at all even reading about it for years. It is true, there was fighting long time after Vikings came and upgraded GB.

Some link would be nice.

alejandro casalegno

“The Varangian Guard 988-1453” Osprey publishing. Men At Arms series Number 459. Author Raffaele DÁmato………..is a small book, but very interesting.

Jens Holm

Yes, I found it and didnt know. We in Skandinavia kind of stop naming things as Viking age after 1066.

After that most people a little by little became Christians and the rulers change and go into the age of knights and castles even most of the first castles are rather small “Motte” in french.

Another sign is the building structure. The foundation suddenly is stone, where wer build on would above that. Those houses is much better then the viking ones, because You dont have to replace them often.

Jens Holm

Thanks. We expect rainy and stormy days, so I will read, what I can find for free.

Not many here know as much as You…

Jens Holm

I found it in dansih. After 1066 many brittish vikings went to Konstantinopel. The good ones was guards in Konstantinople. The more secons class ones were settled around the black sea.

They guards was named “Englinbarrangoi”.

I did not know that.


Not exactly, not a mercenart unit as you might imply.
They volunteered to serve after a delusional “attack” against Konstantinople, after they realized the full power of Byzantine Empire.
After that incident, it was considered an honor for any Northener to serve as a Varangian Guard.

Jens Holm

Yes and no. In Denmark we are told, they were lifegurds for the top top, because they for good reasons trusted no local ones.

They were well paid. We have a lot of silvercoins from there. Many are made in Kufa in Iraq.


Going a bit far back in time to find that! Varangian Guard was basically the Imperial Guard, and richly compensated one, but not a mercenary force!
There were plenty of mercenaries in Europe during the 30 year war. They excelled in raping and pillaging, but were inferior in the field of battle. Perhaps the most dashing example of famous mercenaries are the Condottieri in the Italian peninsula. One of their best know leaders was an Englishman but I can’t remember his name now. The Swiss also provided many mercenaries for the highest bidder.
I have a feeling the Hessians during the American war of Independence were mercenaries too.

Traiano Welcome

The Hessians were indeed mercenaries.

alejandro casalegno

The varangian were foreigners soldiers, well paid and disciplined, but merceraries at the end!!!
Even today “Mercenary” sound as a bad word. but some times they were very effective!!!………a oood example….the Caesar´s elite german cavalry in Alesia, they were not a Auxilia, they were pay in gold, and worth every coin!!!


they are good enough for suicide missions and false flag attacks

alejandro casalegno

M-113???………….in Vietnam was very vulnerable against the RPG of the time……….today are RPG-29, Konkurs and Kornet to waporized them……………..

Assad must stay

SAA will push all torki lorki invaders back and defend and secure their country


They stole tons of equipment over the years, so they finally ran out, and have to supplied by Turkey.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

For a start these photos aren’t photos of HTS fighters, well not unless they’ve started shaving their beards, cutting their hair, and wearing standard issue uniforms, so I think they’re more likely to be photos of SFL or NFL fighters, the so called moderate opposition.

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